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My names Alex, Alex Shade. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, I was killed in what most believe to be a hit and run accident and offered a chance to live once again, at the cost of my current life.

Now I live a new, if not annoying life as a for most of the time unseen protector of the ponies of Equestria as a being almost nobody can see, with even less having knowledge of my deeds.

I alone face a strange, unseen race of creatures called Ganma using the souls of heroes which are contained in a strange object called Eyecons which they too wish to attain at any cost... be that the lives of those around them.

I am the unseen hero, I am Kamen Rider Shade.

Kamen Rider Ghost / MLP Crossover
Displaced story

The cover art was designed by RamenDriver on Deviant Art, give his artwork a look because he is an amazing artist.

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to The Rhyming Beauty

Twilight has invited all of the people with human lovers to her castle to celebrate the New Years Eve with her and her friends in order to make up for not being able to come over for Hearth's Warming. Though, when the party gets going, she's gonna be really surprised in seeing how many humans are in Equestria.

Chapters (1)

Commander Shepard, saviour of the universe multiple times, arch enemy to the Reapers and the greatest hero ever... or was she? How many Shepards failed and how many succeeded? Who went paragon and who went renegade? Who did right by the universe and who did wrong? Who betrayed his friends and who saved her friends, and who is the real Shepard? Was she male or was he female? Did Shepard love someone or not? And will Shepard ever find out, stuck on a primitive alien planet far away from home with hundreds of other Shepards yelling at her in her head? And to top it off she has become one of the aliens AND she has got a Reaper AI in her Omni-tool.

Can Twilight and her friends fix this broken woman, and find the true Shepard? Or are something's to broken to be fixed? And more importantly do they want to?

Set sometime between Equestria Girls and Season 4(You decide!)

(Warning: Contains swearing, deaths of lots of things beside ponies mostly monsters, also guns, violence, lost identity, blood, friendship, happy ending [hopefully], distrust. Contact a doctor before use.)

(Second Warning: Comments nearly always contain some spoilers, so read at your own risk)

Written by Dragon's Heart and co-written by my nuisance of a brother XYZDreadnought (Who also a grammar Nazi. Heil Oxford Dictionary). Also edited by my two pain in the ass Parents.

CoverArt by XYZDreadnought

Chapters (18)

"Do you know what family is? Family, is whatever you decide it is."
Twenty years after the Reaper war Shepard returns to a place she once called home to find someone that will change her and Garrus' life forever.
Four months after the Anon-A-Miss incident Sunset as finally started to trust her friends again, but she still feels like something is missing.
Watch as a few simple choices turn both Sunset's and Shepard's live upside down as they try to get used to their new lives. Lives full of magic and friendship, of family and hope.

Chapters (9)

The mind is an odd thing, sometimes capable of changing a person's entire worldview with the shift of only a few key details. However, sometimes these shifts are far more widespread than they should be.

Celestia has noticed such a thing, and she is slightly worried. Thankfully, she has no shortage of old friends, and one of them offers a possible solution to her problems.

She's just left wondering one thing:

Who exactly are these "Phantom Thieves"?

Contains spoilers for Persona 5

Chapters (11)

Idea by Haseo55.

After trying to stop a man forcing himself on a woman, the police arrived at the worst possible time and arrested you instead of the real crook. Now you have a criminal record and got expelled from your school because of it, your parents shipped you off to Canterlot to live with a family friend and attend the only school that will accept you: Crystal Prep Academy. Once you arrived, you learned the only reason their principal, Abacus Cinch, accepted you was to reform you and reintegrate you as a member of society, something that Canterlot High didn't do.

But as your first day began, strange things started occurring; psychotic breakdowns, mental shutdowns, and a disturbing new world that has a link to it all. Soon you and your new friends at CPA will discover that you all have the power to stop this madness and solve the mystery of who's behind it all.

The power of Persona.

Author's Notes:
Tags will be updated as the story continues.

The original idea is from Haseo55 after reading a forum post on Persona: The Group.

EDIT: New cover art provided by TheLannistersBanjoBard.

Chapters (4)

In Brightest Night in Darkest Day, we use the fear you kept at bay. To fight the wrong and make evil pay, Sinestro's path, it is our way!

After buying a Sinestro Corps power ring from a mysterious vendor at ComicCon, Simon Jones finds himself in Equestria as a Sinestro Lantern version of Hal Jordan. Using the yellow light of fear, Hal becomes Equestria's resident anti-hero, facing down threats from the Green Lantern mythos as well as threats faced alongside the Mane 6/Elements of Harmony, and even some threats that don't fall into either category, all while seeking out ponies, griffons, and dragons to recruit into his Corps.

Story 1 of Phase 1 of The Lantern-Verse. Contains Trixie X Hal Jordan. Other pairings to be determined.

Co-written with Hopelight

Chapters (3)

(Takes place mid-season 7. Ignores MediEvil 2)
(Gore tag for what naturally comes with fighting undead)

Equestria is in peril. Grogar, the Lord of Tambelon has returned, his armies of demons and undead having proven too much for Equestria, and his tactics able to cripple them before they could mount a proper defense. Celestia and Luna have been captured, and even Discord has been brought down. Pockets of defense stand, but all hope seems lost against the Goat Lord and his overwhelming Necromantic powers.

But those powers may also be his undoing, as they've inadvertently resurrected an ancient warrior who's more than familiar with battling the undead... and being one. Now if only he could mumble something out that everypony could understand...

Thanks to edCOM02 for the great cover art!

Chapters (6)

Seath the Scaleless, White Dragon God of Verdite, Traitor to the Everlasting Dragons, Duke of Anor Londo, Grandfather of Sorcery, and now the new friend and mentor to Twilight Sparkle? What will happen when two like-minded souls from opposite ends of the morality spectrum match wits? And what will remain in their wake?

A somewhat more meta twist on a MLP/Dark Souls cross-over, inspired predominantly by a few pictures I found of Seath and Twilight together, and my bewildered discovery that for all of the stories on this site that cover these two franchises, there's only one that focuses on Seath the Scaleless and so far it hasn't seen any updates in over a year ( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/68621/scales for those curious).

For those who haven't played either the King's Field or Dark Souls games worry not. I'll do my best to either explain the lore of both in the story itself, or add an author's notes for anything that gets referenced.

UPDATE: New custom cover art at last! Courtesy of Cryophase ( http://cryophase.deviantart.com/ )

Editing is courtesy of lunarstallion

Chapters (62)

Beasts roam the streets of Yharnam. The hunters dream gives refuge to chosen hunters. An old hunter watches over the dream. Now, it is Equestria that needs to be watched over.

Gehrman was many things. Some deemed him a hero, others a teacher and friend. Good thing Equestria is full of friendship.

Some knowledge of Bloodborne is advised.

Takes place after season two.

Edited by the awesome editor: XIII Hearts.

I own nothing.

Chapters (31)