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A Mother's 'Love' - deadpansnarker

Diamond Tiara finds out the consequences of her actions against Spoiled Rich after she stood up to her in front of the entire school. Disgraced, her precious tiara taken away...Then, somepony knocks on her door late at night, and everything changes.

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Part 2:There's Somepony At The Door...!!

Diamond Tiara couldn't believe it. Why did they make the long trek, at the dead of night, to her mansion? As if the day hadn't been active enough with all the emotion and joy attached to their close family members and loved ones getting their cutie marks, why had they taken it upon themselves to stop by, when most ponies were tucked up in bed after the festivities?

The little filly had no idea. All she could do is stand there on the staircase, slack-jawed, as four of the heroines of Equestria made their way past her vantage point and into the lounge, where her parents must have been equally nonplussed. The quartet of guests were as follows: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, with Princess Twilight Sparkle taking the lead.

As they past her amazed stare, none of the visitors noticed the young child watching them intently... That is, apart from Applejack. The farm pony seemed to possess a sixth sense for such things, and without warning turned to give Tiara a friendly smile and a wink, before following the rest of the party.

After all Diamond had done to pick on her sister and the other Crusaders, she could only feel humbled. At least that reaction from the older mare might prove that the four ponies weren't there because she was in trouble. In which case, what were they doing there...?

The pink filly's train of thought was interrupted by Randolph's stammering introduction, before the real confrontation got underway. Taken aback as they were by the sudden appearance of these unscheduled guests, it was Twilight who was able to get the opening salvo, ahead of the usually sharp-tongued Spoiled Rich.

"Sorry to bother you at this late hour." the Princess Of Friendship announced formally, fluffing out her wings "But my friends here have heard some rather disturbing things that may have transpired recently at the school and in town I felt had to be addressed urgently. I wanted to clarify these rumours to see if there was any truth in them, and if there was... Take appropriate steps."

Twilight sounds awfully stilted thought Tiara, renewing her surveillance of the situation. Not like herself at all. I wonder what these rumours could be...

The next voice to be heard was, strangely enough, Filthy Rich. The laconic stallion, used to dealing with high pressure meetings, wasn't sure what this was about, but whatever it was, he was sure it could be straightened out. Adjusting his tie, he spoke to those assembled in his usual authoritative tone.

"Now see here, Ms Sparkle. I appreciate what you have to say might be important, and being a member of the Royal Family might give you some clout. But you can't just barge into other pony's houses at night without prior warning. So, unless what you have to say is of the utmost importance, I suggest we take this up in the morning, and..."

"I'd call child endangerment 'the utmost importance', Filthy... Wouldn't you?" Applejack spoke for the first time, taking a step forward and aiming a purposeful glower at Spoiled Rich. Also noticeable was her calling Filthy Rich by the nickname he hated, and not correcting herself.

The rich stallion flinched in surprise at his old friend subjecting him to this insult, while the orange mare's harsh words earned her a look of surprise from Dash and Rarity, along with a disapproving glance from Twilight. Applejack wasn't backing down though. There was nothing more she hated than child abuse and after what she'd heard from her little sister earlier on, she was sure there was something rotten going on in the Rich household.

She continued "As soon as my little Apple Bloom had finished partying with her pals at her cute-cenera, we got talking about how she earned her cutie-mark. Apparently, she spent the day helping your daughter... Following her around, trying to cheer her up, teaching her how to be a better pony. The poor thing sounded miserable... And it wasn't too long before Bloom figured out why. It was..." At this point, Applejack pointed a hoof at where Spoiled Rich was sitting.

"Because of you." The farm pony finished her sentence with aplomb, a scowl decorating her features.

"W...WHAT?!" Spoiled was outraged beyond belief. How dare this smelly bumpkin force her way into the mansion, and accuse her of such a heinous crime?! She didn't care if the leader of this group was a princess, she was going to have them thrown out this instant. Spoiled reached over to grab the bell, which would summon the guards who'd fulfill the task...

Only to be stopped in her action by an angry looking Rainbow Dash, who'd flown over to Spoiled, so they were almost muzzle to muzzle. "Scootaloo told me what you said about her and her friends, in front of the entire class and the teacher. Let me tell you that that 'confused insignificant low-life' has done more in her short life than you have in your entire existence. Marrying into wealth, and getting fat off the proceeds... Yeah, great talent, that!!" The sarcasm was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Spoiled retracted her hoof. Why, she'd never been subjected to such uncivilised language before. Well, not since her daughter had chewed her out earlier on, but coming from another adult, that she couldn't punish, was unbelievable.

Next, it was the turn of Rarity, who had been scanning her surroundings with interest. "Much as I love what you've done with this place, darling, I'm afraid your parenting leaves more than a little to be desired. Shouting at your daughter in the middle of the town like that, just because she didn't win a class election. Yes, my sister has been with Diamond today too, and I hesitate to say this, but from what I can gather, a lot of the problems Sweetie's had with your daughter over the last few years would seem to originate from your bad lessons."

Spoiled listened in amazement. Even Rarity, the only pony there she vaguely used to respect for her fashion and designing skills, was giving her a mouthful. Well, she'd just lost herself at least one customer, that's for sure. The wealthy mare was going to take a trip soon to shop at the new boutique the unicorn had just opened in Canterlot... No chance of that happening now.

Twilight, who had lost control of the situation long ago, visibly facehoofed. This was supposed to have been a genial discussion about dealing with a fraught domestic situation, but events had spiraled completely out of control. She was glad Celestia wasn't around to see this, some mediator she'd turned out to be.

Still, in their own unsubtle, roundabout way her friends had kind of laid out exactly what she'd popped over to discuss: Spoiled Rich's toxic influence in the form of verbal and emotional abuse on her daughter which had apparently gone on for years, and had turned the filly into a friendless, obnoxious spoiled brat (at least, until now). Having come from a loving home herself, Twilight found it impossible to believe anypony would put so much unwarranted pressure on their offspring, as well as imbue them with so many unhealthy prejudices about the less well-off.

The princess wanted to understand.

Even though, she was quite sure she wouldn't.

"So, Mrs Rich..." Twilight spoke politely "You have heard from my friends our concerns for the way you've raised Miss Tiara, along with your publicly belittlement of the students at our local school, which may I just say, is shocking behaviour for the head of the board. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Spoiled almost exploded with anger.

This wannabe princess had the gall to tell her how to bring up her own progeny?!

Somepony who hung around with a baby dragon all day?

Somepony who was nothing but a common librarian, until recently?

Somepony who was lecturing her about being a mother, when she was childless herself?

(Of course, she left out the part where the purple alicorn had saved Equestria from certain destruction on a few occasions... Let's just say Spoiled has a very selective memory when she wants to).


"Who do you think you are?" Spoiled huffed. "She's my daughter, and she's mine to do with as I see fit. I have high hopes for her... She's certainly not going to end up a common farmer, a failed Wonderbolt, an overrated fashionista or a princess in name only. Honestly, I don't know what Celestia was thinking by giving you wings. Clearly you don't deserve such a position, you don't even know how to talk to your superiors. I'd like you to leave now, I have enough to deal with, undoing the damage those three little runts did to my blessed Diamond, without you four malcontents sticking your hooves in. Randolph will see you out."

Everypony present in that room wore an absolute looks of horror on their faces, and the one who looked most distressed of all was the usually stoic Filthy Rich. Once again, his wife had engaged her mouth before her brain, and had ended up making a complete fool of herself, and, by extension, him. How could he have let things deteriorate to such a degree? He was always happy to play the part of the silent breadwinner. Spoiled would be the one who'd actively bring up Diamond, and he'd respect whatever decisions she'd make without question.

He was only now starting to realise the folly of such an arrangement.

He only hoped he wasn't too late to fix it...

As it turned out, he might very well might be.

The next thing to happen was Twilight's horn glowing, which had the effect of covering the doors to the lounge in a purple hue, closing them abruptly before the butler could send her and her friends on their way, and cutting off an increasingly anxious Diamond's eavesdropping.

Then Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Twilight got into a miniature huddle.

To the accompaniment of murmurs such as "It's worse than we thought" and "Poor filly deserves better", the princess quickly conferred with her three friends, before they firmly nodded to each other, having reached a conclusion.

"Mr and Mrs Rich." The princess stiffly told a scowling Spoiled, and a nervous Filthy. "I didn't want to have to do this, but your uncompromising stance..." (she angrily glanced at Tiara's mother) "And your determined inaction..." (she cast a disappointed look at the father) "Has given me no option. I feel your daughter, emotionally speaking, is in clear and present danger in this environment, and is not being being nurtured to the best of her considerable potential."

The alicorn then levitated a piece of paper, with a few signatures on it, in front of the shell-shocked couple." I have here a temporary restraining order, written on her behalf. She'll be leaving with me tonight to a foster home. Perhaps only for a little while, depending on how long it takes for both of you to get your act together. You can see her on supervised visits twice a week, and you will of course be given regular updates of her progress. But for now, this is no longer her home. I hope you both see the error of your ways eventually so she can return here. Now, who's going to tell her, either of you, or us?"

Filthy started to cry, tears of shame and regret. Spoiled fainted, unable to cope with the gravity of what was unfurling.

Diamond, now having crept downstairs, with her ear glued to the door, stood motionless in stock silence.

What was going to happen to her now?

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed. Third part coming up soon... When I can be bothered to write it.

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