Vinyl's all but dropped out, but somehow she manages to hang on to a passing grade. Most of her motivation has to do with a certain Octavia, her best friend (inexplicably) and the fact that it's the best place to hang out with her. Vinyl loves seeing her at school and chilling while they do homeowork, but sometimes she just wants to hang out on her own terms, you know? Do something that's not, well, kinda lame. Or something. PBR isn't lame, right? Well, it is, but Vinyl is destitute and the convenience store down the street sells them at a bit for a pint... All's good that starts good. She's pretty sure that's how that goes.

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I love the familiar voice here. Your writing so often is seamless when it comes to getting into character's heads for me-- meaning, as I read it, I don't hear YOUR voice, but it feels that it's coming directly from the character.

4489536 I had a lot of fun writing in her voice. It's easier to hear then some of them!


Beer doesn’t say awkward things or accidentally give you the wrong can. I mean like, it actually can’t. It doesn’t have magic or hooves or like any of that. So.

So wise, that Vinyl.

4489582 Vinyl is wisest of pone

Heh, cute. I like it.

Minor error though,

Vinyl gasps. “What on Earth--”

Vinyl speaks in third-person(equine?) There a bit.

Vinyl gasps. “What on Earth--”

That probably meant to be Octavia...also I have a feeling that that saying would be better if it was a little more ponified. I.e.

Octavia gasps. "What in Equestria-"

Also I share Octavia's sentiments, beer really does taste crap.

4490032 Beer tastes like crap untill your around 21 then you will understand its purpose.

But.... more....

Lovely! You are great at adopting a characters mannerisms, even if they're a background pony. Delightful read all around old boy!

4490333 I probably will do more octascratch eventually
4490395 And thank you, my good man!

4490262 I'm almost 22 and I still think it tastes terrible. well. Not terrible anymore

it's kind of like stockholm syndrome

Meant more to this story. Lol

4491258 Give it time 1 day you will try it and like it. It happened to me when I was around 23 I decided to have a beer and It was amazing. Just give it time lol

I don't like beer, but I think wine is amazing. If only I could afford it regularly.

4492606 Not necessarily. I spent a summer trying to like beer. I heard it's an acquired taste, and it's usually what people have if they're drinking, so I tried to acquire it. It didn't work. I'm 24 now, and I won't touch anything other than hard liquor and mixed drinks. Cider, wine, perry, mead, sake—if it's not distilled, I don't like it. (There are a few very narrow exceptions.)

What can I say, I'm not a fan of drinking my bread. :duck:

edit: Oh, and the story was awesome. Top-notch work on Vinyl. I didn't really get a feel for Octavia due to how little she has to say/do, but what's there works well enough.

Great work, Wulfy. As others have stated, your depiction of Vinyl's thoughts is just perfect. I love the way you wrote her "voice."

Best quote from a story I've seen in a long time:

I knock it back, chugging that bittersweet nectar of the gods. And by that I mean four bits for a six pack cheap as Tartarus pisswater.

You have the voices of the two down nicely. I did spot two misprunts, however.
"Don't pressure me," she say (says) with a frown.
"It's not that. Like, I always miss (you?) being around when I go off to do that stuff."
Apart from that, I like this story, so I'm giving it a upvote.

4493430 PBR is just that

4494019 I gotta try it sometime just to say I did.

Alright, so I'm just on the summary right now, but I am very intrigued. Two things:


Enough said.

PBR isn't lame, right?

This... This is when you know you're coming dangerously close to rock-bottom. (But a delicious hook all the same.)

If I may recommend, it's probably best to load up on your preferred drink until you crack open a warm, inviting can of PBR. To date, that has been the only way I've come remotely close to finishing one.

4490262 I'm 32 and still won't touch the stuff

4494129 My fraternity swears by PBR, L&M cigs, and good quality pipe tobacco

we are the black sheep

also hi yay you read my story

It was crap when I was 12, it was crap when I was 17, it was still.crap when I was 20.....and it still tastes crap. I don't know how anyone could enjoy that horribly bitter substance.

4495216 80% of beer is shit, its the small percentage that strays into the realm of good. also american beer is fucking god awful.

4494258 Black sheep indeed! Also, nice job wrenching your usual narration into a more Vinyl-esque type, I totally bought it. This was a nice, sweet story. I nearly griped at the ending (seeing as how that's usually a midpoint in a shipfic and its very cliche) but then I discovered it was, in fact, the ending, and I grinned at how you've pulled this all off.

You get a verdant thumbs up or something like that.

4495704 Aw, come on. There are plenty of microbrews in the US that are fantastic. And for bigger-name stuff, Sam Adam's isn't bad. And neither is Yuengling. But you're right, most of the mass-producing American beers are pretty horrid.

It tastes like crap until it doesn't. Which may or may not happen.


You're still in the "life is good" phase. You might grow out of it.

4495216 The trick is to get good beer. Not Bud or Coors or Miller or anything like that, but a legit craftbrew or microbrew. When the people making it care enough to put good ingredients into beer, it's a whole new experience.
'Course, if you just don't like beer, that's fine too. Not everybody has to; more for the rest of us.

And Cyne, great story. I'm always in awe with how gently and beautifully you can handle the very start of romance like this.

4500690 I'm tickled by this long running comment conversation about the merits of beer. I've recently taken a liking (perhaps too much...) to Southern Prohibition craft beers myself. Yay Local!

4500698 I've never tried any Southern Prohibition, though, and it's on my expansive list of things to drink. But as a huge, vocal beer snob, I had to say something to defend my drink of choice.

I like this, the writing is really fluent and enjoyable. It feels very calm and peaceful.
11/10, best game ever!
IGN, 2014-

4543931 E3 really was rough this year, wasn't it?

Go home IGN ur drunk

4544152 Indeed it was. And I swear to the both of you, I'm 100% sober!

But no, I did really enjoy this.

Beautiful little slice o' life! Great voice to it and just the right pacing.:twilightsmile:

Wonderful little slice of life story. I like it!

4500690 I'ma just throw a comment here about how it also helps if you get use to beer.
It's one of those things that eventually grows on you. Like coffee. Or mold.
I'm personally not a huge beer drinker, but I love a good hard cider myself, and a stout mead can be wonderful on a cold night.

Everyone has their own tastes. But I think everyone can agree, PBR is shitty horsepiss.

I really like how you write Vinyl, great job!

6155166 thank you. I like this one. It has a nice warm place in my heart :)

Aww, this was nice. Just two friends, hanging out. The subtle possibility of more to come at the end was a nice touch, as well.

6950304 I have a lot of fond memories from undergrad much like this. I enjoyed buzzed Vinyl at the end. :3 that was fun


I see what you did there...

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