• Published 7th Feb 2013
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Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic (A Hub Crossover Special) - thelastprime

A magical accident opens a portal to another planet, and brings fourth an adventure with the heroes of two worlds. (It could happen, Only on The Hub!)

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Chapter 5

"So," Arcee said as she and Wheeljack walked behind Rainbow Dash and Rarity as they moved through the forest, "This world, Equestria is it? Is populated by sentient horses?"

"Actually, we're ponies. Horses are bigger." Rainbow Dash answered.

Wheeljack was puzzled.

"I didn't think ponies were able to talk." He said.

"Of course we can talk, we're not mindless animals." Rarity snapped.

"So where'd you guys come from?" Rainbow asked.

"Some portal sucked us into this world." Arcee told her, "A weird accident or something."

"Well, I certainly have an idea," Rarity added. "Sweetie Belle got a hold of some strange blue crystal. It apparently intensifies unicorn magic."

"Magic?" Wheeljack muttered, "Please, like I'm gonna believe some mystical voodoo brought us here."

"Well, you certainly are rude." Rarity snapped at the Autobot.

"I'm a Wrecker, it comes with the job." Wheeljack replied as Rarity rolls her eyes.

"Come on Wheeljack," Arcee said to him, "It's not unheard of. I mean, the power of the Primes consists of SOME mysticism."

"Blah Blah, not interested. Just need to get back to Earth, so we can start crushing some more Cons." Wheeljack responded.

"Such a ruffian!" Rarity muttered.

"Rainbow Dash right? So where do we go from here?" Arcee asked.

"Right up this way Arcee," Rainbow Dash answered. "I'm have a good hunch they'll be meeting back at Fluttershy's home."

"Hmm, might be better if we traveled on wheels." And with that statement, Arcee transformed into her motorcycle form.

"So you can turn into those self propelled vehicles too. And a bike! Awesome! You look like a speedster. Wanna race?"

"Another time kid. Just lead the way. Need a lift?"

"Nah, I got my wings. I'll fly ahead. Rarity, I think will need one."

Wheeljack also transformed into his car form.

"Wheeljack, give her a ride." Arcee commanded.

"Yeah yeah, climb in toots." Wheeljack said to the unicorn.

"Toots? WHY I NEVER!!" Rarity fumed. "Of all the impolite...."

"Rarity just get inside, or we're leaving you here." Rainbow Dash yelled.

"Uhh, if you insist." She responded as she climbed into Wheeljack's open door.

"You simply MUST do something about these seats. The colors are atrocious. And the decor can certainly see some improvement." She started nitpicking at Wheeljack's interior.

"This... is gonna be a LOOOONG trip." Wheeljack said to himself.

"Hey Bulkhead, anything yet?" Smokescreen asked the big green bot.

"Not a single thing. I don't know if we'll ever find him this way." Bulkhead replied to the rookie.

"Well, we can't give up. I just wanna prove to Optimus I'm a capable Autobot."

"Kid, you'll be fine. Optimus isn't judgemental about anyone under his command. As long as you do your part, and pull your weight. You'll be ok." Bulkhead reassured him.

"I just hope Bumblebee is alright." Smokescreen said, as he looked towards the sky.

Then suddenly....

"HI THERE!" A high pitched voice called out.

The two Autobots instantly froze in place, then readied their blaster arms.

"Who's there?!" Smokescreen demanded. "Show yourself!"

"I'm over here!" The voice said.

Smokescreen and Bulkhead turned towards the direction.

"I don't get it," Bulkhead stated, "I don't see anything."

"Look down!" The voice said again.

Both bots lower their heads downward and see, A little equine, with pink fur, a pink poofy mane, big blue eyes, and a grin on it's face. It was hopping in place happily.

"BAH WEEP GRANAH WEEP NINI BONG!" The pink equine said in a high pitched tone as she waved her hoof at the Bots.

"Umm... What??" Bulkhead said in confusion as he scratched his head.

"But, I thought everypony knew the universal greeting...." The pink little creature said in a slightly disappointed tone.

"Whoa, did that horse just talk?" Smokescreen asked. "I didn't know horses could talk!"

"They can't kid, at least not on Earth. This proves what Optimus said earlier. We're definately NOT on Earth anymore." Bulkhead said to the younger bot.

"Of course I can talk. It would be silly if I couldn't! And I'm not a horse, I'm a Pony!"

"Uuhh, yeah..." Bulkhead said, while scratching his head in confusion.

"Um, so if we're not on Earth anymore, where are we?" Smokescreen asked.

"WELCOME TO EQUESTRIA!" The pink pony beamed. "I'm gonna throw you guys the biggest welcome party it'll make it into the history books! I can't wait!"

The little pony then suddenly bursts into song.....

Both bots look at her with puzzled expressions.

"What, just happened?" Bulkhead asked, confused of where the music seemed to appear from nowhere, as Smokescreen simply shrugged, but with a smile on his face. The rookie was genuinely amused by the antics.

"Well now that I sang my welcome song, the next step is to make friends. I'm Pinkie Pie, who are you?" Pinkie asked the visitors.

"At least the locals are friendly," Smokescreen said to the wrecker. "Name's Smokescreen."

"Hi Smokescreen! You guys are my new friends, I LOVE making new friends! So why are you aliens here, are here to be our friends? Or are you here to invade us? or eat us? or stick a probe up our...."

"PINKIE PIE, THERE YOU ARE!" Another voice yelled from behind the woods.

As Pinkie and the Bots look to see the source of the voice, they see another pony galloping towards them. This one was orange, with a blonde mane. She was also wearing a cowboy hat, and her voice had a southern accent in it.

"Ooh ooohh, APPLEJACK! I found them, I FOUND THEM! The cool giant alien robots."

Smokescreen couldn't help but begin to laugh. This, Pinkie Pie, was very amusing.

"NAILED IT!" Pinkie shouted. "I made another one smile today!"

"Another one?" Smokescreen asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"Bumblebee!" Pinkie answered, "You guys must be his friends. He's our friend, and if you're his friend, then your my friend too."

"BUMBLEBEE?!!" Both Bulkhead and Smokescreen said in unison.

"Is he alright? Where is he?" Bulkhead asked.

"He's A-OK! A little battered up from the fall he took, but otherwise just fine!"

Relieved, the two bots high five each other.

"Thank the Allspark. And thank you for taking care of him." Bulkhead said to the pink pony.

"Aww, think nothing of it." She smiled back at them.

"Well, I'll be a polecat on a farm range!" Applejack said as she walked up to the bots. "So ya did find em' Pinkie. These boys sure are big, especially the green one."

"Aren't they cool looking?" Pinkie Pie beamed, who's already now riding on Smokescreen's shoulder.

Applejack walks up to Bulkhead.

"You look like you can give Big Macintosh a run for is bits!" she greeted the bot.

"Umm, thanks, I think?" He responded.

"Well shoot, where are my manners. I'm Applejack, What's yer name stranger?"


"Well, it's mighty fine to meet ya Bulkhead."

"YAY! Smokescreen and Bulkhead! Our newest friends!" Pinkie Pie shouted, as Smokescreen continued to laugh at her antics.

"I like you already Pinkie Pie!" Smokescreen said to the pony, which made her smile even more.

"So, you think you can take us to Bumblebee? I need to contact Optimus about this, and Let both Arcee and Jackie know too." Bulkhead said.

"Sure, It's right this way partner!" Applejack pointed off in a direction.

"Lead the way." Smokescreen said, as Pinkie hopped on his shoulder, happy as ever that she made friends with a giant alien robot.

"Optimus come in. Optimus do you read?" Bulkhead called into his communicator. "Scrap, he must be out of range."

"Let me try the others." Smokescreen said.

He then uses his communicator to radio Arcee and Wheeljack.

"Arcee, Wheeljack, do any of you guys read?"

"Rainbow Dash, hold up, I'm getting a signal. Someone's on the commlink!" Arcee said, as she comes to a stop and transforms back into robot mode.

"Huh, what's going on?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"This is Arcee, come in."

"Hey Arcee, it's Smokescreen. We just ran into some locals of this world. And after meeting them, chances are good, we're not on Earth anymore. You're probably not gonna believe me when I describe them to you."

"Try me kid."

"Well, they're talking ponies, crazy right?"

"Not really, Wheeljack and I came into contact with some ourselves."

"Really? Well, at least Bulk and I aren't going crazy. Anyways, they said they know about Bumblebee. They found him, and apparently he's safe." Smokescreen said over the commlink.

"The ones we met said the same thing. The ponies you met probably know the ones we ran into." Arcee answered.

"So we're all on the same page? That's great to hear." Smokescreen said.

Rainbow Dash flies up to Arcee's wrist.

"So that thing's like a radio? That's pretty cool." She said.

"It's our communicator. We use it to contact each other when we're separated."

"We tried to radio Optimus, but I think he's out of range. You have any luck?" Smokescreen asked.

"I'll give it a shot." Arcee answered.

She then opens a new channel.

"Arcee to Optimus, do you read? Optimus come in."


"Scrap." Arcee muttered. "no luck either."

"Don't worry we'll meet up with him eventually. The good news is, Bumblebee's ok." Smokescreen said.

"I'm glad too." Arcee answered.

Then they hear a high pitched sounding female voice on the other side.

"OOh, are calling your mothership? Can I see it? How big is it?"

"Huh? That sounded like... Hey Arcee, can I speak into your com-thing real quick?"

Before Arcee could answer, Rainbow Dash had already landed on her wrist where her comlink is.

"Pinkie Pie, is that you? It's me, Rainbow Dash!"

"OOOHHHH, DASHIE! So you found some cool robot friends too!"

"Yeah, Rarity and I had a run in. We're taking them to see Bumblebee now. I have a good bet Fluttershy probably took him back to the cottage. She's terrified of this forest after all."

"Okie Dokie Loki!" Pinkie responded, "Then we'll meet you there. By the way who's with you?"

"Well besides Arcee, this cool bot who happens to be a girl-bot, and another guy called Wheeljack, Rarity's with me.

"And I'm with Applejack. The guy I'm riding on is Smokescreen, and Applejack is walking next to this big guy named Bulkhead."

"Wait, so Twilight's not with you?" Rainbow asked.

"I thought she was with you Dashie!"

"You mean she got seperated?! Oh no, this is bad. She's all alone in the Everfree Forest. WE GOTTA FIND HER!" Rainbow yelled.

"Oh no, she must be scared and all alone. Don't worry, with these guys with us, no monsters from the Everfree Forest should bother us."

"Um girls," Rarity said as she hangs her head out of Wheeljack's window, "You do know Twilight can handle herself right? I mean, she IS Princess Celestia's prized student who excels in magic, a newly coronated princess herself, AND not to mention she traveled to another parallel dimension on her own."

"Still, I think we should find her first." Rainbow Dash said.

"We'll help you kid." Arcee said. "You went through the trouble of helping Bee. We'll return the favor. We owe you."

"Wheeljack simply grunted, while Rarity scoffed at him.

"Thanks a bunch. You're the coolest alien I know. Well, you're the only alien I know, but still!" Rainbow said.

"What does she look like?" Arcee asked.

"Don't worry Applejack, we'll find your lost friend. It's the least we can do after you girls helped out Bee." Bulkhead said to the cowmare.

"I do truly appreciate that. That's very neighborly of ya." She tipped her hat at Bulkhead.

"So where do we start?" Smokescreen asked.

"uuummmm, THAT WAY!" Pinkie randomly pointed.

Twilight Sparkle had trekked through the forest by herself for some time now, still searching for any signs of the supposed giant alien robots lost in the woods. Normally, she wouldn't have any problems making trips like these as she tends to visit Zecora fairly regularly. But for some reason, she felt a certain uneasiness. As she moved deeper and deeper into the heart of the forest. She was absolutely certain that Bumblebee's readings were this direction.

Little did she know, as she moved through the woods, she was being watched, and followed by a sinister presence in the brush, stalking her.

Twilight couldn't shake the feeling, she knew something was wrong, but she couldn't put her hoof on it. She then heard what sounded like a rustling sound coming from behind her. Slowly she turned around, and notices, many eyes from the woods looking at her. These eyes were pale blue, and pupiless.

"Um, hello?" She nevously addressed them.

Then from the bush, many dark figures sprung out and quickly surronded her.

"CHANGELINGS!" Twilight shrieked as she backed away.

"Right you are, my little pony. And look at you, a Princess now...." A voice said from behind the brush. A pair of menacing green eyes stared at her, then another figure came into view.

"Oh no... NO!" Twilight muttered as she walked backwards. "Queen Chrysalis!? But we trapped you within your own castle with never ending riddles."

"Yes, you did indeed." The Queen answered, "But did you really think I would be imprisoned within my OWN home for long? What a joke."

"I'm warning you. I'm a lot stronger since we last faced off. I've learned quite a few new spells." Twilight threatened, stretching her wings out.

"You think you're stronger than me just because you have wings now? By all means then, impress me Princess." Chrysalis taunted.

As the changelings converge on her, Twilight's horn began to glow, then a huge wave she emitted sent multiple changelings flying off in different directions.

"Impressive, but not good enough." Chrysalis said, as she ordered another wave to attack.

Twilight fired a several beams from her horn, the changelings she hit, suddenly turned into winged oranges.

"Ha! How do you like that?" Twilight said in triumph.

The Queen merely cackled.

"That's your best shot? What an utterly ridiculous and useless spell. My children, change back."

With a number of green flashes, the transformed oranges immediately turned back into changelings.

"What? but how?"

"We can already change at will. It has no effect on us." Chrysalis explained. "Now, capture her! She will make an excellent randsom to Princess Celestia."

Right as the changelings were almost on top of her, Twilight Sparkle teported in a bright flash, and she was gone.

Twilight reappeared in another part of the forest and began to run back towards the direction of Ponyville, when suddenly, another group of green flashes appeared right before her. Queen Chrysalis and a number of her changeling swarm were right in front of her again.

"Teleportation, a simple spell,that even a hatchling would know." Chrysalis said.

Twilight Sparkle began to run, as the changeling gave chase.

"I'm starting to wish I took those flying lessons from Rainbow Dash right about now!" Twilight shouted as she galloped.

"You can run, but you can't hide, I'll get you my pretty!"

Shining Armor had apparently gotten himself lost while searching for his little sister.

"Great, I'm such an idiot." He muttered to himself. "I bet if I actually did find Twily she'd be laughing her flank off at me. Cadence too."

He shuddered at the thought and continued to walk through the woods.

"Still, I can't let my sis venture in these woods by herself."

Suddenly he heard what sounded like a scream nearby. The voice sounded like that of Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor knew that voice anywhere.

"Oh No! TWILY! She's in trouble!" He yelled as he headed in the direction of the sound.

"Hang on, I'm coming!"

As Optimus Prime continued his search through the forest for his lost teammate, he sees a small object fly up to him. It looked like a small blue orb with two green eyes and a large mouth with insect wings.

Optimus immediately drew his blaster hand at it.


The small creature merely eyed the Autobot leader with curiosity, then flew off after losing interest.

Optimus changed his hand back to normal.

"No, just an indigenous creature of this world." he said with relief.

He then resumed his walk, when he hears what sounded like a scream and a cry for help.

Optimus immediately looked around to see the source.

"Someone is in trouble." He said to himself. "I must provide assistance."

Even though he is on an alien world, Optimus Prime is not about to forsake someone who needed his help.
He immediately transforms into his big rig form, and sped off into the direction of where the disturbance came from.

"Maximum Overdrive!"

"Now then, dear Twilight Sparkle, are you ready to surrender?" Chrysalis taunted as Twilight was now cornered and completely surrounded.

Twilight was at a loss. She didn't know what to do.

"No, go away, leave me alone!" She shouted, as she let out another burst of magic from her horn.

The changelings dodged out of the way.

"Take her, now!" The Queen ordered.

But just as the changelings were about to converge on her, another beam of light shot out from behind them, and knocked out several changelings right in front of Twilight.

Chrysalis, and Twilight turned to see the source. It was none other than Shining Armor.

"BBBFF! Am I glad to see you!" Twilight beamed at her brother.

"So, the hero returns." Queen Chrysalis said with amusement.

"You!" Shining Armor hissed, "I thought we took care of you last year!"

"Hardly. Have you come to feed me with more of your love, oh Prince of the Crystal Empire?" She taunted.

Shining Armor immediately teleported himself next to his sister, and stood in front of her, taking a defensive stance.

"Leave her be. If it's me you want, I'll take you on instead." Shining Armor valiantly said.

"I can feel your love for your sister. It invigorates my strength and nourishes me."

"Twily, when I give the signal, make a break for it. I'll hold them off."

"WHAT?! I can't just leave you here with this witch." Twilight protested.

"We don't have a choice, just be ready to run." he explained.

"NO! I'm not leaving you. We stand together." She shot back at him.

Just as Queen Chrysalis ordered her changelings to take them. Twilight erected a large force field around herself and her brother.

The changelings slammed and rammed it repeatedly.

"This won't hold them for long." Twilight said as she struggled to hold the field.

"There has to be something we can do. Think Shiny Think." He said to himself.

The situation looked rather hopeless. The forcefield was beginning to crack. Shining Armor reinforced it with his own spell, but it would also eventually fail do to the physical onslaught the changelings were doing to it.

Eventually, both siblings faltered from exhaustion, and Queen Chrysalis and her changelings inched forward.

"Now you're both MINE!" She cackled.

But from the distance, something caught all of their attention.

A loud honking noise could be heard, and a large red object on wheels was barreling towards their direction.

The object then screeched to a halt between the changelings and the pony siblings.

To the astonishment of everyone present, it began to shift it's pieces around like a puzzle, changing it's form. Not long after, it had transformed into a giant bi-pedal metal humanoid figure.

The giant looked at the ponies, the one that obviously is female had a desperate look in her eyes. The look of someone who was pleading for help. The other creature, the insect like one, had the green eyes of greed, powerlust, and bloodlust. Then the little purple equine said something.

"Help us, PLEASE!"

Optimus was slightly surprised. He had never encountered sentient equines before, nor had he seen any with wings and horns. They must be the dominant species of this world.

"I said capture them now, do not be distracted by this metal giant." Chrysalis ordered her changelings.

"Who ever you are, cease your attack! I will not allow you to harm the innocent." Optimus said in his stern tone. "Leave these beings in peace, or there will be..... Retaliation."

Optimus activates his faceplate as it covers his mouth.

"Is that so? Well then, We'll just have to destroy you then. For I am Queen Chrysalis, the ruler of the changelings, and no one defies me. Go fourth my changelings. Turn him into scrap metal."

The changelings swooped forward, as Optimus readied himself.

BAM! POW! With a mighty swing of his fists, many changelings were sent crashing to the ground.

Both Twilight Sparkle, and Shining Armor couldn't believe what they were seeing. This giant metal creature came out of nowhere, and now it's protecting them from the changelings. Twilight immediately realized this must be one of Bumblebee's friends. Shining Armor, however, was still in the dark of that whole situation. He has no idea what's going on.

As more changelings begin to swarm around Optimus, the Autobot leader then spreads his arms apart, and in one swift motion, slams his hands together in a massive hard clap. The ensuing shockwave sends the changelings flying out of control in mulitple directions as they crash into the ground and the trees.

"So you defeated my swarm. Very impressive. But now you face the Queen!"

Chrysalis envelops herself in a green light, then in the wake, she had turned herself into a giant black praying mantis roughly the same size as the Autobot leader. She still had her crooked changeling horn on her head.
Optimus sees this, and turns both his hands into his blades.

"Now fall!" The queen yelled as she charged towards the Prime.

She lashes with her pincers at the Autobot, as Optimus parries with his blade, and returns the attack. Optimus Prime swings his blade as Chrysalis catches it, only for him to do a spin, and roundhouse kick her in the chest. Chrysalis steps back, and swings another pincer at him, as Optimus clashes blades with it.

Twilight and Shining Armor were at a loss of words. This giant stranger that saved them is clearly a formidable warrior. Seeing them battle was almost like an elegant dance, yet this was a fight for their lives. Optimus was all over the place, Chrysalis was barely able to touch him, as he countered all of her physical attacks.

Then Chrysalis fires an energy blast from her horn at Optimus, who didn't have time to react. Right when the blast was about to hit him. A purple force bubble blocked the shot.
Optimus looked down to see the purple little equine was using her horn to protect him. He nodded to her in approval, as he began to advance towards Chrysalis again.

"Who are you? Why do you fight me." The Queen demanded.

"My name, is Optimus Prime! And I will protect the innocent when ever they are in need of aid." He replied.

Hearing this, Twilight gained an admiration for this robot.

Suddenly, several blasts of energy struck Optimus in his back, as he fell down. A number of Changelings had recovered and were firing magical bolts at him.

"So, then, Optimus Prime, now you're finished." Chrysalis said as she was about to bring her pincer down on his head.

"No!" Twilight shouted.

But Chrysalis was interrupted by several blasts of energy that hit her side. She turned around to see, several other metal giants now running towards them, firing shots of blasts from their arms. Behind them several ponies were also running towards the area. Twilight immediately recognized them as Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

As the Autobots got closer, Arcee immediately transformed into her vehicle mode, and charged in front of the others.

Queen Chrysalis immediately changed back into her original form, to make herself a smaller target.

"My children, retreat. You haven't heard the last of me Princess Twilight, or you Optimus Prime! I will have my revenge!"

With that statement, Chrysalis immediately flew off with the rest of the swarm following her.

After seeing the attackers fly off, The Autobots and ponies quickly run up to Optimus.

"Optimus, are you alright?" Arcee asked.

"I will survive Arcee." he replied. He then retracts his faceplate, as his mouth is once again visible.

The bots gave a sigh of relief as Optimus stands back up, seemingly unscathed.

"I see each of you has made contact with the locals." Optimus said as he looks at the ponies, who in turn were staring at Optimus in awe.

He then turns his attention towards Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.

"Are you hurt? Do either of you require medical attention?" He asked the pair.

"We're quite fine sir. And thank you, you saved our lives. We're in your debt." Twilight happily said to the Prime. "My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, and this is my brother, Shining Armor, the others, they're my friends."

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie"

"The one and only Rainbow Dash"

"Rarity, it's a pleasure"

"Name's Applejack."

"And these are my Autobot companions." Optimus said as he point to the others.

"Call me Arcee"

"I'm Bulkhead"

"Smokescreen, at your service"


"And I, am Optimus Prime"

The Autobot leader, then crouches down in front of the young alicorn.

"So you are a princess.... Are you the leader of this world?" Optimus asked.

"What? No, of course not. I'm still learning about my new status. Princess Celestia is the true ruler of our world." Twilight Sparkle replied.

Shining Armor then questions Twilight about what's going on.

"Twily, what are you doing here in the forest in the first place? Spike told me you were investigating some sort of meteor crash, but from what I can see, these guys aren't meteors."

"You're right BBBFF."

"BBBFF?" Arcee questioned.

"Big Brother Best Friend Forever."


"You see Bro, What fell out of the sky, wasn't a meteor, but an alien robot. His name is Bumblebee, and these other Autobots, I think that's what they're called, are his friends. They came to this world by accident. They just want to find their friend, and we were simply helping them."

Shining Armor was at a loss of words. Aliens? He couldn't process that through is mind, yet here they are, standing in front of him. At least they're friendly.

"I see." he replied.

"Bumblebee? You know of his whereabouts?" Optmus asked.

"yes sir, he's with our friend Fluttershy, she's been taking care of him, and tending his wounds. He'll be just fine." Twilight answered him.

"It is clear you had Bumblebee's best intentions at heart. Thank you, Princess Twilight Sparkle. It appears I too, owe you a debt of honor."

Hearing this, Twilight blushed. It wasn't every day she would receive a compliment from an alien lifeform, especially one with such honor and integrity. She began to respect Optimus even more.

"Please, just call me Twilight." She addressed the Autobot Leader.

"Sir, I thank you for saving my life, and my sister's. I was once Captain of the Royal guard in Celestia's army. But now I'm the Prince of the Crystal Empire north of here. I would like to welcome you to our land of Equestria." Shining Armor saluted Optimus.

"Thank you, young Prince." Optimus replied as he returns the salute.

"I have to write a letter to Princess Celestia about this." Twilight said.

"Yeah, except Spike isn't here to send it. He's back in the library, remember?" Rainbow Dash reminded her.

"Oh right. Well plan B. Let's meet up with Fluttershy, and Bumblebee. Then let's head to Canterlot to meet Princess Celestia."

"Sounds fine to me." Pinkie Pie said in her chipper tone.

"Good Idea, Cadence is currently there too." Shining Armor added. "We wanted to surprise you with our visit this week, but you're the one who gave me a huge surprise instead by making contact with Aliens."

Then it's settled. Let's retrieve Fluttershy and Bee, and go to Canterlot."

"I believe meeting the ruler of this world will greatly be benificial to us. Let us meet this Princess Celestia. Perhaps she can aid us in finding a way for us to return home." Optimus said. "Autobots Transform, and ROLL OUT!"

Author's Note:

So we just had our first battle in this story. Again, the chapter went a lot longer than I had initally planned. But it was very fun to write. Again, those of you wanting the Decepticons, you'll just have to wait.

The bit about Chrysalis being trapped within her own castle was how the Mane 6 defeated her in the IDW comics, which clearly takes place between Seasons 2 and 3.