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SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THIS PEOPLE · 12:33am Feb 28th, 2016

Hello! I hate to be the guy who goes around posting things like this, but some people dear to me are in dire need of help

Jassy2012 from DeviantArt is in desperate need of a bone transplant, by desperate, I mean that her life right now depends on that transplant. please, if you cannot donate then spread this

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Hey, there! Thanks for the fave on "Farm Hand: Apply Within"! :ajsmug:

Thanks for the watch!! :pinkiehappy: :yay:

Mare was my first story on here. While I can say that I could have plotted it better and realized that I suck at writing action scenes, my strongest point was the characterization.

Just Once in extremely proud of.


The Mare who fell to Earth (which I am still reading) and Just Once (I am still reading it yet) and I have to say that those are quite good :D

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