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A Mother's 'Love' - deadpansnarker

Diamond Tiara finds out the consequences of her actions against Spoiled Rich after she stood up to her in front of the entire school. Disgraced, her precious tiara taken away...Then, somepony knocks on her door late at night, and everything changes.

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Part 37: Complications

Silver Spoon had somehow managed, with the help of the generally pastel-coloured town of Ponyville, a few friendly passers-by, and a huge slice of luck, to stumble her way to the front entrance of her school. Now, all she needed to do was locate her mother, receive the guidance she so desperately wanted and use it to untangle the friendship mess that was unfolding before her very eyes.

Not that she could see it all that well, of course due to her current myopic state.

All she knew for certain was that she was going to somehow heal the large rift that had developed between her and Di, by any means necessary. If that meant swallowing her pride and going along with the newly forged relationship between the pink filly and Apple Bloom, she'd do that, as difficult as if would be.

If, on the other hoof, the situation called for her to somehow side with the mare that Di repeatedly referred to as 'the bane of her existence', maybe because Spoiled was the least of two evils, or even unfairly maligned by everypony (Including her own daughter) then that would be another choice.

Of course, she could always take a third option. Splitting up Bloom and Di by force, despite her earlier promise to get on with all three Crusaders. Trying to win back her best friend's favour by making sure that she'd never have to put up with Spoiled again. Or even take a step back, watch all the chaos take effect, then approach the pink filly once all the dust had settled.

Everything was on the table. It would depend entirely on the advice about to be metered out by Silver Sterling. Perhaps her mother was a tad overbearing when it came to social standards and etiquette, but at least she could be relied upon to support Spoon through thick and thin.

Even if she was going to be apoplectic when she discovered the fate of a certain expensive pair of designer lenses. I'd better not tell her who was responsive for their destruction, the grey filly thought warily. Or that'll be Di off my friend list for good.

Of course, the first task was actually finding Silver Sterling. This was easier said then done, when at best you can see vague shapes in front of your face. There was a large crowd of parents mingling around outside, waiting for their colts and fillies to emerge from a 'productive' day of education. Spoon was lucky in that her mother, like herself, had rather a unique pigmentation, so even with her truncated vision, should be spotted easily enough.

Let's see now. Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red... Every hue I can possibly imagine, yet no Grey. Where could she be? Usually she's here at least ten minutes early. I hope nothing's happened. That would be just typical, on today of all days, when I really need her... *GRAB*

That last word there, strangely enough, wasn't an out-of place term conjured up by the troubled mind of Spoon. No, it was a sound effect produced when two passing fillies saw the thinker, and snatched her off the street.

Instantly, Silver's pondering was cut short, as she was pushed and pulled from both sides by the two belligerent youngsters. "You've got some nerve coming back here!" "Have you heard? Di's sick!" "If Apple Bloom were here, she'd give you what for..." "Easy, Scoots. She already looks bashed up. Where have your specs gone?"

Although they were represented by nothing more than a collection of indistinct colourful blobs, the shrill voices clued Silver almost immediately as to who she was dealing with. "Scootaloo! Sweetie Belle!" She tried to shove them off of her body, without much success. "What are you doing here? I didn't think class was out for another..."

"We were allowed to leave early, to visit our friend in hospital, you know, where you put her..." Scootaloo snarled in the grey filly's face. "Besides, from what Cheerilee told us, everypony important is already there, so me and Sweets have nopony to wait for here. I was going to hang out with Dash for the rest of the day after school, but I guess that's cancelled now. Thanks to you, I should add."

"Er, did the teacher happen to mention I was headed there earlier too, with the rest of the group, to see Di with the others, as worried out of my head as you can possibly imagine?" Spoon groaned inwardly at the thought of Cheerilee leaving out that pertinent bit of information.

Through the optic fog, she thought she saw her two accosters exchange a quick glance, but their hooves kept her in place as tight as ever.

"No, she just said about Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and my sister going to her bedside, with Princess Twilight maybe to follow later..." Sweetie Belle confirmed Spoon's worst fears. "Although, going by the amount of stuff she's been forgetting lately, I suppose Miss Cheerilee might not have remembered to tell us..."

"Oh, don't give me that!" Scootaloo glowered, seemingly in the habit of cutting other ponies off that day. "She's lying through her teeth, I can tell! What's actually happened here is she's spent the last few hours stuffing her face at Sugarcube corner, and her glasses fell off when she ran away after Di collapsed! Must be nice that you can replace something pricy like that straightaway, huh? Shame you can't replace friends the same way!"

Silver was lost for words at the orange pegasus's unexpected tirade, and so apparently, was Sweetie Belle. While the unicorn released Spoon unscathed that very moment, perhaps out of sheer surprise, Scootaloo continued to nudge the grey filly forward with a thrusting hoof, her anger as clear as the blue sky above.

"I used to feel sorry for you, you know..." the pegasus growled. "I saw how Di pushed you around, and how you seemed to regret some of the nastier things you did together. Don't think I missed your clapping on Family Appreciation Day. It was a plan of mine that maybe, one day, we could get you away from her, and see you as your own pony, not as a clone of her. Well, now she's not around, and everything points to you being as bad as she was, if not worse. You can say what you want about Di in the old days, but at least she never made somepony have a breakdown..."

Spoon had no idea why Scootaloo was referring to her best friend as 'Di' so much, possibly to mock her. All she knew was that the pegasus's accusations had the ring of truth about them, and despite being forgiven for her earlier actions by the pink filly herself, she couldn't help but leak a few tears again at her unacceptable behaviour that morning.

Seeing Silver show signs of remorse caused Scootaloo to hesitate a moment in her denunciation, allowing Sweetie Belle to step in to try and calm things down.

"Can't you see, she's upset enough as it is, without you getting cross at her?" The unicorn frowned at Scootaloo, who was beginning to look a little sheepish. "Before we started shouting, maybe we should have heard her side of the story first. After all, we've all got lots of time. I don't think Di is going to be released for another couple of hours at least, which still gives us chance to get to the hospital afterwards, and Silver's mom is in the school, waiting to have a chat with Miss Cheerilee after class is dismissed..."

Upon hearing this startling revelation, it was now Sweetie Belle's turn to be snatched up by an eager filly. "W-what?!" Spoon stuttered, completely taken aback. "W-who set up this meeting?! W-what's it about? I've got to get in there now." She went to brush past the two Crusaders...

Just before she was held in place by a glowing green aura. No prizes for guessing who that belonged to.

"Hold on there a minute..." Sweetie kept Silver from moving forward. "You're beginning to get as impatient as Scoots! First of all, you don't want to interrupt a parent/teacher conference. I've done it before, and got a major earful. Next, it was Cheerilee who went outside to invite your mom in, and she had a pretty serious face when they were talking, so it must be important. If you want to know what I think, you'll wait right here. I don't think they'll be long, the teacher also has to see Button Mash's dad about him sneaking in game machines to class again, Snips and Snails parents about them accidentally almost burning the school down..."

Hearing all this caused Spoon to rethink her options. She was already going to be in enough of a predicament later on with her busted glasses, without adding further fuel to the fire (pun not intended). Besides, it sounded like her mother was going to be quick, and she had a lot of explaining to do to the two Crusaders in front of her. Perhaps, she could delay meeting her mom, for just a little while longer...


OUCH! The noise.That repetitive toll indicated the end of the school day. Soon she wouldn't be able to hear a thing for the presence of pushy parents, excited colts, raucous fillies...

Surprisingly, it was Scootaloo who came to her rescue. Tapping Sweetie on the back to inform her that it was alright to release her 'prisoner' from the magical barrier, she sidled over to Spoon to steer her off in a certain direction.

"I'm still not all that happy about what you did..." She said, taking the hoof of the short sighted filly and, accompanied by Sweetie Belle, leading her to the side of the building. "But, by the looks of things you have a story to tell, and I suppose I'm willing to listen. I hope it's a good one, to convince me you're telling the truth... This is the spot. Now, out with it."

Silver found herself in quite an expansive area, a far cry from the soon-to-be crowded surroundings she'd just departed. Squinting hard, she was able to see that an expectant unicorn and pegasus were already seated on the grass, and so she followed suit.

"Now then, where to begin..." Spoon wondered where to begin her tall tale. "For a start, I wasn't at Sugarcube Corner all afternoon. I think I'd find it very hard to be served by a tiny alligator..."


In a contest to see which pony had the most horrified expression on their face between Twilight and Applejack after they exchanged their respective news, it could in all honesty be declared a draw. Nopony could accuse either of lacking effort, though.

Twilight was most perturbed upon hearing about Diamond's epic tantrum in her shared bedroom that morning, her confirmed lateness to class followed by a fainting spell at school, not to mention Spoiled managing to spend a good amount of time harassing her daughter, in a complete breach of the injunction the alicorn had painstakingly drawn up. Regardless of her own problems with Tiara's despotic mother, she was also disappointed with Applejack, for letting so much befall her young charge not one day into her fostering. Maybe the pressure was too much for her farm friend, after all...

By the same token, Applejack was shocked at just how much contempt and loathing Spoiled seemed to possess for almost everypony, the exception being her daughter, who she wanted to take back the same way one might reclaim a stack of bits, rather than a living, breathing being. She was most disturbed of all by the hatred the head of the school board seemed to demonstrate for her little Apple Bloom, who to her mind had never had any real enemies, until today. If that grown-up was capable of feeling that much animosity towards a child, Then who knows what else she could do.

"Surely you're over-exaggerating, right?" The orange mare attempted to settle the gnawing sensation that was growing in the pit of her stomach. "I mean how on Equestria can anypony feel that way about my little sis? She's just about the nicest filly you could ever hope to meet. Come now, isn't it a possibility Spoiled could just be kidding around?"

Twilight firmly shook her head, dashing Applejack's hopes. "She wasn't." The alicorn sadly stated. "I like to think I'm quite intuitive about pony's feelings towards others, and I got the strong impression she really, really despises Apple Bloom, as unbelievable as it sounds. Possibly enough to do her physical harm, although she denied it. All the other ponies she complained about, I only felt a sense of mild irritation, as if she could ignore them and they'd go away. But with your sister... I'm afraid, if my initial thoughts were accurate, there is a genuinely worrying grudge there."

Applejack eyes widened a little, but being the rational pony she was, she still attempted to make light of the situation. "But, she's under lock and key now, right? So Apple Bloom should be safe. And there ain't no way she can keep her job as head of the school board, if she harbours these kind of thoughts towards a filly, especially one of the most popular ones in her class. So she's protected, yeah? I don't have to worry about her safety, and I don't have to give into Spoiled by hoofing Diamond back into another foster carer's house. The last thing I want to do is succumb to pressure from the likes of her..."

Twilight smiled upon hearing this. Her friend had summed up the situation rather well. "Well, yes. There will be a full investigation behind her breaking the terms of her restraining order, regardless of her protests that she only did it because she was worried about Diamond while she was sick. During that period, she will be held under my authority, so I'll do my best to make sure she's kept as far away as possible from your family. I also think you're correct in assuming that somepony who has such strong feelings of hate towards a child at their place of employment should no longer be working there. I'll talk with Mayor Mare soon, and it should be an easy decision to suspend her from that role..."

"Phew..." Applejack felt like she'd just unloaded twenty crates of apples from her back. "Well, that's a relief, at least. Thanks Twi. I owe you one. No, two. Now, as soon as the nurses here give us the all-clear, I can take these fillies home and we can all get some well deserved shut-eye... Why are you looking at me like that?"

The alicorn was giving her a fully raised left eyebrow, which in Applejack's experience wasn't a good sign. "Even though I'm sure Spoiled played her own part in today's events..." Twilight regarded her friend with concern. "I'm not sure you're entirely blameless, either. Diamond playing truant from school, throwing a fit, hurting herself with glass, ending up in hospital... A few initial setbacks I can understand, but this soon? And all in the same day? I hesitate to ask this... But are you still sure you're up to the task?"

Applejack frowned at the princess's apparent lack of faith in her, but saw where it was coming from. "For a start, she came to the clinic straight from the elementary, and what goes on in class is hardly my fault, is it? I rushed down here to see her as soon as I could... What more can I do than that? As for her little set-to this morning, why that was practically nothing! She soon fizzled out and was as right as rain. I fixed her hoof up just fine in the bathroom, and within ten minutes, we'd forgotten all about it. Besides, Rarity got a whole mess of free rags afterwards, didn't she? How is that working out for you, sugarcube?"

Shocked that she'd actually been invited to join in the conversation, after sitting around bored with her three other friends for quite some time, the unicorn snapped to attention. "E-er, y-yes, darling. They're excellent quality. A bit higher on the design chain than 'rags' though, it has to be said. I should be able to put the material to good use for future customers..."

"I'm very glad to hear that, Rarity..." Twilight furrowed her brow, thinking that Applejack was trying to dodge the subject. "But what I'm talking about is slightly more important than fashion. Basically, what I'm seeing here is a committed foster parent, a loving family... But one that might not be able to provide Diamond with the support and security she needs at this crucial time. So, I ask you again, Applejack...Do you think you're up to the task?

Applejack gave the question a little more thought this time around. True, the decision had been on a whim to take on the daughter of Filthy Rich, and she wouldn't exactly say it was smooth sailing since accepting the formerly stuck-up filly into Sweet Apple Acres. An extra mouth to feed, a tempestuous personality to deal with... And now, even an implied threat to the well-being of her precious sister, to hoof.

And, yet...

She'd seen the child start to grow in confidence and spirit under her tutorship already. As Diamond began to come out of her shell and talk to the orange mare one-on-one, she sensed that this was a special child with limitless potential, who could only truly blossom away from the machinations of her old life. It had been tough so far, it would no doubt get tougher still later, but...

Applejack felt she could do it. She felt she could give Tiara the love, comfort and home she deserved.

And, besides...

"Take a look in there." Applejack motioned to Twilight to sneak a peek inside Diamond's room, and the alicorn saw no reason not to.

There they were. Two former foes smiling and chatting with each other, as if they'd been friends from the womb. Completely different backgrounds, totally dissimilar characters, there was so much evidence as to why this pair should never get on, as the past would suggest...

Yet, sometimes the fantasy can override reality. Like, now.

"Do ya see?" Applejack imposed on Twilight, as the princess withdrew her head from the doorway, unseen by the occupants within. "If those two can get on so well in such a short space of time, I'm sure everything else will work out just fine. There will be hard days ahead, I don't have no illusions about that. But I'm certain, if Diamond Tiara is happy here, I'm happy to have her. Whatever threats her mother can throw at us. The Apples aren't ones to give into that kind of nonsense, mark my words. Apple Bloom would agree with me too, if you asked her."

Twilight paused for a moment to take all of this in, then nodded her head. "Okay, Applejack. I trust you, as always. Let's just say today was you working out a few 'teething problems'. I'll give you a bit of leeway with Diamond considering all she's been through, but I'll be visiting more regularly now, so be prepared for me to arrive anytime. As for Apple Bloom's opinion on the current arrangement, I'll find out that soon enough. I was going to have a word with her anyway, to discover what transpired in that room when Spoiled came to visit. While we're talking, I'll also ask her what she thinks about having a new family member, and I believe she also has a right to know about the threat..."

Applejack was about to argue, but eventually decided against it. "Okay, sugarcube, you're right, I guess..." She muttered. "You'll get your chance in a little while, when those two pause for breath. Maybe..." This was a very valid point, as the fillies had been so animatedly chatting with each other for the last hour, you'd almost think they were powered by electricity.

"No worries, I can hold on. Now, what does a Princess have to do to get a cup of tea, around these parts?" She said aloud with mirth.

This was presumably meant as a joke, but it was a very dangerous thing to say in a hospital staffed with royalists. A doctor overheard her, and told a nurse. That nurse in turn informed a radiographer, then an anesthetist, then a surgeon...

And soon, everypony who worked there wanted to fetch the Princess this oh-so-important hot beverage as if it would somehow change their life. Give them a raise. A promotion. An instant knighthood. The possibilities were endless, if they could only win her favour.

The problem with that is, when all of the professionals at a medical facility run around trying to make a drink, patients are being ignored. Operations are being stopped. The place descends into anarchy.

So, barely a few minutes after Twilight had uttered those immortal words, she found herself surrounded by ponies wearing white uniforms and scrubs, offering her steaming hot cups of tea, each one hoping their mug would be the one selected by the alicorn to quench her supposed thirst.

Meanwhile, in the background, screams of "Who's going to give me my medication?" "Somepony move my bed back to my room!" "Why hasn't my chest been sewn up?" Were ringing out from everywhere, as unhappy ponies waiting for treatment looked set to cause a riot.

Unable to move an inch due to the drink-wielding hospital personnel clustered around them, and finding it impossible to retreat because of the gathering pack of neglected patients up the corridor, Twilight and her friends nervously backed out into Diamond's room, before slamming the door and breathing a collective sigh of relief.

"It's like a madhouse out there, and I'd know!" Gasped Pinkie Pie.

"Oh dear. I hope those poor ill ponies are going to be alright..." Fluttershy contemplated.

"I've seen Diamond Dogs and Timberwolves behave with more decorum. Disgraceful!" Lamented Rarity.

"How are we supposed to get out of here, with everypony blocking the way?" Applejack mused.

"Sometimes, I must say, I miss my old life when I could just walk down the street unnoticed..." Bemoaned Twilight.

"Can't we just fly over the hoards, or give them a blast of magic?" Pondered Rainbow Dash.

Upon hearing this, the blue pegasus's friends turned to glare at her, leaving Dash with an uncomfortable grin on her face, as she spluttered "E-erm, I was just kidding around. You know me, always the joker. Ha ha..." You could see the wheels turn in her eyes as she backpedaled furiously.

"We stick together now, and no magic is to be used on innocent ponies." Twilight stated firmly, before feeling a little tug on her withers.

The alicorn looked down to see what it was, and was greeted by the sight of a confused looking pink filly. "Princess Twilight..." Diamond Tiara said. "What are you doing here, and what's that loud noise coming from outside?"

Twilight smiled at the child in front of her, and the fact that Apple Bloom had followed Tiara's every step to stand by her side. Those two seemed truly inseparable now. She was about to offer the pink filly reassurance, before there was a sudden loud knocking on the door.

"In case you haven't got the message by now..." Rainbow Dash, who had taken on guard duty, growled."The Princess isn't thirsty! That was just a slip of the tongue! Now, go away!"

"Pardon me Madam, but I don't really know what it is you are talking about..." A cultured, officious sounding male voice caught be heard from other side. "I'm here to see a Miss... Twilight Sparkle? I was told she might be in this room here? If so, then could you please let me in, because I fear I am in danger of being crushed to death where I stand now..."

Wordlessly, the six mares glanced at each other. Deciding this sounded important, they gave Dash the go ahead to swing open the door briefly, and a brown stallion with an expensive tailor-made suit and finely coiffured hair took the opportunity to dive in, collapsing on the floor and dropping his briefcase in the process.

"Thank goodness!" Said the stallion, picking himself up and smoothing his clothing down, as the door was slammed shut again."That was like being caught up in a herd of rampaging buffalo! What could have caused such a panic, in a hospital of all places? I'm going to have to get this suit cleaned again..."

"Never mind all of that..." Applejack interrupted him. "You said it was important. That's why we let you in. Now, do you care to tell us what this is all about?"

"Ah, yes. Of course Madam." The stallion switched to business mode at the flip of a switch, and turned to Twilight. "Hello, my name is Legal Eagle. I am a lawyer in the employ of the Rich family. I was hired this morning to represent them in a matter concerning their daughter, and I heard Miss Sparkle is the one who filed the charges. I believe that's you? I also have received information you're currently holding one of my clients in custody. A Mrs Spoiled Rich? Could I see her as soon as possible, please? I would also like to discuss a bail application..."

All ponies in that room froze, apart from Tiara and Bloom who were too busy studying the stallion's cutie mark, a bird of prey holding a gavel in one talon, and the scales of justice in the other.

Noticing the two fillies staring at him, Legal Eagle turned away from Twilight, who was busy reflecting at what a busy boy Filthy had been that morning before he set off on business, to look back at the youngsters. Curling his nose up slightly at Apple Bloom, but hiding it well, his demeanor took on a softer appearance when he noticed the pink filly standing next to her.

Even as Tiara tried to back away behind Bloom from the stranger, she still felt her mane being stroked. "You must be Diamond Tiara. I almost didn't recognise you without your little crown. Your Daddy has told me so much about you. Don't worry, we'll get you home real soon. After all, and this is just between you and me... I've never lost a case..."

Author's Note:

Another delicacy for your consumption. I hope the extra portion is to your satisfaction, my lords and ladies.

And for those of you suffering from Spoiled withdrawal symptoms, fear ye not... She'll be back in all her glory next chapter. Yay! :rainbowhuh:

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