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It's almost Halloween, and the internet is lit up with people claiming to be turning into ponies. I'm not terribly concerned, though I'd like to smack the jerk who somehow infected every computer in the world with a virus that changed the calendars to gibberish.
It's not like it really matters to me. The economy still sucks. I still have to go to work all the same. I still have a fiance on the other side of the world and not enough funds for a place of our own. It's probably just a big viral publicity stunt anyway.

Scratch that, I'm apparently Spike now.

At least I still have thumbs.

And a penis. That's important too.

This story takes place in the PonyEarthVerse setting.

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Wow, I love the story already. Keep on being awesome!

Oh and hop on IRC when you get the chance. Hopefully either Hope or Masterweaver will be on. If they aren't, ask for either Tome or I.

I would like to see where This is going. And what your fiance will say. OR what drugs you used at the time of writing. Just tell me that last ond, I'd become more creative.

I'm *holds two fingers up to his lips and breathes in, then flips them out into a peace sign as he exhales* high on Life, beeeyotchesssss

Wow his sense suck if it took this long to realize something was wrong.

2909570 Indeed, I mean you would think waking up and noticing you have purple claws is a sign of trouble. Unless you're that dense. :twilightoops:

Wow certainly sucks to be Spike right now. And of course that's just from using the bathroom, imagine how he's going to drive or what his co-workers will think. :rainbowlaugh:

Finally got around to reading it. Not bad.
Little awkward, but, not bad

Oh, and:

...so i couldn't be certain...

Dont forget to capitalize that I, there :trollestia:

Why do people expect someone to jump to wild conclusions that require magic and bending the laws of reality to explain when there are plenty of more realistic explanations for any small oddities.
He's still got fingers and toes, and basic joints are all roughly in the same configuration as a human. This happened while he was completely asleep, so not really trying to think too hard just yet, and laying down and unlikely to notice any height differences. Unless he was already aware of the transformation, what part is going to feel particularly different about this compared to being in his own body?
Unless you're assuming that being in a different body will wire up to the brain in an entirely different way, but at that point, everything from vision to breathing could be affected to the point of being completely impossible to function. Lets look at how the story would turn out if we went that route:

I woke up with a belch. I tried to yawn, but instead this attampt caused my eyes to open wide, revealing my room had turned crazy trippy psychadelic colors. Normally my walls and ceiling would be blue, but now they were brown, and when I looked at my normally-wooden colored furniture, they were blue.
I was beginning to panic, I think I had forgotten to breathe during all of this. I tried throwing the covers off, but instead of my arms moving, my feet wore moving in odd spastic directions, and from the pain involved, I was suspecting in ways they weren't supposed to bend to begin with.
Okay, obviously something happened overnight and my brain has completely been screwed up. Lets not panic, nothing ever came from that, just focus on breathing for now.
Why aren't my lungs working?
nothing in my body was working right. It was as if I wasn't even in my own body but in some other body where everything operated entirely differently. I was already beginning to get tunnel vision, but instead of black at the outside edges, it was white.
Okay, now is the time to panic. I did everything I could think of, effectively hitting random buttons on a computer. I managed to fart, piss myself, break my leg, bite off the tip of my tongue and swallow the stump that was left, and turn my neck to face backwards.
I became aware of some kind of alarm trying to get my attention, but the sound was completely unfamiliar to me. That was the last thing I remembered before I died.


Ugh, thank you. Usually my spellchecker catches that kind of stupid crap.

Not relaxing was keeping my body in defense mode, tightening up the scales around the crotch to protect the member from being harmed.

I summon Spike's weiner in defense mode.

Comment posted by MrRoboto12345 deleted Jul 24th, 2013
Comment posted by MrRoboto12345 deleted Jul 24th, 2013

This guy must've been the WORST kid in school if it took him that long to realize he was a DRAGON?!

So what exactly is being a dragon supposed to feel like?

Don't wanna be a butt but I disliked it. I am sorry.:fluttershyouch: please don't be mad:fluttercry: you are a great author!

You Butt! Take it back! You take that dislike back right now! Or else! :flutterrage:

2916944 actually I think it's in attack mode...keep the females away.

The fuck did I just read? :facehoof: Hah, I'm just kidding. That was pretty funny :P

Great job so far.

Tome is writing for twilight sparkle.

I had the strong suspicion that she was going to scream.

She probably is. I mean this isn't the sort of thing that happens on a daily basis. :twilightoops:

dat ending.

all that needs to be said.

Okay, when I saw this fic on the Spike stories list, I thought this was going to be a different kind of human turning into Spike story, but I didn't expect to see another person have another go at being Spike in the PonyEarthverse when the other one was cancelled. Now that I see how this whole thing started and I'm glad that you have a girlfriend, I hope you won't be cancelled as well seeing as the latest chapter updated nearly 16 days ago.

Okay that's an interesting way to figure out how to pee I just hope you won't be in too much trouble running around in Spike's body and get back home safely to tell your girlfriend that you're a fictional dragon now.

Either she really does scream or she squeals. Okay I thought this story might be an alternate universe version, but I guess not, so your story really is going to be a part of this group. I hope your contribution will be helpful in this story as a whole.

Those are my hopes as well. Thanks for the encouragement. With everything on my plate lately it's been difficult to focus and make the progress I want.

I know what you mean and you're welcome. So much stuff has been happening lately. ^^;

Yep pretty sure it's dead

As long as you dont put cancled. I gots my hope. :trollestia:

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