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Vinyl's all but dropped out, but somehow she manages to hang on to a passing grade. Most of her motivation has to do with a certain Octavia, her best friend (inexplicably) and the fact that it's the best place to hang out with her. Vinyl loves seeing her at school and chilling while they do homeowork, but sometimes she just wants to hang out on her own terms, you know? Do something that's not, well, kinda lame. Or something. PBR isn't lame, right? Well, it is, but Vinyl is destitute and the convenience store down the street sells them at a bit for a pint... All's good that starts good. She's pretty sure that's how that goes.

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Ponies get older over time. They slow down. This is a part of life. But Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie can keep pursuing their dreams as they get older. Rainbow Dash can't. This is her last chance to be a Wonderbolt, and despite working her tail off, she's not getting any better. In fact, she's getting slower. She just wants things to be fair. She wants one last chance to achieve her dream.

She wants to be faster.

This is what happens when she gets her wish.

A three part story.

Featured 10/7-10/9/13. Posted to Equestria Daily on 5/2/14.

Now with a sequel.

This story is part of Twilight's Library because of Skeeter the Lurker.

Twilight's Library Ribbon


It also won Skeeter the Lurker's medal.

Skeeter the Lurker's medal

Entry for the Writer's Group Contest & the Rainbow Dash Contest.

Winner, 2nd place, Rainbow Dash Contest.

Voted in by Twenty Great Stories on 11/3/13.

Voted in by The Royal Guard, March 2014

Edited by: SpaceCommie, Cola Bubble Gum

Artwork by: 2135D

An earlier draft of this cover art was featured on EQD.

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Ponies like balloons for different reasons. Perhaps they keep them afloat while playing in the pool, or liven up a party. Perhaps they have other uses, discussed behind closed doors. For some ponies, a balloon becomes a prison.

This is a collection of short stories, to accompany my growing list of "Balloonified OC's."

Modified the outstanding work of these artists:
-Spectra, Sunny, and Scrub were drawn by AceSential
-Sollace was drawn by Comeha

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Have you ever woken up as a vegetarian cartoon pony? I have, and she won’t shut up about it. I’m stuck in her body as our minds swap control and our memories blur. I can’t seem to do anything right, and it’s even worse when she’s in charge.

Now, we’re in a back and forth war for control of her body. I just want to eat meat again, and have a little personal space. She’s convinced I’m hitting on her friends and trying to score. I’m not sure I can survive the rest of the day, let alone until we fix this.

Edits by: Selbi, Abcron, Breath of Plagues, Refro, Jaestring, The Parasprite, Starbound Gurren
Pre-read by: SkeeterTL, Solidfire, Penjacker, TypewriterError, Pearple Prose
(It took all of them to corral my insanity.)
Cover art by Tsitra360
V1.1-Rated teen sex for strong innuendo.
V1.2-Pinkie Pie now enforcing RIAA guidelines.

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It's almost Halloween, and the internet is lit up with people claiming to be turning into ponies. I'm not terribly concerned, though I'd like to smack the jerk who somehow infected every computer in the world with a virus that changed the calendars to gibberish.
It's not like it really matters to me. The economy still sucks. I still have to go to work all the same. I still have a fiance on the other side of the world and not enough funds for a place of our own. It's probably just a big viral publicity stunt anyway.

Scratch that, I'm apparently Spike now.

At least I still have thumbs.

And a penis. That's important too.

This story takes place in the PonyEarthVerse setting.

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My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

It was not destiny or enjoyment that led me to discover the cello and composing. My parents made that decision, deciding before I was born I would continue their family legacy of famous musicians.

They did not realize what that decision would cost them.

Special Thanks and Links:

Cover Art: Dreampaw. The inspiration for the story.
Dramatic reading of Act I-III by Malao567. June 2013
Reading with music by ObabScribbler. June 2014
Song: Hooks and Strings by Reverb Brony. May 2014

Style inspired by H.P. Lovecraft
TypeWriterError: Editor & Rating Board
Gage of Grandiloquence: Editor
The11thWonder: Pre-reader
Nharctic: Pre-reader
Breath of Plagues: My Pinch Editor.
ArgonMatrix: Bad Grammar Exterminator
Daemon of Decay: Advice, also inspired me to write fan fiction. Blame him!

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The newly coronated Princess Twilight suffers an abrupt tragedy. Having lost two loved ones, she begins to question her own mortality, and that of her friends.

AJ, Dash, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy. . . they are just the beginning. Twilight will live for thousands of years, so every pony she cares about—every pony she will ever care about, will die.

She could barely handle the pain of one funeral, let alone the thought of hundreds of them. Twilight finds a clever way to ensure all of her friends never die. They can’t all be ageless alicorns, but they can all move into Twilight’s Dollhouse. Then they can be best friends forever.

Sequel: Twilight's Dollhouse 2
Fanmade Song: Twilight's Dollhouse

Source: Dreampaw
Editor: Gage of Grandiloquence, Breath of Plagues
Pre-read & Idea pony: TypeWriterError,
v1.1 Revised chapters 1-10 on May 1st 2013
--Pending a few more revisions, including ch. 14
Now on TV Tropes.

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Scootaloo overhears Twilight talking about a time travel machine. She breaks into the library and travels back in time to meet her hero, Rainbow Dash, as a filly. It would have been the perfect plan if Dash had been anything like she expected.

Story prompt/Requested by: TheDarkPrep
Edited by: Selbi, Abcron
Part of my one-shot week.

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When Fluttershy went to bed last night, the last thing she expected was to wake up and find that her faithful, if not obnoxious pet rabbit would be replaced by a grown stallion in a bunny suit that everyone else still saw as a rabbit. Now Angel, with his inelegant words of wisdom, brutal honesty, and confrontational nature, is free to speak his mind and help his master overcome her phobias and life's general hardships, all while trying to learn more about his own unusual nature. Inspired by the television series Wilfred.

Rated Teen for language.

This page used as a reference tool for episode-accurate dialogue.

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Spike has admired Rarity for a long time, to the point where he would follow her to a fault. But when he thinks Rarity doesn't want his company as much as he does, he wishes that his feelings were mutual.

And wouldn't you know it, he gets his wish. All the attention, all the love and kisses a young drake could hope for. It's a dream come true...

...Until all that attention becomes invasive.

Chapters (1)