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I find that the plot is always the most important to me, everything else is just a wonderful bonus.



Commander Shepard, saviour of the universe multiple times, arch enemy to the Reapers and the greatest hero ever... or was she? How many Shepards failed and how many succeeded? Who went paragon and who went renegade? Who did right by the universe and who did wrong? Who betrayed his friends and who saved her friends, and who is the real Shepard? Was she male or was he female? Did Shepard love someone or not? And will Shepard ever find out, stuck on a primitive alien planet far away from home with hundreds of other Shepards yelling at her in her head? And to top it off she has become one of the aliens AND she has got a Reaper AI in her Omni-tool.

Can Twilight and her friends fix this broken woman, and find the true Shepard? Or are something's to broken to be fixed? And more importantly do they want to?

Set sometime between Equestria Girls and Season 4(You decide!)

(Warning: Contains swearing, deaths of lots of things beside ponies mostly monsters, also guns, violence, lost identity, blood, friendship, happy ending [hopefully], distrust. Contact a doctor before use.)

(Second Warning: Comments nearly always contain some spoilers, so read at your own risk)

Written by Dragon's Heart and co-written by my nuisance of a brother XYZDreadnought (Who also a grammar Nazi. Heil Oxford Dictionary). Also edited by my two pain in the ass Parents.

CoverArt by XYZDreadnought

Chapters (18)
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Mr.popo the sayins are here
Making toast
Butterin toast

4744347 also like it so far but are we going to see a filly shepard

4744351 Do you mean Shepard as a child pony.:rainbowderp:
No, sorry. Shepard is fully grown.

4744371 ok jest checking wait who is the filly laughing?

4744379 A child of the being that sent Shepard to Equestria.
She was the Phoenix and her job was to make sure Shepard got there.

So she has the claymore shotgun with her and one of the full armor with her (can't remember the name for it) and a box with a box with a pony skull on it? Hope u explain that box in the next chapter.

4746934 She has Blood Dragon Armor(My fav Armor), the Black Widow(My fav Sniper), the N7 Typhoon, the M-300 Claymore(as you guessed), the Geth Plasma SMG, and the box like thing is the Executioner Pistol.

A black sniper?!?! Hope its shepy also good chapter though how would shepy survive all thoughs in counters does she have medi-gel?

4779727 Maybe because they are just dumb animals and she has guns:pinkiehappy:

4779764 but still the blood loss like your talking about after few minuts delusion after ten loss of balence and cordination then passes out then death

4779831 I know that. I did research. But then I remember the end of mass effect 3. Shepard was covered in blood. Also she has excess blood from the transformation. Remember a pony is smaller than a human.

4779852 oh yea true wait if she's a pony...who is she using guns. Did I miss that part? playing mass effect Iron man play through as I'm talking about this

4779857 Didn't you read the Prologue:ajbemused:

Everything is being changed right down to her own DNA. All over her skin, cerulean blue fur starts to grow. Her face become more elongated, her eyes starts to grow bigger, her black hair becomes longer and thicker and at her rear a short black tail appears. Her bones start to move about and change shape. New bone joints appear, her hand and feet retract into a hoofs, a horn sprouts in the middle of her forehead and finally the symbol N7 appears on both sides of her rear.

Ring a bell:pinkiesmile:

4779894 OK just wait until Chapter 3. It will make more sense then. :twilightsheepish:

4779909 ok it was more jest trying to understand for myself then anything

an explanation on her weight would be nice, otherwise... this was darn fine a chapter, can't wait for more!

4825523 to weigh so much Applejack's surprised and having a bit of trouble carrying her, and Rainbow's shock at such, it has to be more. cybernetics may weigh more than what they replace, but not to be THAT heavy. thus why i asked. Though that did come to mind.

4826129 Whilst you have a point, you're using a logic of real universal law. THis is a fanfic in a fantasy and sci-fi universe crossover. Besides, if all that mass had to go somewhere, why isn't she bigger? like, taller and fatter? Applejack said she looked the same size as Rarity. Density of organs wouldn't be applicable, though bones i might have a better time believing.

Technically she's not that heavy.
But due to cybernetics and augmentations she heavier than she looks.
The reason why Applejack and Rainbow Dash have trouble lifting her, was because they were not expecting to be that heavy.
Due to putting less effort into lifting her, because of they initial expectations, they perceived her than being heavier than she was.
I hope this helps:pinkiehappy:

4826770 Ah, understood. Though RD exaggerated the ton, so thus my concern. thanks for explaining

Don't tell me you never exaggerated using the word 'ton' before:ajsmug:

4826792 when i was but a young thing, i did alot. :twilightsmile: but still. for both the strong girls, it struck me as odd. twas all. :derpytongue2:

They just can't imagine a Unicorn of that body build being that heavy.
Also I'm nearly 20 and I still exaggerated the word 'ton' :pinkiehappy:
I have to do a lot of heavy lifting sometimes because of my father's work.
He a handy man you see.

If its ok to put my two cents. It is possible with cerburas upgrading her secretly to have two times the muscle and not show it (its mass effect its not impossible) so I think she has a eight pack with half 'hidden'. Also for my theory mass effect two DLC of the shadow broker: he can knock out grunt with jest a minor thought so he is poweful more so than grunt. Witch would mean that when shepard over powered him it showed she is stronger than a pure krogan. That right there is some serious muscle.

This chapter is a 7/10 good job

Good work I don't get the hole 'multiple thouths in her thing but it could be really good if you keep it like it is fanzine and full of action. Also like the thing that her speech changes at times of high emotion like she is nice gets broken up or losses a friend she goes to mean bitch

I had to break it up.
Because part 2 isn't finished yet and I'm impatient. :pinkiecrazy:
Me and my co-writer have to rewrite the letter part of it. :twilightsheepish:
multiple thouths? Did you mean multiple thoughts? And if so what do you mean by multiple thoughts.:twilightoops:

4929837 yes sorry nooks are bad for righting anything since my pc is broken. And by that I mean the whole she wants to both kill and spair them and you said half so it like fifty fifty with her thoughts so she is having the problem.

Oh don't worry it gets explained in a later chapter:twilightsmile:
But just think renegade and paragon.

Cool I like though you put a lot of question marks where periods go. And love the new pic.


“Your right?” he says in surprise, “She is heavy?”

and you explai those as questions why? just saying, you do tend to write off questions when they should be statements. otherwise, both new chapters are nice.

I see the problem now.
I tend to use question mark to show tone of voice.
It's a bad habit, I'm trying to stop:twilightblush:

4933197 no problem. i have my own issues.. i still have trouble with Your and You're. as well as Their and they're.

4933197 its fine it jest confused me a little but I did get the tone of mass confusion

I love this concept I can just see them needing to call her shepherd constantly also mental magic is lookin pretty good right about now

ooh idea:raritystarry: shes heavy from her biotic implants

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