• Published 7th Feb 2013
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Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic (A Hub Crossover Special) - thelastprime

A magical accident opens a portal to another planet, and brings fourth an adventure with the heroes of two worlds. (It could happen, Only on The Hub!)

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Chapter 6

As Bumblebee and Fluttershy continue to sit outside of her house, and wait for the others to return from the Everfree forest, Fluttershy's animal friends have joined in on the impromptu tea party she had put together.

"Would you like some tea Bumblebee?" the pegasus asked.

Bumblebee responded with his electronic whirls.

"Oh, right, you're a robot." She replied.

He gave another response to her.

"Well, if you don't eat or drink" Fluttershy asked, "Then how do you survive?"

Bumblebee gave an answer with his robotic voice.

"Fuel up on Energon? What's Energon?"

Just as the two conversed, Bumblebee then sees several vehicles approaching them. He immediately recognized them as the rest of his team, and riding inside of them were the rest of the ponies, plus a male unicorn he hid from earlier. Rainbow Dash, however, still preferred to fly on her own.

As the ponies exit the vehicles, they transform into robot mode, giving Fluttershy quite the shock.

"BEE! There you are!" Bulkhead happily yelled, as he walked towards his friend. "You're playing with animals? Heh, you're getting soft." The Wrecker then gives a light chuckle.

"EEEP!!!" Bulkhead heard a high pitched squeal coming from next to him.

"Um, Hey..." Bulkhead meekly greeted the pegasus and waved at her.

Bumblebee quickly spoke to Fluttershy in his electronic voice.

"Oh, he's one of your friends? I see.... Well, he's very.... um, big..." She nervously said.

"FLUTTERSHY!" The rest of the ponies called to her. As Fluttershy ran up and hugged all of them.

"Oh, girls, you're ok! I was so worried. I was afraid the monsters from the Everfree Forest got you all."

"Fluttershy," Twilight Sparkle said to her, "I want to introduce you to our newest friends, This is Optimus Prime, and the Autobots."

She pointed to a large red and blue robot that was taller than the rest. Fluttershy was shivering at the shear sight and size of it.

Optimus then kneeled down, and addressed the timid pegasus.

"Hello, you must be Fluttershy, As your friend Twilight stated, My name is Optimus Prime. I wish to thank you for your care of one of my fellow Autobots. It is clear that you may have saved his life. Do not be frightened, I know our appearance, can be rather imposing, but I assure you, we Autobots mean you no harm."

Fluttershy, seeing the look in his eyes, and the gentle tone of his voice, understood, this alien visitor is indeed friendly.

"For a big scary monster, you're very nice." She replied.

"She's a cute one." Smokescreen said as he greeted Fluttershy. "I'm Smokescreen, warrior in training, and newest recruit to Team Prime."

"Team Prime?" Pinkie Pie asked, "Are you guys superheroes? Because that would be the greatest thing ever."

"Well, not exactly," Arcee answered. "We may fight bad guys, but we're more like soldiers than anything else."

"That still makes you cool from my point of view." Rainbow Dash replied as she flies and the air and does several loops.

"Well, I'm still 20% cooler."

"Keep telling yourself that kid." Arcee smirked. "Why do I always deal with the brash ones?"

"Well, now that everypony's here..." Twilight began to say.

"Everypony?" Wheeljack interrupted.

"Yes, that phrase is a part of our every day language, is something wrong?" Twilight asked.

"Whatever." He scoffed.

"So rude..." Rarity muttered, still disapproving of the Wrecker's mannerisms.

"As I was saying, We need to head to Canterlot. Since Spike's not here, I won't be able to reach Princess Celestia, and under such short notice, I need to let her know about our visitors. Also, we have another pressing matter to discuss. Shining Armor and I were attacked by the changelings. Queen Chrysalis is back."

"WHAT?!" Fluttershy shrieked.

"That's right sugarcube, why if it weren't for Optimus here, they probably woulda' bought it." Applejack explained. "The big lug really pulled through."

"That's terrible! We have to let Princess Celestia know about this." Fluttershy said. "I'm so glad you and Shining Armor are ok Twilight."

She then gives her Alicorn friend a hug, as she cries into her shoulder.

"I'm fine Fluttershy." Twilight reassured her.

"Commander Prime," Shining Armor addressed the Autobot leader, "I am at your service."

"At ease, young one. Let us go to this capital of yours and meet the ruler of this world." Optimus said to the others.

"Yes sir!" Shining Armor saluted.

Twilight Sparkle couldn't help but laugh, it's clear her brother had found a hero, though she herself couldn't help but admire the Autobot leader. He risked his own life to save them after all.

"Canterlot is up that mountain side. You can see the castle from here." She pointed.

" *whistles* Nice place." Smokescreen said as he looks at the capital.

"Well, what are waiting for? ROAD TRIP!!!!!" Pinkie Pie chimed in.

"She's a lot of fun Bee, I kinda like her." Smokescreen said to the scout.

"We usually take the train, but since you guys are already vehicles, there's no point." Rainbow Dash said, as she rides Arcee's motorcycle mode.

The group had already made their way up the mountain side towards the capital, with the ponies riding in the Autobots. Pinkie Pie in Smokescreen, Applejack in Bulkhead, Rarity in Wheeljack, Fluttershy in Bumblebee, Rainbow Dash on Arcee, and Twilight and Shining Armor in Optimus.

"Thought you wanted fly kid." Arcee addressed the pegasus.

"Normally yeah, but Canterlot is a bit of a trek, so I'll let you do the speeding. Say, you're pretty fast. We need to race sometime." Rainbow Dash replied.

"I normally enjoy a good drive when I'm not being shot at by Cons." Arcee told her new companion.

"Hooo doggie!" Applejack said as she sat in Bulkhead's passenger seat, "You look like yer as tough as an Ox."

"It comes with the job." Bulkhead replied. "I'm kinda the team's big bruiser."

"Somepony with yer size and strength can really be a big help on the farm. Whatdaya say?"

"Maybe." Bulkhead answered. "I know a few things about working labor. It's my former job before I became a soldier."

"Ugh, Really now Wheeljack," Rarity complained, "Must you be so bumpy? A lady should never be treated in such a rough manner ."

"Stop being a backseat driver, and let me do my thing." Wheeljack responded. "Besides, where's the fun if everything's so smooth all the time...."

Rarity merely rolled her eyes again at his comment.

"Why am I stuck with the ruffian?" she thought to herself.

It wasn't long before the group reached Canterlot, as they drove through the streets. Many of the ponies were dumbstruck at these, self propelled vehicles. Everywhere they drove, many of them stared, others were curious, some were frightened, others thought it was some traveling show.

Bumblebee beeped and blipped to Optimus.

"Indeed Bumblebee, it appears that motorized vehicles are scarce on this world, to the point of non-existant." Optimus replied.

"So no matter what form we are, we stick out like sore thumbs. Great." Arcee muttered.

"Regardless, everyone maintain vehicular form until further notice. It is best we do not alarm the population." Optimus ordered.

Soon they reached the castle's main gate. The guard standing in front were alarmed at the appearance of several unidentified vehicles that had stopped in front of them. As Optimus' doors open, both Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle hopped out.

"Long time no see fellas." Shining Armor greeted his old comrades.

"Captain Armor, SIR!" The guard saluted. "It's good to have you back. Your wife is waiting for you inside."

"At ease boys. My sister and her friends are here to see Princess Celestia, oh and these vehicles are to come into the castle courtyard with us."

"Sir?" The guard asked.

"Long story, but it's urgent." Shining Armor answered.

"Yes sir, I'll inform Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadence of your arrival as well as the bearers of the elements and Princess Twilight." The guard said as he opened the gate and allowed passage through.

"Thanks guys." Shining Armor replied.

"Now that's settled, let's get going." Twilight said to her brother.

The pair then head back to Optimus and climb in his doors.

"This way, Captain Armor, and Princess Sparkle." The guard pointed as the vehicles enter the castle gates.

Now that they were inside, and no other guards were around, Twilight gave the signal as all the ponies exit their Autobot companion. The Autobots then transform into robot mode.

"It's right this way Optimus." Twilight pointed as they approach the main throne room gate.

"Princess Celestia and Luna must be inside. I wonder if Cadence is there to." She wondered.

"Let us go in first, Commander Prime." Shining Armor said, "then when everything is settled, we'll call for you."

"Understood." Optimus responded.

Twilight Sparkle gave a deep breath, and opened the main doors.

As Shining Armor and the Mane 6 enter the room, Princess Celestia can bee seen sitting on her throne, while Luna was looking out the window and Cadence speaking with a number of guards.

"Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and all of your dear friends." Princess Celestia greeted, "Such a pleasant surprise to see you all here."

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight happily called to her teacher, as Celestia descends from her throne, and with her wings, gives her young student a hug.

"Greeting Twilight," Luna also responded, "It is always a pleasure to see you, and your wonderful friends again."

"Thank you Princess Luna. I'm happy to see you too." She smiled at the night princess.

The rest of the Mane 6 bow, as Cadence greets her husband.

"Well, took you long enough to get back here." She teased.

"Well you know me, couldn't stay out of trouble." He teased back.

"You know you spoiled the surprise right?" Cadence said to her husband.

"Couldn't be helped right now. We have something important to discuss actually." Shining Armor, now back in serious mode.

"Is something wrong?" Cadence now asked with concern.

"I'll let Twily do the talking."

"Princess Cadence!" Twilight happily galloped to her sister in law and former foal sitter.


"I'm so happy we can see again so soon Twilight, but Shining Armor said something came up. Is there something wrong?" The young princess asked.

"Well, kind of yes, and kind of no." Twilight responded, confusing the three alicorn princesses.

"Is there something troubling you?" Celestia asked in concern. "It's alright, you can come to me about anything."

"Well, I'm sure that everypony already knows about the supposed meteor crash that happened close to the Everfree Forest this morning right? I mean it's all over the Foal Free Press as I noticed while traveling here."

"Yes, of course." Princess Celestia responded.

"Well, what fell out of the sky, wasn't exactly, meteors...."

Confused, and now concerned, Princess Celestia became greatly curious.

"It wasn't a meteor? Well, if that isn't the case, what exactly fell?" The princess asked.

"Ho boy..." Twilight Sparkle nervously said.

"You can do it Twi." Applejack reassured her. "Princess Celestia will understand."

"Well here goes, I think it's better to show you." Twilight answered. "Rainbow Dash, let them in."

"Got it Twilight!" Rainbow Dash said as she zipped towards the main doors.

"What's going on?" Cadence asked in confusion.

Not before long, Rainbow Dash reappeared from behind the doors as she opened them, and then loud footsteps could be heard.

Very soon afterwards, a giant metal bulky, and green bipedal figure began to walk into the room. Behind it, another smaller yellow and black robot also made it's way in. Behind that one, a smaller, blue and more feminine one also walked in. Not long after, a white and blue figure with the number 38 on it's wing like protrusions also came in, followed by another white robot, that was rather gruff in appearance. Finally, the largest, a red and blue colored giant also appeared as he walked calmly towards the princesses. He then lowers his head and looks at them.

This one had a very dignified, strong, but yet, gentle aura.
Cadence gave a slightly nervous and awkward grin, and waved at these newcomers, while Luna was completely blown away. Celestia however, simply smiled, and seemed to be taking this very well.

"Um Princess, please don't be alarmed. They're friendly. You see, we made contact with aliens." Twilight explained.

"Yes, I can see...." Celestia responded, completely intrigued and amazed.

The large red one then kneeled down in front of the Sun Princess.

"Greetings, My name is Optimus Prime, we are Autonomous Robotic Lifeforms from the planet Cybertron. It is an honor to meet the head of royalty of this world. These are the rest of my companions... Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Smokescreen, and Wheeljack."

"Please," Celestia responded, "The honor's all mine. I am Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria. This is my sister, Luna, and the lovely young one is Princess Cadence, ruler of the Crystal Empire. It isn't everyday that I get to meet a being from another world. Come, do make yourselves comfortable."

"Don't mind if I do." Wheeljack said, as Arcee elbows him in his midsection.

"You're in the presence of royalty, Jackie Boy. Show a little restraint." She hissed at him.

"I thank you for the hospitality, your majesty." Optimus replied.

"So how is it you came to our world of Equestria?" Princess Celestia asked.

"That's something maybe I can explain." Twilight added. "You see, there was a magical mishap."

"Magical mishap?" Celestia said, with a raised brow.

Twilight immediately sank her head low with a nervous grin on her face.

"Twilight, did you perform an advanced spell you couldn't control?"


"Princess Celestia, please, it wasn't Twilight's fault. It was mine!" A familiar squeaky voice shouted across the room.

Rarity immediately recognized it.

"SWEETIE BELLE?! What are you doing here?" Rarity shouted to her sister, who is joined by Spike standing behind her.

"SPIKE!" Twilight called out.

"Is that, a talking lizard?" Wheeljack asked.

"I've seen weirder." Arcee added.

"Looks like a tiny Predacon." Bulkhead explained. "but organic."

"Well, we are in a world of sentient Equines." Smokescreen chimed in. "Guess we should get used to talking animals."

"Well, we kinda took Twilight's balloon and followed those weird looking vehicles that we saw heading towards Canterlot." Sweetie Belle explained, to Twilight's horror.

"You did what?!" Twilight said in shock. "That was extremely dangerous! Hot air balloons are not a filly's toy."

"It's ok Twilight," Spike said, "I know how to work one. I've seen you do it like a million times already. It's not like you need it anymore, with you having wings now, and all."

"I still have to take flying lessons to use them properly, Spike." Twilight said to the young dragon. "I thought I told you two to wait for me back at the library."

"Please don't be mad, we were just worried about you when you never came back." The young dragon responded.

"So these guys are aliens. That's so cool!" Sweetie Belle beamed as she ran up to the Bots.

"Vehicles?" Luna asked.

"Well, we Cybertronians have vehicle modes." Arcee explained. "We use it not only for locomotion, but sometimes, disguise as well."

Arcee, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee then demonstrated by transforming into their V-modes.

The Princesses looked on in wonder. Sweetie Belle and Spike where mesmerized by it.

The bots then transform back, as Princess Celestia begins to chuckle lightly.

"Certainly convenient, when one is their own form of transportation." Luna joked.

"Yeah, you probably don't have to worry about paying for train tickets for the rest of your life." Rainbow Dash added as she giggled. Pinkie Pie and Cadence couldn't help but laugh at the comment as well.

"So what happened? How did these beings come to Equestria?" Cadence finally asked.

"Well, I kinda did something with magic that I couldn't control. It opened up some kinda portal that brought these guys here from a different world." Sweetie Belle explained, with her head hung low while staring at the ground.

"Young Sweetie Belle, what you did was a very dangerous and irresponsible thing. You could have seriously hurt yourself, or brought something far nastier to our world." Celestia said in a stern voice to the filly.

"I'm sorry, i promise I won't do it again." Sweetie said.

"Please, don't blame her, She's still young. If anypony is to blame, it was me. Ever since I found that strange blue crystal."

"Blue Crystal?" Smokescreen questioned.

"Yes, this crystal apparently enhances, and intensifies our unicorn magic." Rarity explained.

"Intensifies magic?" Shining Armor asked, "That sounds dangerous."

"Indeed Shining Armor." Celestia added, "Where did you find it Rarity?"

"On a mountain range right outside of Ponyville."

"This is most disturbing. If a crystal can intensify magic without the user's control, it can seriously hurt some pony. And if an entire mountain is full of these gems, it can be diasasterous. We must quarantine the area for everypony's safety." Celestia explained.

"So what does this gem look like?" Cadence asked.

"I got it right here." Spike said as he pulls out the fragment.

All of the Autobots gasp as they see the crystal.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Bulkhead said in surprise, "On this world?"

"You guys know what this is?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"Twilight, the crystal your young friend Spike has in his possession, is no ordinary gem, it is called Energon. It is our fuel, and lifeblood. It is what sustains us. Without it, we Cybertronians cannot survive."

"That's Energon? I heard Bumblebee mention it to me earlier." Fluttershy said, as Bee blipped and bleeped at her.

"So you eat those things? They don't look very yummy." Pinkie Pie said while sticking her tongue out.

"That's a raw Energon crystal, and highly unstable in this form. Keep it away from heat or any electricity, or else, BOOM!" Wheeljack said.

"You mean it'll explode?" Spike shrieked as he drops it on the ground as the rest of the ponies back away as they hear what it will do.

"Do not worry, you are not in any imminent danger." Optimus said as he picks up the Energon. "Once processed into stable Energon Cubes, or in liquid form, it will become useable as the fuel we need to survive."

"Good thing I got an Energon processing kit back at the Jackhammer, or we'd be in some serious trouble." Wheeljack said.

"Indeed." Optimus replied.

"So, that entire mountain could explode, like a volcano?" Rarity asked in concern.

"I wouldn't worry about it. If it's coated in rock, your town should be fine." Bulkhead reassured her.

"Well, since you are here on our world, I must ask, what do you seek?" Princess Luna asked.

"Only aid, in our return back to our world." Optimus answered.

"This Cybertron place?" The night princess asked again.

"Unfortunately, we cannot return to Cybertron. Our home planet was rendered uninhabitable due to eons of Civil War."

"War? How terrible." Cadence said.

"Why where you fighting a war?" Twilight asked.

"It was to stop a power hungry individual and his followers from plunging our world into darkness. One who I once trusted, and considered a brother.... Megatron. Megatron, and his followers, calling themselves, Decepticons, wished to conquer Cybertron and rule with oppression, and tyranny. To oppose this threat, The Autobots were formed. I am the leader of the Autobots. My team and I have fought Megatron and the Deceptcons for may millenia. The fighting was fierce, until one day, the very core of our world was infected by the darkness. Soon, our world stopped it's production of life giving Energon, and died. We were forced to take an Exodus through space.
We eventually came across a new planet called Earth. The planet was seeded with Energon from the early days of the war. Both sides began shipping Energon off of Cybertron. That is perhaps how your world has Energon deposits as well. We mainly live on this new world as robots in disguse, as we do not wish to cause a panic to the indigenous lifeforms that are not familiar with extraterrestials. Unfortunately, The Decepticons had also found Earth, and are now focusing on it's conquest. Megatron will stop at nothing to take the world by force. He is merciless, and evil. I pray that you will never have to face the Lord of the Decepticons."

"That's terrible." Twilight said, with tears in her eyes as she listened to their plight. "To lose your home like that. I could never imagine losing Ponyville, let alone all of Equestria."

"Let us hope you will never have to experience such a thing." Optimus said.

"So, you're not staying with us?" Pinkie Pie sadly asked.

"I am afraid we cannot." Optimus answered the pink pony.

"But, you're all my new friends, I don't wanna see you go."

"So ancient aliens came to our world before and put this Energon stuff here? Wicked!" Spike said with a smile.

"I am sorry Pinkie Pie, but we must return to Earth. I fear for the planet's safety. Our absence will only assure Megatron's victory. The inhabitants of Earth do not deserve to be subjugated by the Decepticons."

"I understand Optimus Prime," Princess Celestia responded. "We will aid you however we can."

"I thank you, your highness."

Hearing Optimus' selflessness once again made Twilight Sparkle admire the Autobot leader.

"There's one more thing I need to report Princess Celestia." Shining Armor said. "Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings have returned. Twily and I were attacked in the Everfree Forest."

Princess Celestia gasps at the news.

"Oh no, are you two alright? You're not hurt are you?" The sun princess asked.

Hearing this, Cadence immediately embraces both her husband and Twilight.

"We're fine. It was Optimus who saved us." Twilight explained.

All eyes were now on the Autobot leader.

"Optimus Prime, you have done us a great service. I cannot thank you enough for saving them. I consider both Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle like family to me. Words alone cannot express my gratitude fully." Princess Celestia thanked.

"I was merely doing my duty. We Autobots protect and defend the innocent."

"Then please, let me make an announcement to our kingdom. I wish to give you the welcome you deserve during your stay."
Princess Celestia said with a smile on her face.

"Whoa, you mean all out in public?" Bulkhead asked.

"Isn't Autobot rule number one on alien worlds is to keep a low profile?" Smokescreen added.

"Are you sure this is a good idea? We don't want to start a panic among your people." Arcee explained.

"Oh nonsense, you are our most honored guests. I can't have true heroes living in the shadows." Celestia replied.


The Bots and other ponies just stared at her.

"My apologies." Luna said while blushing.

"That was awesome! I Can't WAIT to tell Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. ALIENS!" Sweetie Belle happily squeaked.

"As for the Changelings, I will send patrols out to keep our citizens safe." Celestia said to the others.

Far on the other side of the Badlands, A dark castle sits on a mountain. This was none other than the home of Queen Chrysalis, as this area was changeling kingdom.

"Curse that Twilight Sparkle, and that metal freak for ruining my plans to take Canterlot. I will rule Equestia one way or another." She fumed.

Suddently, a loud thunderous sound could be heard, followed by the entire castle shaking violently.

"What's going on?" Chrysalis yelled, as her changeling guard reported to her.

"My Queen, it appears that some large object fell from the heavens, and has crashed by the cliff side near the castle." The guard said.

"Hmm, let us investigate then."

As Queen Chrysalis, and a number of her minions head towards the area, they see something lying at the top of the cliff. Something alien, and something BIG.

"Well now," Queen Chrysalis smirked, "I believe we have some new neighbors."

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