• Published 7th Feb 2013
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Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic (A Hub Crossover Special) - thelastprime

A magical accident opens a portal to another planet, and brings fourth an adventure with the heroes of two worlds. (It could happen, Only on The Hub!)

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Chapter 2

Jasper, Nevada...

On the long desert road, A large green SUV can be seen driving in the sunset, towards a large mountain face.
Except this was no ordinary vehicle, it was no other, than the Autobot, Bulkhead. Inside Bulkhead, sitting in the passenger seat, is a young Japanese girl, named Miko.

"That was the best monster truck rally ever, wouldn't you say so Bulkhead?" Miko asked, still in a great mood after seeing the show the just had.

"Sure was Miko." Bulkhead answered. "How about you Jackie?" Bulkhead spoke into his communicator.

Somewhere, flying in the skies of Jasper, was the Autobot ship, the Jackhammer, with the Wrecker, Wheeljack, piloting it.

"I've seen better." Wheeljack answered, "Though it was pretty entertaining. Humans, and their cars."

"You should stop by the base more Wheeljack." Miko said into the commuticator.

"I'll pass for now." Wheeljack answered. "Besides, I heard Doc-Bot's still holding a grudge."

"Aw, come on Jackie" Bulkhead answered, "Ratchet's always a grouch, even when's he's in a GOOD mood. Don't take it personally."

"Yeah," Miko added as she spoke into Bulkhead's radio, "We should totally hang out more. All three of us together, just like today."

"I'd love to, I really do, but I still need to find a new source of Energon. Been kinda running low these days." Wheeljack's voice said over Bulkhead's radio, "Need to scout for some new deposits before the Cons get to it."

"I hear that." Bulkhead replied. "Megatron's been hitting us hard lately. But good thing we got Smokescreen on the team now. You haven't met him yet Jackie, he's impulsive, but he's a good kid."

"I heard you didn't like him at first, Bulk." Wheeljack replied.

"Nah, he's kinda grown on me." Bulkhead answered.

"By the way, I'm just glad you made a full recovery after that run in with Hardshell. But as you heard, our junior Wrecker here, scrapped him pretty hard. She did ya proud, Bulk. I'm just glad I'm not burying another one of my old teammates."

"Heh, cause no one messes with the Wreckers!" Bulkhead said, as Miko gives a thumbs up.

"Anyways, we're about to reach home base. I'll catch you later Jackie. Bulkhead out."

"Later Bulk. And kid, make sure he stays outta trouble will ya? You take care little Wrecker" Wheeljack said, as he cuts communication.

"Very funny Jackie." Bulkhead mumbled.

As Bulkhead pulls into the Autobot base, he's immediately greeted by his new friend, Smokescreen.

"Heya Bulkhead, enjoy the show?" Smokescreen said, in a chipper mood.

Miko exits Bulkhead, as he transforms into robot mode.

"Tonight was a BLAST Smoke!" Miko answered, "You shoulda been there. You coulda met Wheeljack."

"Sorry I had to miss the fun, but Bumblebee and I had to do some practice sparring, Optmus' orders." Smokescreen replied.

"And you could have done it in some undisclosed location! Look at this place, it's a WRECK!" Ratchet fumed.

"Take it easy Ratchet, I said I'll clean it up didn't I?" Smokescreen answered.

Arcee, along with Jack, her human companion, and Raf, Bumblebee's human friend, were on the other side of the base watching the argument unfold.

"You still have a lot to learn kid." Arcee said as they hear Ratchet activate the ground bridge. Optimus and Bumblebee stepped through.

"Optimus," Jack called to the Autobot leader, "How did the Energon scouting mission go?"

"It was a trap set by Soundwave. Megatron had created a decoy Energon beacon that led us astray. We were ambushed by the Decepticons, but we fought our way out. Barely." Optimus explained.

Bumblebee gave his usual beeps and blips.

"Indeed Bumblebee. We must proceed with great caution on our next scouting trip."

"Do any of you require medical attention?" Ratchet asked.

Bumblebee gave a few beeps, as sits on Ratchets medical bed.

"Hmm, several torn joints. But nothing I can't fix." Ratchet said as he examines Bumblebee's right arm.

"I'm just glad you and Bee came back safely." Raf said to Optimus.

"As are we Rafael. Megatron has grown more desperate in the search for the Iacon Relics."

Just then, several alarms begin blazing over the comm system.

"Ratchet, report!" Optimus called.

"I'm on it." Ratchet said as he finishes his patching on Bumblebee's arm.

Ratchet begins to survey the computer terminal. He then sees something strange.

"Optimus, I'm picking up extremely strong energy fluxes. It's happening.... RIGHT ABOVE THE BASE!"

"What?" Arcee asked with concern.

"You mean, we're under attack? Did the cons find the base?" Jack asked.

"No, it's not caused by weapons fire, or Energon discharges. But rather, the energy signature, almost matches those.... of a Space Bridge portal." Ratchet said, slightly bewildered.

"How is that possible?" Optimus asked. "Autobots, we must investigate. Head topside."

"I'll go with." Miko said, as Bulkhead stops her.

"Park it young lady." Bulkhead said as he and the other Autobots, except Ratchet, who's still monitoring the terminal, enter the elevator that takes them to the top of the mountain.

"uuuhhhh." Miko growled.

She then watches Bulkhead, and the others ride the elevator topside, to the surface.

As Optimus and the Bots step out of the elevator, they see something strange appearing in the sky right above them. It looked like a space bridge portal, except, it was purple.

"That looks like a portal." Smokescreen said

"Thanks for stating the obvious kid." Arcee mumbled. "The question is, why is it here, and where does it go?"

"I do not know Arcee, but if this is Megatron's doing, we must be prepared for anything." Optimus replied.

Just then they hear what sounded like a flying vehicle head towards them. As soon as it came into better view, Bulkhead immediately recognized it.

"It's the Jackhammer. Jackie's here!" Bulkhead said in a happy tone.

Arcee simply groaned and facepalmed.

"Wheeljack? Why is HE here?!" Ratchet's voice angrily said over Optimus' communicator.

As the Jackhammer touched down. Wheeljack exits and heads towards the rest of the Autobots.

"Sweet!" a young sounding female voice said from behind Bulkhead.

"Oh no," Bulkhead muttered as he turns around. He sees Miko standing behind him, with a huge grin on her face.

"Miko! I told you to wait down below ground." Bulkhead said.

"No way am I missing this reunion." Miko beamed.

"So, looks like the gangs all here." Wheeljack said, as he walks up to Optimus.

"Indeed Wheeljack, while the others may object to your presence, I for one, will always welcome one of our Autobot brothers." Optimus replied.

"What are you even doing here in the first place?" Arcee hissed.

"Picked up a strange anomaly while cruising around. Just happened to be in the neighborhood." Wheeljack replied. "And you must be the new kid. Name's Wheeljack, you must be Smokescreen."

"Yes sir." Smokescreen saluted, "I can't believe it, You're Wheeljack, I mean, THE Wheeljack, one of the greatest Wreckers during the war."

"You know your history kid." Wheeljack responded. "So, what is that thing up there anyway?"

"We do not know currently. But Ratchet is still analyzing it." Optimus answered.

"So, Old grumps downstairs is still mad at me huh?" Wheeljack asked.

"You have no Idea." Miko replied.

"I heard that!" Ratchet fumed on the comm link. "Optimus, I'm picking up a huge energy spike coming from that portal."

Just as Ratchet said that, the portal began to seemingly destabilize. Then a force of suction began eminating from it.

The first one to be sucked towards it was Arcee, as she flies through the air towards it. Bumblebee immediately grabs hold of her, but the pull from the vortex begins to grow stronger.

"Everyone, head underground NOW!" Optimus ordered.

"Optimus, what's happening?" Ratchet asked over the comm.

"Ratchet, the portal is destabilizing, it is beginning to draw us towards it." Optimus replied.

"Optimus, you and the others need to get out of there, NOW!" Ratchet yelled.

Bumblebee held onto Arcee as best as he could, until he too was pulled off the ground. Smokescreen and Bulkhead immediately went to their aid. But soon the pull was so strong, that even they were lifted. Optimus latched onto them, but soon he was airborn as well. Wheeljack immediately boarded the Jackhammer, and flew towards the rest of the Autobots.

"Grab on!" He called, as Optimus and the others clamped their hands onto the Jackhammer's hull.

However the pull had become too great. The Jackhammer was inching closer and closer to the portal. Wheeljack fired full thruster burn on his ship. But it was futile. The whole time Miko watched from the top of the base, hiding behind a large rock she clamped onto, preventing her from being pulled in as well.

She watched in horror as the Jackhammer, even at full thruster burn, was eventually pulled into the portal, with all of the Autobots on it. She felt her stomach turn as the portal disappeared. They were gone.

In the skies over Nevada, a large monstrosity of a ship was flying. It was the Nemesis, the Decepticon Warship, and Megatron's personal mobile base.

"So it appears that Optimus escaped the trap we laid out for him. No matter, perhaps it was for the best. As I intend to crush Optimus Prime, with my own two hands." Megatron said to his communications officer, Soundwave.

Just then, several alarms began to go off throughout the ship.

"Report" Megatron ordered.

"Lord Megatron," Knockout, the Con medic said, "We are picking up a strange energy flux."

"Well, what of it?" Megatron asked.

"Umm.. *ahem* right in front of the ship." Knockout replied nerviously.

"WHAT?" Megatron fumed. as he turns on the viewscreen.

What he sees, is the ship, headed towards a giant purple vortex.

"ALL HANDS, FULL REVERSE!" Megatron ordered.

"The navigation controls are not responding my lord." Dreadwing, the second in command of the Decepticons replied. "And the engines are beginning to burn out."

Multiple Vehicons, and Insecticons scrambled to their stations in an attempt to assess the situation.

"Whatever this is Lord Megatron, It's shorting out all of our systems. We can't break free of the vortex's pull." Knockout reported.

"No! Find a way to get us out of this mess Knockout!" Megatron seethed.

But it was too late. The ship had already entered the vortex. and dissappeared.

As the Jackhammer exits the vortex portal, it begins to lose control.

"I'm losing altitude fast!" Wheeljack called out.

The Jackhammer began to spin in the air.

"Everyone hold on!" Optimus called to the others, still gripping onto the hull of the ship.

"Wheeljack, is there anything you can do?" Arcee yelled.

"Only to hope the landing won't frag us all." Wheeljack answered.

As the Jackhammer continued to careen out of control, Bumblebee loses his grip, and falls off the ship.

"BEE!" Smokescreen called out in horror.

As Bumblebee fell, he braced himself for impact.

Fairly soon. BOOM! He hits the ground hard.

As Bumblebee comes to, he begins to sit up, and very groggly looks at his surrondings. For a moment he is too dazed to figure out how he got here, or even what happened. Then it all comes back to him. He and the rest of the Autobots were pulled through a vortex. He had fallen off the Jackhammer, and landed somewhere unfamiliar to him.

But what Bumblebee sees next, was something he never expected in his life.
Six multicolored equine lifeforms, looking at him.

Bumblebee didn't know what to do, as he was very confused about the situation. Maybe he hit his head too hard on impact.
He began to beep and blip to himself, when suddenly what happened next shocked him even more. The purple one, with both a horn on her head, and wings on her back spoke to him. It TALKED!

"Umm, Welcome to Equestria?"