• Published 7th Feb 2013
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Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic (A Hub Crossover Special) - thelastprime

A magical accident opens a portal to another planet, and brings fourth an adventure with the heroes of two worlds. (It could happen, Only on The Hub!)

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic time frame: Takes place after the movie "Equestria Girls" and before Season 4, as the Ponies still possess the Elements of Harmony before returning them to the Tree.

Transformers Prime time frame: Takes place during Season 2, after the episode "The Human Factor" and before "Legacy", as Optimus has not yet obtained the Star Saber which leads to the Omega Keys storyline.

Transformers Rescue Bots time frame: Takes place during Season 2 after the episode "Rescue Dog" and before "Changes" as Heatwave has not acquired his third mode yet..

It was a bright, and beautiful morning in Ponyville as today was a very exciting day for Sweetie Belle. For months she had pestered Rarity to allow her to accompany her big sister on one of her gem hunts. After a while, Rarity finally gave in.

"Oh thank you, thank you Rarity, for finally letting me come with you." Sweetie Belle shouted in a squeaky tone, "I'm so excited I could BURST! We're gonna have so much fun!"

"Yes, of course dear..." Rarity mumbled, clearly, not as entusiastic as her little sister. "Just make sure you stay close to me, and PLEASE don't cause any trouble."

"I promise." The little unicorn filly responded.

The two unicorn sisters then quickly prepared their saddle bags with tools, water, and what ever equipment they needed for their little expedition.

It wasn't long before they reached the mountain range right outside of Ponyville, where Rarity would usually go to mine her gems. It was a bright and beautiful sunny day. Celestia's sun beamed in the blue sky, as the sisters began their quest to harvest some gems.

"Rarity, over here!" Sweetie Belle called to her sister as she dug into the dirt. "I found some sapphires!"

"Well, good work Sweetie Belle. I see you have been rather helpful today." Rarity complimented.

They had already filled three saddle bags full of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and even some jade.

"These would look lovely in my new project I'm working on for my dear friend Fleur De Lis." Rarity said.

She and the supermodel, Fleur had become rather close friends with the fashionista ever since Rarity befriended the socialite, Fancy Pants in Canterlot. Fleur's birthday was coming up soon, and Rarity wanted to make the best jewel encrusted gown for her friend. She didn't want to make the same mistake as with what happened during Twilight Sparkle's birthday the year prior.

"How about these?" Sweetie Belle said as she pointed to a cracked open rock full of quartz.

"No, those won't do. I need something..... fancier." Rarity answered.

Suddenly, Sweetie Belle's horn began to shine. This was a surprise to her, as Sweetie Belle had never been capable of using magic yet.

"Rarity! My horn!" She called out.

Rarity gasped, and went to her sister's side, slightly concerned. Sweetie Belle's horn then began to intensify, then suddenly, it shot out a beam towards the side of the mountain, blowing a large hole in it.

"WOOOAAAHHHHAAOO" Both sisters cried out.

"What just happened? Did I just do that? COOL!" Sweetie Belle beamed, as Rarity ignored the comment.

"Sweetie Belle! Are you alright? Are you hurt in any way?" Rarity asked in concern.

"I feel...... Just fine actually. But I can't WAIT to tell Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo I just used real magic!"

"Of course darling." Rarity said, hugging her sister, and sighing in relief that she wasn't hurt.

As soon as the dust cleared from the explosion, both sisters then see something that absolutely amazed them.
From the hole that Sweetie Belle just blew open with her magical mishap, inside it, were blue gems.

Gems they've never seen before. It also seemed like, they were glowing, and even giving off a strong aura. Some of the gems were no larger than the jewels they were mining for, others were as large as the biggest building in Ponyville.

"Oh my, how lovely!" Rarity said, completely bedazzled by the sight of their recent findings.

"Wow." Sweetie Belle gasped.

As the two unicorn sisters approached closer, their horns began to glow again.

"Oh goodness, it looks like our unicorn magic is being affected by these crystals. As lovely as they are, I think we should leave these alone. Well, maybe I'll take a small sample. These things are CLEARLY doing something to our horns."

Rarity quickly levitated a small pickaxe out of her saddle bag, and with a swift swing, broke off a chunk of the blue glowing crystal about the same size as the fire ruby that Spike gave to her last year. She quickly stuffs it into her saddle bag.

"Hmm. If these crystals were what gave me the ability to use magic. It might do it again. Who knows, I think these babies are the key to my cutie mark!" Sweetie Belle thought to herself.

She pulled out her own pickaxe and was about to work at another crystal, when Rarity stopped her.

"Sweetie Belle, enough. We have all the gems we need today. And leave those alone. If these things can affect unicorn magic, it may be dangerous. I'm taking this sample to Twilight. Maybe she can figure something out, though this thing is MARVELOUSLY lovely!" Rarity said, as she beams at the chunk of blue rock.

"Ok..." Sweetie Belle said, disappointed.

The two sisters then began their trek back to Ponyville.

It was around mid afternoon, when the newly coronated young Alicorn princess, Twilight Sparkle heard a knock at the door of her library. She had been writing a full report to Princess Celestia on her recent quest of retrieving her crown from the parallel dimension through the magic mirror, while sipping some hot tea that Spike had just brewed for her.

"I'll get it." Spike said as he runs for the door.

As he opens the door to see who the visitor was, his eyes immediately turn into hearts, and goes into a lovey-dovey daze.

"Hi Rarity." He said, completely lost in her beauty.

"Hello there Spikey-Wikey." Rarity said as she walked into the library with Sweetie Belle following her in.

"Oh, Hello Rarity. What brings you around today?" Twilight Sparkle said as she places her quill back into the ink bottle on her table.

"Well, Sweetie Belle and I found this mysterious blue crystal when were on our gem hunt today." Rarity explained as she opens her saddle bag, and pulls out the glowing object. She places it on the main table.

"Hmm." Twilight said, puzzled. "I've never seen anything like this before."

Spike licked the crystal, to everyone's disgust.

"Spike, that is certainly unbecoming of you." Rarity scolded.

"YUCK, I don't know what kind of gem that is, but it tastes TERRIBLE!"

"Serves you right." Twilight smirked, "I'm not much of a geologist, but this is certainly an interesting crystal."

"I'll say." Sweetie Belle chimed in. "It made me use magic."

"Huh?" Both Spike and Twilight said in unison, with puzzled looks on their faces.

"That's another reason why I'm here, Twilight. You see, It seems to affect magic. There's an entire mountain full of these crystals. I'm hoping you can figure out what these are before anypony starts looking for these things. These crystals could be dangerous."

Twilight listened with great interest as Rarity finished her explaination.

"Really?" Twilight said with a smile on her face. "Very fascinating! It enhances magic? I'm certainly going to enjoy studying this thing."

As Twilight moves closer to the gem, it began to glow, as did her horn.

"Hmm, I see what you mean. I can feel my power surging. Like my horn has been supercharged." Twilight explained as she begins to back away from it. As soon as she did, her horn stopped glowing.

"Oh this is so exciting. Thank you Rarity, for giving me something new to research!"

"Um, yes of course." Rarity said with an awkward smile.

"Even when she's awkward, she's still beautiful." Spike muttered, while Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes.

"Let me see" Sweetie Belle squeaked as she grabs the blue gem.

"Sweetie Belle stop!" Twilight said, but it was too late.

The moment the young filly made contact with the crystal, her horn, and eyes began to glow. Even brighter than before. Suddenly a magical surge came fourth from the young unicorn, knocking over Rarity, Spike, and Twilight.

"What's happening to me?!" Sweetie Belle called out, scared out of her mind.

"Oh no, Sweetie Belle! Twilight, please, HELP HER!" Rarity screamed.

Twilight tried to get close, only to be pushed back by another surge of energy emitting from Sweetie Belle's body.

Suddenly a large beam of light shoots out of Sweetie Belle's horn, and through the ceiling of the library. In the gaping hole now in the library, they can see the pillar of light going skyward.

Suddenly, the magical beam stopped, and Sweetie Belle reverted back to normal. She immidiately threw the gem on the ground, not wanting to go anywhere near it.

"SWEETIE BELLE!" Twilight, Rarity, and Spike called out in unison as they rushed to the filly's side.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" Rarity asked.

"I, I think so. I'm not in any pain." She answered.

"Let me take a look." Twilight said as she examines the filly.

"I'm no doctor, but you look like you're in perfect health. You just look a bit tired. I think you should get some rest." The purple alicorn said.

Just then, another knock at the door caught their attention.

Spike goes to answer it, and as he does, they see Applejack, and Rainbow Dash charge in, breathing heavily.

"Girls? What's wrong?" Twilight asked.

"You alright sugarcube? We heard a loud explosion and came runnin'." Applejack answered.

"Yeah, like a chunk of the library looks like it's been blown off. What happened?" Rainbow Dash added.

"It's a long story." Twilight answered, "But the most important thing is, that nopony is hurt."

"Well, there's another reason why we're here egghead." Rainbow Dash said, "We saw something strange in the sky. Like a purple vortex. Something flew out of it. Something big that looked like it was metal. Then we saw something else, like, I dunno, fall off it. It looked funny, and it was yellow."

"And not to mention, BIG!" Applejack explained. "We ain't sure what it was, but the vortex thingy appeared when a light shot out of your library."

All eyes from Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and Spike now stared at Sweetie Belle, who was now, sheepishly backing up.

"Umm, that was my fault." Sweetie Belle said.

"Anyways, that big yella thing, crashed right next to Fluttershy's house." Applejack explained. "We gotta go see if she's ok!"

"Oh NO!" Rarity gasped. "Of all the worst things, this is THE WORST POSSIBLE THING!"

"Is Fluttershy ok?" Twilight asked with concern. Spike gulped hard.

"We dunno. That's why We need to head over there now!" Applejack answered.

"I'm gonna go find Pinkie Pie, the rest of you, meet at Fluttershy's." Rainbow Dash yelled as she zips out the door.

"Spike, stay here with Sweetie Belle. We need to check this out."

As Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and now joined by Pinkie Pie, head towards the crash site of the strange object that fell out of the sky, they see that Fluttershy was already waiting for them.

"Fluttershy! Darling, are you doing alright?" Rarity asked as she hugs her friend.

"Oh, I'm just fine Rarity, thank you for asking. But what happened earlier was scary." Fluttershy said.

"We're just glad you're A-OK!" Pinkie Pie beamed at the yellow pegasus. "So where's the fallen shooting star? I bet I can make a wish. Everypony knows that if you find a shooting star, your wish comes true. I'm gonna wish for the BIGGEST chocolate Sundae EVER!"

"Not now Pinkie." Twilight interrupted. "We need to first, find out what fell out of the sky.

The Mane 6 then begin trekking towards the crash site, about 2 miles from Fluttershy's home. It was easy to find due to the billowing smoke emminating from the area.

As soon as they reach the site, they already see a huge smoking crater in the ground.

"Girls, I'll check it first." Rainbow Dash said, as she flies towards the crater, then enters it.

"Whoa." They hear Rainbow say.

"What? What did you find?" Twilight asked the blue pegasus.

"You guys HAVE to see this!" Rainbow answered.

As the rest of the girls converge on the edge of the crater they see.....

It was unlike anything they've ever laid eyes on.

"What IS that?" Fluttershy asked, while shivering behind Applejack.

"Ohh, it looks like a big metal Minotaur!" Pinkie Pie said.

"I....... For once..... I don't know." Twilight Sparkle said. She was at a complete loss.

"Do you think it's a big alien? Is he here to make friends with us? Invade us? Eat us? I want to throw him a Welcome to Ponyville Party!" Pinkie Pie chimed.

"PINKIE PIE!!!!" The rest of the girls shouted.

"Sorry." Pinkie said sheepishly.

Just then, the big metal creature began to stir. It's eyes began to light up, and it began to twitch. Slowly, it began sitting up, as the rest of the Mane 6 gasped, and backed away. Soon they were face to face, with the large metal being, as it looked at them, with a puzzled look on it's face. The creature seemed to be confused. Then it spoke, or at least it seemed to speak, in several electronic sounding blips and beeps.

"Umm.... Welcome to Equestria?" Twilight said to it, with an awkward smile.

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