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I am the Pioneer with a heart for people and a thousand stories to tell.Follow me on Deviant Art to see spoilers and status updates.

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AHA! I found a way to post more about me other than a one-liner.

I'm making a note here: Huge Success!


I like being different, movin' to the groovin', drawing, editing and writing.
My Favorite color is blue, and I mostly use Medibang Paint Pro for art.
I am also on Fan fiction and Deviant Art, and Quotev and other sites under the same name.

I am an artist and writer who doesn't want to write or draw anything dark or evil that would harm someone, which means
NO EXTREME GORE (Action, yes, adventure, yes, gore? no. At least, not EXTREME gore. I may suggest extreme violence during a war, but not describe in detail gorey things.)
NO PROFANITY (Barking Spiders, and maybe Sweet Celestia, but other than that, not really.)
NO NSFW (Should be obvious)
NO ZOMBIES (I'm not even sure if I would talk about the Headcrab "zombies")
NO WEREWOLVES (Shape shifters? Maybe.)
NO VAMPIRES TRYING TO DRINK BLOOD (Eww. There's a difference between having a "Vampire" and someone who is killing people and drinking their blood.)
NO DARK MAGIC (Well, maybe some, but not to an overwhelming degree. This is MLP, and there is spooky magic, but I still prefer to keep my stories relatively light.)

For me personally, I also DO NOT do Yaoi/Yuri because I feel there is too much of it out there already. I mean, for realsies... so...much...yaoi...

Now, yes, I do tend to write serious stories, because serious things do happen in real life.
There are tragic moments, emotional outbursts, and violent events.
However, I still strive to write stories that will bring hope and comfort even in the dark times.
In other words, don't worry, I'm not going to be writing horror stories.
You're safe here.

Other than that, I'm a firm Christian, so if you have a problem with God, please don't talk about it to me, okay? He's my friend. Don't talk bad about Him to me. Be polite.

Furthermore, my ponysona is Turquoise Dreamer, so everypony say "hi" to her:

Turquoise Dreamer Ref sheet

I keep my username as "PioneeringAuthor" because that's my name on most other websites, so I try to keep the same name just so my friends can find me.
However, because this is FIMfiction, I'll probably be signing things as my Ponysona, Turquoise Dreamer.

On another subject, I am working on my own MLP universe with my buddy ImperatorAetheris and it is going to be called Karamverse.

What is Karamverse about?

Let's just say... it's huge. It's not just Equestria, it's a LOT of other equine and mythical creature nations, based on real-world nations. In other words, we are expanding A LOT in Karamverse, and there will be lots of characters, plot lines, headcannons, histories, and shipping. Yes, ships are gonna be sailed all over the place. We'll be taking things one story at a time, so don't worry, you won't get overwhelmed!

Also my signature is: The pioneer with a heart for people and a thousand stories to tell ~+~

Or, as Turquoise Dreamer would say, The dreamer with a heart for others and a thousand stories to write =+=

and to be honest, I really mean it. I want to help other people and reach out to them, so if you need a little bit of comfort, don't be afraid, just come stop by, okay?


Life update 6/28/20 · 2:30pm Jun 28th, 2020

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, and I do apologize.
In real life I've been playing video games a lot more, I confess, but I"m also trying to get a job.
My writing buddy has been occupied so we haven't had time to progress much, but I promise you things are still in the works.
I'll probably be posting some new bits to Random Ramblings soon, or something else.

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You're welcome :twilightsmile:

I thought it was very well written.

Glad you liked Letter to Cozy Glow's Parents!!

Hello there! Welcome to FIMFiction.:pinkiesmile:

If you need any help figuring out how the site works, don't be afraid to ask. I'm always happy to help, and we're all glad that you are here!:twilightsmile:

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