• Published 2nd Nov 2015
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A Mother's 'Love' - deadpansnarker

Diamond Tiara finds out the consequences of her actions against Spoiled Rich after she stood up to her in front of the entire school. Disgraced, her precious tiara taken away...Then, somepony knocks on her door late at night, and everything changes.

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Part 20: Future Plans

She had never felt more socially exposed in all her young life.

Diamond Tiara, the queen bee, the Alpha Filly, the example for all other ponies to imitate, was no more.

In her place, was this rather pathetic, stumbling figure with dirty fur, a sad face, an injured leg and a cheap ribbon tied around her mane.

Even worse, three of the ponies she used to pick on the most, and feel superior to on a regular basis, had now apparently been promoted to her guardians during school hours.

Strange how things work out, isn't it?

Tiara didn't want to seem ungrateful, after all Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and especially Apple Bloom were only trying to look out for her...

But it was so much unlike what she was familiar with, such a radical change of affairs from only a few days ago, it was impossible to take it all in at once.

All she could do now was hide in the dark spot between her new orange pegasus and white unicorn friends, hoping that she wasn't recognised...

Fat chance. Not with her cutie mark on display for all to gawk at.

Meanwhile, Apple Bloom was discussing the arrangements she'd made for the day with Miss Cheerilee regarding Tiara, as well as no doubt mentioning her embarrassing behaviour since arriving at Sweet Acres...

Diamond didn't know which was worse. The fact she was too weak to object to any part of the farm filly's plans...

Or that soon, all the students would know about her adoption, her nervous breakdown that morning, crying like a little foal outside Sugarcube Corner.

The many ponies she'd bullied over the years would have plenty of fuel to get their revenge, that was for sure.

Trying to take her mind off things, she scanned the classroom. Diamond was sure she saw more than a few curious faces staring her way...

Including, of course, Silver Spoon.

She knew her best friend knew who she was, judging by the absolute look of shock she wore all over her features.

How on Equestria was she going to explain this predicament to her, not to mention the rest of the class?

During Tiara's solo about wanting to be a Different Pony a few days ago, she'd envisaged a large chasm swallowing her up, out of despair at the situation she was mired it.

How she wished that dark pit would make a reappearance, so she could dive into it head first.

But, just when things appeared at their bleakest, she felt the slightest of strokes on her mane...

And there was Sweetie Bell, a gleam in her eye, and a hoof tenderly brushing her hair.

As if able to read the pink filly's thoughts, the unicorn reassured her. "Don't worry about today. If I know Apple Bloom, she'll sort it so you won't have any trouble. And if you do, me and Scootaloo will protect you. Isn't that right, Scoots ?"

The winged speedster in question was busy picking a few loose feathers from her wings, but heard her unicorn friend and suddenly sprung to attention. "Er, yeah. Sure. It's like Rainbow Dash says, how can you call yourself a friend to anypony, if you're not there in their hour of need?"

Both Crusaders then smiled at Diamond, who despite her earlier depression, suddenly felt a warm glow encapsulate her. It was the same kind of feeling she experienced when Applejack let her off the hook earlier for messing up Apple Bloom's bedroom.

Tiara was still torn. She liked to think of herself as an independent pony. That was what her cutie mark represented, anyway: Leadership. Strength. Resolve. Being babied like this didn't sit too well with her ego.

And, yet, she was undeniably at her lowest ebb. She still felt on the verge of tears whenever she opened her eyes, and the events since yesterday had taken their toll on even a tough filly like her.

Perhaps... Sometimes it was okay to be looked after.

Maybe... Accepting help occasionally wasn't such a bad thing.

After all... Putting on a brave face had been her way up til' now, and how far had that gotten her.

Tiara's indecision was cut short by Apple Bloom's face suddenly emerging in front of her, so much so she almost fell backwards, if not for Sweetie and Scootaloo propping her up.

"I've had a little chat with Miss Cheerilee about today, Di." Bloom announced warmly. "And she thinks it's an excellent idea, us hanging around together as a group. She wants to talk to you first though, but don't fret, she already knows about your new placement. I think she has some news about your mother, too. Go and see her, we'll be waiting right here."

Diamond could only nod in understand as her two bookends made way so she could hobble over to the teacher. Aware now she was more in the spotlight than ever, the pink filly did her best to avoid what she was sure were the inquisitive stares of her classmates.

Cheerilee had on one of those cheesy 'I know what you're going through' faces that Tiara was a little sick of by now. It was slightly irritating to have to deal with ponies who treated you with the softly-softly approach all day long, on account of you being a 'special case'.

It still beat the surly, hostile manner her mother often subjected her to in her many rants, though. By a long chalk.

"Hello, Diamond Tiara." Cheerilee cooed, smiling affectionately at the filly who was formerly one of her worst pupils. "I hear you're going through a bit of a bad patch at the moment. I know it must be hard for you to get out of bed in the morning, let alone come to school. I want to commend you for your bravery, and in return I'll do my best to make sure things are easy for you here today. I've agreed to let you sit with your new friends during class and at lunchtime, and if there's anything else I can do for you today, don't hesitate to let me know."

"T-thank you, Miss Cheerilee." Tiara said, still overwhelmed at all the support she was getting. Although, she was loath to admit it.

"Would you like me to say a few words to your fellow students today, just to let them know that you're a bit low? " Cheerilee continued, still wearing that sympathetic face "I won't go into specifics, I'll just inform them of your mood so they can understand why perhaps you're not quite your usual self, and need a bit of compassion today especially for what you're going through. Apple Bloom seems to think it's a good idea. Do you agree?"

Diamond pondered the request. On the one hoof, she didn't want her dirty laundry aired in public, and the whispering and innuendo would only continue if more of the facts got out. On the other hoof, her teacher had promised to be discreet, and if Bloom thought it was a good idea...

The last point was the deciding factor. " I-I don't mind, Miss Cheerilee." Tiara approved the offer.

Cheerilee nodded upon hearing this response. "As you wish. Oh, and one last thing. I know you're not living with her at the moment, but I thought you should know, your mother fainted this morning, and I was there when it happened. Don't worry, she's going to be fine, besides, from what I can gather, this isn't the first time this has happened recently. I would say you could see her, but as you know, the restraining order is still in effect. She's in good hoofs, though. She'll be up and about by the afternoon. You can go to your regular seat now. And thank you once again, for being so brave and turning up today."

Her head in a tizzy from her teacher's news, Diamond barely heard the miscellaneous fillies and colts around her desk making way for the Crusaders, or Cheerilee beginning her short speech about having kindness for a below par Tiara that day, or even Silver Spoon's frantic whispering to her about just what the buck was going on.

All she could focus on, again was her mother. What had been said, or done that morning to make her collapse for a second time in twenty four hours? She understood the stress must be hard for her to deal with as well, but it sounded like Spoiled was really having trouble coming to terms with anything.

Rather than being concerned about her mother's state of mind or general health however, the pink filly was petrified that if Spoiled was that wound up by recent events, she might try something REALLY desperate to get her back. Tiara knew what her mom was like only too well, she hated being on the losing side, aimed to win all the time, and the same philosophy was hammered into her daughter to copy.

And so Tiara did. To often ridiculous degrees.

'Not anymore, though...' Diamond thought with a soft smile, as her new friends encircled her around where she sat, wearing friendly grins of their own. 'Friendship and helping others is so much more important, and the Crusaders helped me to see that. I'll never return to who I used to be, whatever she says...'

Feeling a little better all of a sudden, Tiara suddenly remembered something equally as important.

For, leaning forward in her chair, waving her hooves frenetically in the air as if trying to flag down a passing dragon, was no other than her BFF, Silver Spoon.

She had so much to explain to the grey filly...

She didn't know where to start...

And it was only another hour until recess.


Spoiled Rich slept the sleep of the damned.

Those who knew her best would say she befit that status, regardless.

At least this time during her little nap, in her room at the hospital...

They'd seen fit to stick her tongue back in her mouth.

Not really for her own benefit, though.

More so because her face was hard enough to look at usually for nearby patients...

Adding an extra unsightly organ on top of her already enlarged proboscis might just frighten some of the more delicate ones away.

A few of the nurses around the unit were already amazed the surgeons hadn't been sued for a face-lift that was obviously a complete hatchet job...

As well as whispering about the child neglect allegations regarding the wealthy mare, which were common knowledge around town now.

Sufficed to say, she wasn't exactly the most popular of the day's patients...

And, with her husband already long departed for essential business in Fillydelphia...

Plus, as her daughter had so emphatically pointed out, having no friends at all around town...

Spoiled slumbered peacefully on, completely alone.

All that was about to change, though...

"Wait a second, you two can't just stroll in there! We have a victim in recovery."

"Nonsense! My husband and I have given money to various causes over the years, including to the health service! Now, step aside, Miss..."

"I'm Nurse Sweetheart... And, who may I ask, are you? Are you related to the mare in this room?"

"Even better! We're acquaintances at a recent dinner party. We have some very important news about her daughter that she has to hear now. My wife must deliver it to her personally. So if you would let us through..."

"I'm sorry, but this patient is currently unconscious. It will still be a good few hours before she's in any fit state to have visitors and even then, If this is about her child, I suspect she already knows..."

"Yes, yes. We've heard the rumours from the mayor's aides, the same ones that told us where she was recuperating. We'd still like to have a word with her, and offer our... Services. My name is Upper Crust, by the way. This is my life partner, Jet Set. We're quite important ponies round these parts, you know."

"I'm afraid I've never heard of either of you. You're not on the patient's visitor list either, so I can't let you in. If you'd like to with me to reception now, and..."

"Now, look here. My wife has asked you for a perfectly acceptable request, and we will not take no for an answer. If you won't listen to reason, I'm afraid I may have to resort to more... Forceful means. Are you aware the administrator Big Bucks at this fine clinic is a very close personal friend of mine?"

"Er, no, why should I be? And why does that matter?"

"Because, my dear, you may not be aware of this... But thanks to the recent war with Tirek, and Celestia's obscene cake tax, the budget for this worthy establishment has been halved, so your employers might be looking at a few... Cutbacks. I'd hate to see you fall victim to such an unfortunate state of affairs, Miss..."

"...S-sweetheart, sir..."

"Very good. At least you're learning how to address your betters. Now, if you'll be a good girl and get yourself a nice cup of watered-down coffee from the canteen, me and my wife will just slip past you to see our dear friend Spoiled Rich. I trust we have a mutual understanding?"

"Y-yes sir. I'll just get out of your w-way now, sir."

"You do that. It was a pleasure speaking to you by the way, Miss.


"Finally, she's gone. It's always good when commoners know their place in Equestria, and it's even better when you have the connections to get things done. That's why I married you, darling..."

"Yes, yes. I love you too. We can discuss how influential and wealthy we are later. I know I'm looking forward to it. But for now, Upper Crust, we have work to do..."

"Of course, Jet Set. Let's just go inside, and wait for her to wake up..."


"Is that her, dear? The mare you were talking to at the garden party? I must say, she isn't exactly an oil painting."

"No, darling, I completely agree with you. My facial treatment was much more professionally done, and actually enhanced my looks. You should hear her when she talks, too. Quite the frightful bore."

"Hmm. Is that so. Remind me again, why we're helping this unworthy pony out, if that is indeed the case..."

"Because, darling, regardless of what we may think of our fellow capitalists, us upper-class ponies must stick together in an increasingly immaterialistic world. Who knows, we do a favour for her now, one day, she might be in a position to help us out. It's quid pro-quo."

"...Yes, you raise a very good point, Upper Crust, but I know you. You wouldn't go to these kind of lengths just for the vague promise of a far off benefit that may or may not happen. Come on, tell me what your other motivating factor is for this subterfuge."

"Oh, Jet Set. You know me too well. I can only reply by telling you it's the oldest reason in the book. Armies have been crushed by it. Empires have crumbled. And today, it's why I'm here."

"I must say dear, your little riddle has got me intrigued, but I'm afraid I'm not as sharp as I used to be, so do you care to share the answer?

"Why, the solution is simple, darling. Revenge."

Author's Note:

Yes, I had a great Christmas. How's about you? Meanwhile, the saga continues.
Hope you liked it. I'm off to warm up the last mince pie...

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