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Sometimes your passions are at odds with one another. In some cases, they're so at odds with one another that you need to hide behind a different name just to be yourself. Living two lives is hard, and in the case of Photo Finish and Rainbow Dash, it's about to get harder.

Rated Teen for mild cursing, alcohol, and mild adult themes.

Thanks to my good friend Falkon for edits, MelodicMarzipan for the awesome cover art, and everyone who has pestered me to work on this story since I had the idea back during Season 2

Hey look, someone reviewed my story!

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This story is a sequel to A New Dragon in Ponyville

Didn't read the first story? Catch the summary over here.

Everfree Village, the first place in Equestria where dragons and ponies live together in peace. Fluttershy never thought she’d live in a community full of dragons, let alone get married to one. Married life carries its own set of amusing, awkward, and sometimes frustrating challenges, but Fluttershy doesn’t mind. It’s the little surprises and joys that make each day worth living.

Talon Wind has never heard of Everfree Village, or Equestria, or even ponies. She’s a wyvern, one of only six thousand still alive after the Endless War, well, ended. Refugees from their homeland, they’ve entered into an alliance with a species of dragons called drakes. The drakes are having a hard time of life as well. Some other species went and built a city on the land where they get their food. So now the continued survival of the Dragon Alliance depends on them getting that land back. What was the city called again? Oh right, the Crystal Empire.

Sex tag for discussions about the topic and some innuendo.

Featured 10/10/16!

Expect updates about three times a week, more if I can manage it.

Special thanks:
rcmgamer218, for his help with the story and permission to use his character, Yol Toor.
-Singleton-, for help with the story.
km, for help with the story.
DrWingbeats, for the cover art.
Kudamon, for help with the story.

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Un-nuevo-dragon-6-11-923168964

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After losing her powers at the Battle of the Bands, Adagio had separated herself from the Sirens and had spent the last several years adjusting to living as a regular individual in the human world. Attending the local community college for the new semester, she runs into Sunset Shimmer.

Written by: Lady Froey
Edited by: Madeline L-Equine, eLLen and gardrek
Cover art by: SILVERTRASH

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After Twilight and her friends rediscover Starswirl’s last spell in the ruins of Golden Oaks Library Rainbow Dash asks, ‘why can’t we all become alicorns?’ Now Ponyville is host to five brand new alicorns and the girls have everything they could ever want; magic, flight, power, influence and all of Equestria wide-open before them... but being a Princess is far more than just having wings and a horn.

With thanks to Luna-tic Scientist, Lord of Dorkness, docontra, and JCatt for their help pre-reading. Cover image by Pixel-Prism.

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This story is a sequel to Aftermath of the Games

Change happens, no matter what any creature wishes. Actions have consequences, no matter how badly you want to ignore them. And now, magic is starting to grow in the human world in a very big way, a way that can't be hidden in a single high school.

With the inevitable coming, inhabitants of two worlds have to scramble to get a grip on what's going on before it flows out of control. Hopefully they can figure out this new magic in time to ensure a peaceful relationship between the two worlds.

Too bad there's another party interested in magic...

Check out the TVTropes page.

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Diamond Tiara's joy at her newfound outlook and friends is shortlived. Exiled to her bedroom while her uncompromising mother decides what to do with her, she can only listen in as Spoiled Rich tells her too-meek-by-half husband Filthy EXACTLY how useless his daughter is. Then, there's a sudden knock on the door... and Tiara's adventure is about to begin.
Set after the events of 'Crusaders Of The Lost Mark'.
Now rated T for some disturbing scenes
Beware of SPOILERS in the comments.
Great new cover drawn, completely at their own behest, by the very talented robsa990. What a nice chap he is.

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Twilight Sparkle is an expert in unicorn magic, but earth pony magic remains a mystery to her. The books in her library have very little information about the earth tribe's abilities, other than their famous strength. Twilight is determined to uncover their secrets.

What she learns will change her life.

And it just might change Applejack's life as well.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Chapters (3)

Somepony is sabotaging Moondancer's research project.

Twilight Sparkle suspects Starlight Glimmer may be responsible. She enlists the Canterlot Royal Guard to protect Moondancer, and offers to help with her research.

Soon, however, the two ponies discover an unexpected side effect of Moondancer's research: one with dangerous consequences for all of Equestria—and possibly even their friendship.

Inspired by The Writeoff Association's "Out of Time" contest.

Now featured on Equestria Daily.

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Spike's got three whole days to himself while Twilight is away at the Crystal Empire. Three whole days to be independent and free to do whatever he wants.

Or he would have, if a female dragon hadn't mistaken him for an abandoned hatchling. Now he's been snatched up and taken to her home to be "properly cared for."

Stuck in a cave with an overly-protective dragon intent on mothering him...maybe he should have just gone with Twilight.

Thanks to QueenCold for letting me use this picture of theirs as cover art!

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Summer break is fast approaching after a rough year of college for Twilight and her friends. Wanting nothing more than to enjoy the next two months, only one obstacle stands in the way of summer bliss. This end-of-the-year performance by the Rainbooms promises to be a memorable one.

This fic is tied into my Hive Series. Reading that series is not necessary, but it does help a little.

Big thanks to my editors: A Bitter Pill, and Boldish42

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