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A Mother's 'Love' - deadpansnarker

Diamond Tiara finds out the consequences of her actions against Spoiled Rich after she stood up to her in front of the entire school. Disgraced, her precious tiara taken away...Then, somepony knocks on her door late at night, and everything changes.

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Part 39: Warring Thoughts

"... So, as you can probably understand, although I wasn't happy with Silver's behaviour in the playground today, from her point of view, the stress from everything going on with her best friend was a major factor. I'm not going to punish her, but I think you might want to have a word with your daughter to make sure she's alright. It's been quite a day all round, for her, me and quite a few other ponies I could mention..." Cheerilee was busy giving Silver Sterling an assessment of Spoon's last few hours.

Mrs Sterling, with her light grey fur and cutie mark consisting of a silver coin, was surprised enough to have been called out from the school grounds to have this private session with her daughter's teacher, but having heard of some of the events of the day, she was beginning to feel slightly on-edge.

"What?!" She exclaimed. "Are we talking about the same pony here? My filly, Silver Spoon? Yelling at Diamond Tiara, in the middle of recess, to the extent that her friend fainted? There must surely be some kind of mistake. My little girl, as much as I love her, is one of the most subservient fillies around. Whenever Diamond comes over to play, Silver doesn't dare to say one word out of place, she just falls in line and does all the following. You expect me to believe my daughter confronted her friend, in front of the entire school, and verbally tore her to shreds? Are we even on the same page here?!"

Cheerilee flinched a bit on hearing this firm defense from the mother, but continued to maintain her stance. "What you've got to understand here, Mrs Sterling, is that there have been certain... events, going on in Diamond's life of late, which may have impacted her behaviour, and the perception of her from everypony around her. Some... things have come to light about private affairs, which were probably the indirect cause of the incident in the playground. As I said, they are so serious, I can't see how anypony wouldn't be altered upon hearing them..."

"...And yet, you won't even tell me what they are." Sterling was not happy with the uncooperativeness of the teacher. "How am I supposed to help my daughter overcome whatever's troubling her, if you won't even inform me what's on her mind? Is this 'vow of secrecy' really necessary?"

"Yes, I'm afraid it is." Cheerilee replied. adamantly. "I'm under strict instructions not to reveal anything about the ca-matter, unless any of the Rich family choose to bring it up themselves, or Princess Twilight and her friends give me express permission..."

Sterling raised an eyebrow at the mention of the alicorn. Princess, huh? Maybe this is a big deal, after all. "Well, I suppose you have your orders. Can't say I'm too pleased with being kept in the dark like this, especially if my filly is involved, but I guess there's nothing I can do for now. Where is the little one, anyway? I must admit. I'm in one mind to scold her, another to praise her for finally standing up for herself..."

"She's at the hospital, visiting Diamond." Cheerilee confirmed."I gave her permission to stay there, and she seemed quite repentant for her actions, and very grown-up for taking responsibility for them. I think you have a daughter there to be proud of, Mrs Sterling, and if you want to talk to her about the current situation with Diamond Tiara, she's allowed to tell you a lot more about than me. Just go and find her."

I think I'll go and do just that. "Okay, well thank you for trying to explain this morning's occurrences as best as you could, even if you did leave quite a few gaps..." Silver Sterling stood up to take her leave. "I'll head over there now. Please keep me up to date as to my daughter's progress at school, as apparently she shows a whole new side to herself here I'm not aware of! Goodbye..."

As the grey mare left the room, Cheerilee could only feel regretful that not all upper class ponies were as nice as Silver Sterling. Sure she could be a little snooty at times, not to mention dismissive of those under her on the social scale. But in terms of conduct and friendliness, she was on a completely different level to Spoiled Rich.

She also genuinely believed that this was one mother who would love their daughter unconditionally, unlike somepony else she could mention who she was sure she'd have more run-ins with in the future. Why couldn't Sterling have run for the position of Head Of The School Board all those years ago, instead of...

That's when an old idea from earlier struck her. And this time, there would be no cleaning ladies to get in her way. Wordlessly, the teacher finished off her coffee and put down the pen she was about to mark the test papers with, before making her way to Spoiled's office.

She knew where the keys were kept after school.

She was going to let herself in again, and have a proper look around...

And this time, without any distractions.

"Boy, that's sure a lot to take in..." Scootaloo whistled to herself.

"Yeah, you said it, Scoots..." Sweetie Belle agreed. Her face, like her pegasus friend, was a picture of confusion.

Around the point where Silver Spoon reported she got smacked in the face by her best friend, causing the breakage of her glasses and the facial injury the Crusaders had noticed after grabbing her, all animosity towards the grey filly had gone.

And when Spoon got to the juncture where she'd overheard Spoiled's seemingly universal dislike for almost everypony else, her determination to get her daughter back at all costs and her almost psychotic hatred of Apple Bloom, alarm bells began ringing in the ears of the Crusaders, and they listened to the rest in abject horror.

"And I thought Upper Crust and Jet Set were bad enough..." Murmured Scootaloo. "This mare sounds like a totally new level of crazy."

"Apart from her insulting us the other day, outside the school..." Sweetie Belle recollected. "I've actually seen her at Carousel Boutique a few times. I always know it's her because she usually insists on being served first, never seems happy with the material she's offered, tries to get a discount from Rarity because of 'who she is'... I've never liked her, but I didn't think she was that bad..."

"That's not all..." Silver continued. "I'm really worried about Di. Something is making her not behave like her usual self. One minute she's in tears, and she's not even speaking to me. Next, we're sharing a laugh together, like the good old days... No offense. Then, when I tried to hug her, well, just look at me!"

Both Sweetie and Scootaloo focused on Spoon's outward appearance, which despite her disgust, wasn't actually all that terrible. The blood had been wiped off her muzzle, thanks to a unicorn filly's magic combined with a spare tissue, the cut on her nose was small enough to go mostly unnoticed and she actually looked kind of cute even without her trademark spectacles.

Not that either filly would own up to ever thinking that, of course.

"Yeah, that is kinda sad, about Di..." Scootaloo seemed deep in concentration for a minute. "But shouldn't we be more worried about Apple Bloom? I mean, that Spoiled is loaded! She could easily hire a hitpony to take out our friend, or worse... Have her buried alive..."

"I think somepony has been reading too many action and horror comic books..." Sweetie Belle sighed at her friend's immaturity. " I just wish there was an easier way out of this. Couldn't we try at least talking to Spoiled? I mean, we were only trying to help Diamond feel better about herself, that's why we got involved. She looked so sad, crying in town that day, she didn't just expect us just to leave her alone, surely?"

"Well, you can go and apologise to her if you want..." Huffed Scootaloo. "But I for one am not sorry one bit about helping her daughter. Anypony who meets her now can tell she's much happier than before, and as an added bonus, she won't pick on us ever again. Not that we're blank flanks anymore, of course..." She turned back to stare in admiration at her Cutie Mark. She'd never get tired of studying it, after waiting so long for it to appear in the first place.

Silver Spoon's options had been swayed by the two remaining Crusaders' views. Come to think of it, she thought to herself, I've never heard a positive comment about Spoiled before, either. Even if I don't know her all that well aside from her troubles with Di, and she is unfairly disliked by a lot of ponies like she claims, surely they must have strong reasons for harbouring such contempt for her? Perhaps even if I do have some misgivings about the abruptness of Di's new lifestyle and friends, it wouldn't be such a good idea to side with somepony with a reputation like that...

"So, the question is, what should we do?" Pondered Scootaloo, while Spoon was in her mental limbo.

"Well, we should go to the hospital like we were going to in the first place!" Said Sweetie Belle.

"Yeah, of course!" Scootaloo facehoofed painfully. "We'll take my scooter!"

"Oh, no we won't!" Protested Sweetie Belle. "I want to be a visitor there, not a patient..."

"Geez! What a wuss.." Scootaloo shook her head in pity. "Come on, Silver Spoon! Get your head out of the clouds, and follow me. We're about to take on the ride of a lifetime..."

"What?" Spoon emerged from her complex thoughts, wondering what was going on.

"Don' t do it!" Sweetie Belle squeaked. "It's a trap!"

"Ignore her. She just can't handle the grind..." Scootaloo took Silver Spoon's hoof, and guided her to her parked vehicle. " You'll love it, and because you won't really see where we're going as we're whizzing through town, it'll provide an extra layer of suspense!"

"I can barely watch. It was nice knowing you Silver, at least since the election..." Sweetie Belle stated, through her hooves.

"So, where are we going again?" Spoon asked, perplexed as to what all the fuss was about.

"Shh! The time for talking is over." Scootaloo hoofed her spare helmet to the grey filly. "Now, put that on and remember to hold on tight. Sweets, see you in about fifteen minutes, you weakling. Have fun, walking all the way!"

Having received the headgear from the pegasus, the reality of what she was expected to do next finally hit Spoon like a ton of bricks. "What?! You expect me to... in this... how could you possibly think... no way! And why is this helmet so wet?!"

At this point, Sweetie Belle stepped forward, a small blush apparent around her cheeks. "Um, that was kinda my fault, I guess." She confessed. "But don't worry, I ran it under the tap, and got it all off..."

"I told you not to eat before coming on board..." Scootaloo sighed, as she got into the driver's seat. "It's a good job Silver is a lot more sensible than you. I won't see her snacking between rides! Now, come on! You want to make sure Di's alright, just as much as I want to check in on Apple Bloom, am I right?"

But Spoon had long since dropped the offending headgear with an audible "Ugh" from her mouth, and even now was at least several paces away from it, trembling with disgust.

"You made the right choice..." Sweetie Belle reassured her with a hoof on the back. "That thing is a coffin on wheels."

"The main reason I didn't get on that scooter..." Silver riposted between clenched teeth. "Had nothing to do with that, and more down to the condition of the accessories." The grey filly stared at Sweetie Belle, accusingly.

"Oh, I see..." The white unicorn scratched the back of her head, looking somewhat sheepish.

"Great. Two foals for the price of one..." Scootaloo grumbled. "Does this mean I'm going to have to take this thing to the hospital alone? Who am I supposed to use as a witness, if I break my all-time speed record? You two are so selfish..."

"No, we just want to live..." replied Sweetie Belle.

"...And some of us want to wash our manes later, as opposed to now..." Spoon followed up.

"You're never going to let me forget about that, are you?" Sweetie sighed.

"Argh! Who am I going to get to go with me? It's boring driving by yourself, there must be somepony left over who's not a complete wimp..." She scanned the horizon, but pretty much all the other schoolchildren had already gone home.

There was just one adult remaining, who'd snuck up on the trio unexpectedly. "Well I would volunteer, but I'm afraid I'm a bit too old for such hi-jinx. Besides, I don't think my insurance premiums would pay for an accident on such a machine..."

All three heads spun round simultaneously, each one having a different reaction to the pony in front of them...

"Mrs Sterling!" Sweetie Belle politely exclaimed.

"Silver Sterling!" Scootaloo announced, informally.

"Mom!" Silver Spoon, of course the most enthusiastic of them all, ran over and cosseted herself in her mother's fur.

"Hello, dear. Sorry to keep you waiting. I thought you'd be at the hospital. It's a good job I spotted you over here." Silver Sterling hugged her daughter tenderly. "I would have asked 'Did you have a nice day at school' but I've just heard from Miss Cheerilee that things were a bit frenetic today. Care to talk about it?"

"Yes, mother. Just let me get my bearings..." Spoon inwardly groaned, even as she relished Sterling's touch. She'd have to retell the whole story again from the beginning. How tedious. And that's to say nothing as to what she'd do if she found out about...

Suddenly, the grey filly found herself unceremoniously lifted up, and her facial features subjected to a thorough once-over by an angry mare. "I thought I saw something off about you, when I arrived. Where are your glasses, darling? The expensive ones I bought you back from Manehattan, special limited edition, that you begged me for ages to buy? Come to think of it, what happened to your muzzle? Why is there a cut there? Is that a trace of blood I see? Have you been fighting?"

The questions came thick and fast, and Silver, dangling in the air, wasn't sure how to respond to any of them, without getting her or her best friend in trouble. So, unable to make any sense out of her daughter's mumbling, Sterling's attentions instead turned to the two Crusaders, who were watching this pantomime going on with barely disguised mirth.

"Oh, so you think this is funny, do you?" Sterling scowled at the two fillies. "Well, when you have little ones of your own, maybe you'll understand a little more how much a mare worries about her child, even when she's not around. I've just found out my daughter was involved in an incident which left her crying her eyes out, and put her best friend in a hospital bed! Now I find she's been injured as well, and missing her spectacles to hoof! I don't know about you, but I fail to see anything amusing about this whatsoever. Perhaps either of you might know the culprit behind this attack, or maybe one of you are responsible? You didn't take her for a trip in this thing, did you?"

Once again the Crusaders were subjected to a rant by an irate upper class mare, only this time there was no name calling, and the justification was a little more understandable, seeing as how Sterling was just looking out for the safety of her daughter. Sweetie and Scootaloo looked at each other, and were about to come up with some brilliant idea that could get Spoon off the hook. (Sweetie's method involved diplomacy, Scootaloo's way was more of a snatch and run. Of course.)

Unfortunately, the world was never destined to hear their genius. Silver spoke up, beginning to feel slightly queasy due to her prone position. "It was when I was running away from the school, that I didn't look where I was going and ran into a wall. My glasses broke, and I hurt my nose. Now, could you put me down? I feel like I'm about to do a Sweetie Belle everywhere..."

Upon hearing her daughter's request, but looking bemused at the meaning of the final sentence, Sterling deposited her back on the ground, but continued to hold her close. "Are you sure you're telling me the absolute truth?" the grey mare demanded. "Because if I find out you're lying to me..."

"No, no. honestly. That's what happened." Silver Spoon insisted, a few trickles of sweat visible on her brow. "One minute I'm galloping away at top speed, next minute, WHAM. I'm so sorry for being clumsy. I'll even pay for new specs out of my allowance..." She inwardly slapped herself for that offer. No ice cream specials for me for a while.

Her mother though, seemed a lot more forgiving now. "That's won't be necessary, my dear. I'm just happy you're safe! I just heard from your teacher what happened in the playground, then saw who your new friends are, and I assumed you were turning into one of those rough ponies that I read about in the magazines, the ones who fall through the cracks in society and become delinquents. I can't tell you how relieved I am on discovering that's not the case! And I apologise to your new friends too, for pre-judging them so harshly..."

"Er, That's okay. No harm, no foul." said Scootaloo, secretly liking the idea of being percieved as one of the 'rougher' ponies.

"Yes. No offense taken. We're good." Sweetie Belle murmured, wondering if she was ever going to live down her moment of shame.

"Phew... I mean, yes. My friends. That's who they are. Tee hee..." Silver was too caught up in worrying if there was any way her mother would see through her subterfuge later, to quarrel about the status of the fillies in front of her.

In any case, all this mollycoddling of her in front of them was beginning to get a little, or a lot, humiliating, so she took a step back, just as Sterling was about to speak again.

"So, anyway..." The older mare said. "I couldn't help but overhear, that you three are on your way to the hospital to see Diamond. That tiny motorcycle over there looks like a fine machine, but how would you like to really travel in style, on something that can accommodate all of you?"

Sweetie and Scootaloo shrugged their shoulders, while Spoon just rolled her eyes. Oh no, she would have to show off, by bringing that here, again. Just because daddy...

"...And her father got a promotion last month!" Sterling gushed at the thought of her beloved. "Now we can afford to pick Silver up by horse-drawn carriage every schoolday! Isn't that swell?"

"Yeah, brilliant! And it doesn't make me stand out from my peer group at all." Spoon remarked, waiting for the 'big' unveiling of the monstrosity to arrive.

Her sarcasm was lost on Sterling, as the grey mare shouted. "You can bring it around now, Serving Spoon!" as a large carriage appeared from the other side of the school.

Both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle stood by in awe as the vehicle approached, driven by a grey stallion in his teens, and pulled by four other older males of various complexions.

"Wow, I can't believe you get to ride in this every day!" The orange pegasus was certainly impressed. "You must feel so lucky!"

"Yeah, it does wonders for my exercise regime..." Spoon's flow of sass continued unabated.

"If I was going around town in this, I'd never... Well, you know, ever again! It sure looks a lot safer than... Ow!" Realising that Sweetie was about to slur the good name of her ride, Scootaloo gave her a little nudge, which had the desired effect of shutting her up.

"Come on then, all aboard!" Serving Spoon smiled at the three fillies.

"Too right!" grinned Scootaloo as she ascended into her seat.

"Woo hoo!" hollered Sweetie Belle, equally excited.

"I guess..." Remarked Silver, still disliking all the attention. At least all this space inside was being put to good use for once, though. Usually, it was just her in the back, all alone and rattling around as the carriage carried her home solo. She hoped it would be more exciting this time, with company.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Scootaloo, who had a question for the driver. "Wait. Serving Spoon? And you drive this thing? Are you a member of the family? And if so, why are you acting like their butler?"

Serving laughed at the pegasus's inquisitiveness. "Gosh, you've got a lot of questions for a little filly. I think I'm going to like you. You seem a lot friendlier than that stuck-up pink meanie I see around my dad's mansion sometimes. Yes, I'm one of the sons of Sterling Silver over there, and I'm just getting a bit of 'work experience' before I go to college, by doing a few chores for my mother. Our family is well-off, of course, but we also believe in getting our hooves dirty before we start our big jobs in the city. Isn't that right, Sis?

"...Yes, that's right." Silver groaned at having to divulge a family secret so openly.

"Wow, that's great Spoon, getting a bit of the common touch before you settle down!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed, innocently enough, although it was wrongly interpreted as mocking by the listener.

"Yeah, you can do double shifts at Sweet Apple Acres, that'll give you a taste of what real ponies how to deal with every day!" Scootaloo chuckled. There was no mistaking the derogatory tone of that answer.

"Well, whatever." Spoon growled. "I'm only doing it for a month. I'm not going to subject myself to that sort of thing for any longer than that, unless I want to end up like my other brother, Tarnished Silver!"

"Hey, our sibling is a, er... Great stallion." Serving Spoon said from the front, with slight hesitation. "Just because he fell in love with his job at the sewage works and decided to keep it, doesn't make him any less of a..."

"So anyway..." Sterling seemed desperate not to talk about the black sheep. "I meant to ask you earlier, but I forgot. What happened between you and Diamond today? Did she push you too far this time? Because, i must say, I was shocked beyond belief at what your teacher told me you said to her outside! I'm torn between feeling proud of you for standing up for yourself, or disappointed that you reacted to her goading. I really don't know..."

"Mother, forget all that! It was my fault completely!" Spoon was desperate to set the record straight." You see, Di, had just been removed from the custody of her parents, and was feeling a bit low. All she was trying to do was make some new friends, and I was jealous..."

"Wait a minute. She's no longer living at Rich Mansion?" Sterling's eyes widened, as she cut off her daughter. " Let me guess. She's having a few problems with her mother?"

"That's right!" Spoon exclaimed, her hoof over her mouth. "How did you..."

"Let's just say, her reputation precedes her." Sterling scowled, while the carriage began to swing into motion. "And I see how she acts at the parties we attend. But, come now, you've piqued my interest, darling. Do carry on..."

What should I do? Should I tell her? I feel so ashamed. And... Dirty. If I tell her, will these feelings go away? Or will they just get worse? I don't know. I just don't know.

She's waiting for me to say something. I think I will tell her. Yes. Applejack will make everything better. We can chat like we did in the bathroom earlier on, that warm glow will appear again and everything'll be alright.

Stop! Hold on there! Do you really want Applejack to feel sorry for you for the rest of your life? If she knows what happened, you'll be treated like a baby forever! Then, she'll tell all her friends, and they'll be the same way. Do you really want that?

Well... No. But I've got to do something. I don't want to feel worthless. I don't want to feel violated. I want to feel... Clean again. Right now, I don't even want to look at myself in the mirror. If talking to somepony could relieve that...

That would just make it worse! You think things are bad for you now? Just wait until word gets around town what happened. Nopony will ever respect your authority ever again. Some might even say you encouraged it!

They wouldn't! They'd understand! I'd explain what happened to me! I'd be safe from everypony who wants to hurt me! They'd be locked up! I could make a fresh start, knowing they could never harm me again!

Do you really think imprisoning all those ponies will make you feel any better? Because it won't. What happened to you will stay with you forever, and the only chance you have is by bottling it up and continuing as though nothing has happened.

But... I deserve justice! And what happens if Upper Crust does it to somepony else? How would I live with myself, if I knew I could have stopped that? What justification could I possibly have, to take that risk?

Yourself. You're the only one you should be thinking about. It's sad if it happens to somepony else, but what do you owe anypony? You were stuck in that mansion for years, being screamed at by Spoiled. Nopony rescued you, did they?

That's because they didn't know about it, not because they didn't care! I'm sure if the Princess and her friends knew what was going on, they'd have been round much sooner to collect me. My old mother was a cunning mare, keeping it a secret. Even from Daddy!

No, they just didn't like you. Nopony liked you. You were a stuck-up bully who everyone loved to hate. If they'd found out about your homelife, they'd have said you deserved it. Even now, I bet they're putting on a fake act of friendship...

Ha! Now I have you. There's no way somepony as nice as Apple Bloom, or as honest as Applejack would do such a thing. They genuinely are concerned about my well being. I can see it in their eyes, their words, their actions...

They believe in me. They think I'm special.

Special enough to be invited into their home, eat at their table, sleep in one of their beds and even now become a member of their family.

I'm not worthless. Other ponies do care about me. It wasn't my fault about what happened. There is a better future ahead.

So, you lose! Bye Bye!


It's gone. The negativity, the doubt...Hopefully forever. That's maybe just wishful thinking. But, what do I do now?

Applejack is still waiting for a response. Apple Bloom is tightening her grip on me.

I feel ready to tell her now. To let it all out. So that she'll understand why I'm like this. I know she won't think any less of me, and as my new foster mother, she surely has a right to know. Most importantly, it would make both of us feel better.

I open my mouth, in preparation for the reveal...

But then, another thought crosses my mind... This one far more practical than the negative one I overcame a minute ago.

The realisation of it causes me to snap my jaw shut again, and scan the room, beyond Applejack's warm smile.

There's the manic Pinkie. The brash Rainbow Dash. The fashionable Rarity. The sweet natured Fluttershy...

Fluttershy. Of course. I remember our productive talk before... Her words reaching out to me... Even the tone of her soothing voice made me feel tons better.

Perhaps the reason I didn't say so much to her before, was because the room was full of too many ponies. The pressure must have really gotten to me.

Well, not for much longer.

I clear my throat, and ask Applejack straight out politely, if she can leave the room for a moment with all of her friends, save for Fluttershy and Apple Bloom.

She casts an unreadable expression my way, a mixture perhaps of disappointment and surprise. I can't help but feel my heart sink a bit on seeing it.

It's all for the best, though. If I had my way, I'd be telling her the whole sorry story, from beginning to end.

But the truth is, she's got enough on her plate looking after me, taking care of her farm, dealing with Spoiled... And now, arguing with seedy lawyers.

To put another worry in her mind, the size of the one I could tell her about, would be nothing short of incredibly selfish. I know what it's like to live with that much pressure. And I certainly don't wanna put her through that. She doesn't deserve it. Not after everything she's done.

I've still gotta tell somepony else, though. Apple Bloom has been a pillar of strength for me so far, and hopefully will be long into the future. But I want to confide in an adult, too. Somepony with experience. Somepony who'll be able to connect with me. Or, has connected already.

I would've loved nothing more than that pony to be Applejack. But not today. Maybe in the future, when thing are a little less complicated.

She still looks at me sadly, as she gathers her party together to leave me alone with Fluttershy and my new sister. I'm sure Applejack respects my decision, even if she doesn't really like it.

Apple Bloom looks a little perplexed, too. I guess she had high hopes I was going to spill the beans there and then to the mare she idolises. Oh well, I'll explain everything later on. Seeing how well we've been getting on of late, I'm positive we'll see eye-to-eye.

Oh look, now Fluttershy is coming over here. Yes, you did hear right, Miss Shy. I do want to have a private word with you. It's fine if Apple Bloom stays. In fact, I need her to. I wouldn't be able to get through this without her.

You know we had that talk before, right? Well, it really helped me. I feel a lot stronger now. You have a real knack for this, don't you? Anyway, I want to add something onto what I talked about before. This time , I won't hold back, so brace yourself.

You know that couple that you asked about before? Well, a little more happened with them than I told you. It all occurred when one of them wanted to see my Cutie Mark, and...

Author's Note:

Typical. I try to write a nice, short chapter... And end up pumping out my longest one so far. Go figure.

Funnily enough, it's Mother's Day here in the UK. I'm off to spend some time with mine. She's certainly a few steps above Spoiled in the parenting stakes, that's for sure.

Catch ya's later. Don't forget to comment below, I do enjoy having a good matter with the readers, as the burgeoning comment section will testify. :twilightsmile:

P.S Shout out to... Anonymous. :twistnerd:

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