• Published 18th Mar 2016
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By Her Side - Lady Froey

After losing her powers at the Battle of the Bands, Adagio separates herself from the Sirens and spent the last several years adjusting to living as a regular individual in the human world. Attending the local college, she runs into Sunset Shimmer.

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Chapter 4 - Love

As Sunset and Adagio rode through downtown Canterlot, the setting sun made the colorful buildings they passed look elegant. Leaving downtown, they transitioned into the industrial part of Canterlot, passing several abandoned buildings and old warehouses. Adagio didn’t feel threatened in this part of Canterlot, but she decided it would be best to keep her guard up.

Turning off the road, they rode into a cramped alley between two old structures. Pulling up to a lone garage, surrounded by abandoned buildings and tall apartment complexes, Sunset parked her bike in front of the large garage door and killed the engine. Adagio stepped off first and could only stare at the building.

It was made of stained concrete, but traces of old graffiti remained from whenever its last owner had stopped bothering to remove it. There were some windows near the top to let light in, but a majority of them were covered up with boards. Looking around at her surroundings, she saw the structures around them were made of concrete, with no sign of life whatsoever.

“Please don’t tell me you live here,” Adagio said.

“It doesn’t look pleasant on the outside, but I promise it’s not that bad inside.” Sunset stepped off the bike.

“You sure about that?” Adagio grimaced.

“Of course. Besides, we can’t really drive back now, anyways.” Sunset walked to the regular door next to the garage and pulled up her keys.

“Why not?” Adagio asked.

Multiple gunshots could be heard echoing in the distance.

“That’s why,” Sunset said, undoing the deadbolt and knob lock, then opening the door. “During the day it’s not bad, but near the evening it’s a different story.”

“No kidding.”

Sunset walked into the building and opened up the garage door from inside. Adagio got her first glimpse of the interior and walked through the garage door, going towards the center and taking in her surroundings.

It was a larger space than her apartment, enough to fit two large vehicles. The floor inside was made of concrete, but the main footpaths were covered by two large rugs.

Looking to her right near the garage door was a small living area. There was a TV up against the wall with a coffee table and torn sofa to really tie the room together.

In the corner next to the living area was a queen-size bed taking up a majority of the space. Beside the bed were both an electric and an acoustic guitar sitting on their stands.

At the opposite corner was a makeshift kitchen. A rack held most of the food and supplies, while beside it was a counter covered with a few common kitchen appliances.

The remaining space in the kitchen was filled by some chairs around a small table, where a vase containing various flowers sat alone.

The entire space was cleaned fairly well, with everything being well organized and there not being much dust. The air was a bit musty, but considering what this place looked like on the outside, it was better than what Adagio imagined and it certainly contained a lot of Sunset’s charm.

“So, what do you think?” Sunset asked, pushing her bike into the garage on top of some flattened cardboard boxes.

“It’s very… open.” Adagio took a quick glance around the garage. “Though, please tell me you have a bathroom.”

“Behind the door there.” Sunset pointed to another door near the entrance. “It has a sink and toilet, unfortunately no bath… Or shower…”

“Wait,” Adagio said, her eyes wide. “Please tell me you bathe.”

“W-what? Of course I do. I just have to hook up an external shower to the sink. There is a drain in the center of the bathroom to help keep this place from flooding.”

Adagio let out a breath of fresh air. “That’s a relief.”

Sunset rubbed her arm, a bit nervous regarding Adagio’s comments. “I don’t—“ Sunset sniffed her jacket. “I don’t smell? Do I?”

“Actually I was more concerned with my hair. I have to wash it every morning or it’s a disaster.”

“Adagio Dazzle, her only known weakness…” Sunset grinned. “Bad hair days.”

“Very funny, Sunny.”

Sunset chuckled while she closed the large the garage door and locked it, then closed the other door and made sure all the locks were set.

“Though, I am curious.” Adagio sat at the kitchen table. “Where did you get the money to pay for all of this?”

“When I first got here, I was desperate. I’m not proud of what I did, but I scammed some people at CHS.” Sunset walked over to the kitchen rack and grabbed a bag of kale chips, sitting at the other side of the kitchen table and placing the bag between the two. “I held a fundraiser when I first attended the school, made a grand that I kept for myself.”

“What were you raising money for?” Adagio asked.

“Cancer research.”

Adagio only stared blankly at Sunset.

“What?” Sunset said.

“You really were a bitch.” Adagio grinned.

“I was homeless and technically an illegal immigrant. What else was I supposed to do?”

“True.” Adagio grabbed a few chips after Sunset. “Anyways, go on…”

“Once I got the money, I bought this place and cleaned it out. While at high school, I began to take control through… less than respectable methods. You know. Lying, cheating, blackmail, intimidation. Like you said, I was a bitch. Once I won the fall formal my freshman year, I began to get everything in order.”


“Like I said earlier, I regret a lot of what I did,” Sunset huffed. “Throughout a majority of my time there I began to date Flash Sentry to gain popularity among students. I also became friends with a politician's son who helped get my legal documents in check, and I brought in regular income from students through my various methods.”

“You did this for how long?”

“Until my senior year in fall when Twilight came and basically undid everything I’d done.”

“How disappointing. What did you do afterwards? I can’t imagine you had money left to attend college, much less maintain that bike over there.” Adagio pointed to Sunset’s bike.

“Mmm,” Sunset nodded her head. “I felt like I lost it all when Twilight changed everything, but instead I got friends, which I never had before, and I was offered a job by my friend Applejack soon after I graduated.”

“What does she do?”

“She worked for her family’s orchard. When she turned eighteen, though, her grandmother passed the entire farm to her and she hired me to work on the orchard and do odd jobs around the farm.”

“Well, that explains why you are in such good shape.”

“Hmm?” Sunset raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I lost myself over time. You on the other hand look…” Adagio paused, thinking of the word. “Good. I’m guessing doing a lot of physical work on the farm helped with that.”

“Oh, um. Thanks.” She twirled her hair. “To be honest, I think you looked really good today, Adagio. I wasn’t lying earlier when I first saw you.”

“Well, thank you.” Adagio smiled.

The two sat there in silence at the table, not sure where else to take the conversation. Sunset then broke the silence.

“So, do you want to watch the rest of Sensation8? Just like at your place?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Adagio smiled.

The two went over to the living room area and flopped on the sofa. Soon, they were curled up together like they were at Adagio’s apartment a few days back. Adagio laid her back against the sofa, with Sunset resting next to her, with her back up against Adagio’s side. They continued the show from where they left off last time.

Several episodes in, Adagio’s stomach growled audibly. Sunset giggled.

“Hungry?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah,” Adagio replied.

“I can make us something. Can you help me out?”


Sunset got off the sofa first, with Adagio following behind her as they walked into the kitchen.

“How does fried eggplant parmesan sound?

“Fried… Eggplant?” Adagio tilted her head at the name of the dish.

“It’s a vegan-friendly pasta dish. I know that sounds gross, but trust me, it’s my best recipe.”

“Fair enough, I guess.” Adagio said unenthusiastically.

“Good.” Sunset reached over to the tall rack, pulled out a bag, and passed Adagio a small eggplant. “Can you cut that into large slices while I get the batter and noodles prepared? I already have some leftover sauce in the fridge.” She pointed to the counter. “There is a knife and cutting board over there.”

“Sure…” Adagio went over to the counter and began cutting the eggplant.

Sunset, meanwhile, placed two decently sized pots on the portable stove as she began making a batter for the fried eggplant.

“So Adagio, just curious…”

“What?” Adagio said, pushing the knife down against the yielding eggplant, which bowed and eventually gave, letting the knife cut through to the block with a hearty slap. Sunset flinched and Adagio realized how she’d sounded. “Sorry. What is it?”

Sunset opened her mouth to ask a question, then shrank back a little, running her hand through her hair in an effort to appear casual. “Ever, uh, date anyone before?”

Adagio’s mind flashed back to the park–The song!–and her grip on the eggplant slipped. It rolled away from the knife lazily. Sunset ran over and grabbed Adagio’s hand, lifting it up to her face and inspecting it for cuts.

“Are you okay?” Sunset asked loudly.

“Yeah, I’m fine…” Adagio said quietly. Why would she ask me that? She’s not… is she?

“You need to saw back and forth when you cut instead of pushing down. Nice and slow. Here, like this,” Sunset said, giving Adagio the knife again and guiding her hands in her own. They were warm. Adagio caught herself smiling and cleared her throat.

“What was the question again?” Adagio asked.

“Oh!” Sunset froze, her face flashing pink. “I, um, I was just making conversation was all. I was wondering…” She paused, swallowing. “If you’ve dated anyone before.”

“Not really sure. I’ve been on dates if that’s what you mean. Plenty of them. All for my own gain in various ways, of course. But it seems like dating is more about how you feel than what you do, and I can’t say I’ve ever felt the proverbial butterflies in my stomach.”

“So you never really loved anyone? For who they were?” Sunset asked.

Adagio shrugged.

“I guess so,” she replied, passing the chopped eggplant to Sunset.

“Have you thought about finding a partner?”

“…Maybe?” Adagio raised an eyebrow. “Why are you asking me this?”

“Just curious,” Sunset said quickly, grabbing the eggplant slices and throwing them into the batter she prepared. “These are going to turn out really good. I make this recipe for all my friends when I can.”


Sunset took over the rest of the meal preparation, frying the eggplant slices, boiling the noodles and throwing it all together after reheating the sauce.

After a few minutes of preparation, the meal was ready to serve. Adagio and Sunset sat at the kitchen table, each with a plate of pasta in front of them. Adagio poked this dish with her fork just like she had at lunch, not sure about it.

“Oh come on, I made it myself. I promise it’s good.” Sunset said.

“I’ll hold you responsible.” Adagio cut the large eggplant chunk in half and grabbed it in her fork with the noodles. Taking a bite, she took in all the flavor and her eyes widened.


“I take it back.” Adagio began digging into her plate.

Sunset could only chuckle as she dug into her plate of pasta as well.

After having dinner, Sunset and Adagio watched the last few episodes of the show, going through the finale with a shared bowl of popcorn.

Sunset clapped after the final scene of the episode.

“Wow, they could be going anywhere after that ending. We should watch the next season!” Sunset said, grabbing the remote.

“There is only one season at the moment.” Adagio stretched her arms.

“You’re kidding!?” Sunset said, disappointed.

“Well, there is another season coming.” Adagio placed her finger on her chin. “But it won’t come out for another year, possibly two.”


“What do you want to do now?” Adagio asked.

“Mmm, I don’t know.” Sunset wrapped her arms tightly around Adagio.

Adagio welcomed Sunset’s embrace, but she knew something was up. Friends are never this touchy.


“Yeah…?” She looked at Adagio.

“The talk we had earlier, and this.” She pointed Sunset holding her. “I don’t think friends are this clingy. Is there something you need to tell me?”

Sunset remained silent.

“I honestly don’t know how to say it,” she said.

“Cmon, just tell me,” Adagio huffed.

Sunset took a deep breath.

“I-I like you, Adagio.”

“I know that—”

“No, Adagio.” Sunset shook her head. “I really like you.”

Adagio only had a blank expression.

“You’re joking, right?”

“I’m serious.”

They both remained laying on the sofa, silent.

Adagio could only think to herself, Could this be my fault? That song… surely it's not capable of pulling her in.

“Adagio?” Sunset interjected.

“Sorry,” Adagio said. “Just… I am not sure what to say, or even how to feel. How long have you felt like this?”

Sunset trembled. “When I first saw you in that classroom, I saw myself back when Twilight and her friends gave me a chance after my downfall. I wanted to do the same.”

Sunset sat up, sitting at the other end of the sofa.

“When we were talking in that coffee shop, I began to take an interest in you. You had that old attitude of yours, but at the same time I could see a different person. I felt sorry for you and kept blaming myself for where you are now, and I wanted to be friends with you.”

“That one night, when we were at your place on the sofa… you were so warm. I was so happy. I knew it was stupid, but…” Sunset bit her lip. “I couldn’t get you out of my head. I knew that what I was feeling wasn’t just friendship or empathy. Then today at the park when you were humming that song, I realized exactly what it was. I don’t want to just be friends, Adagio.”

“Seriously?” Adagio got off the sofa, wrapping her arms around herself. “Sunny, we were enemies only a few years ago.” She paced back and forth. “You smashed my plans, took away my power and separated me from the only people I’ve known for years.”

Adagio stared ahead at the wall.

“Honestly, you ruined my life. For several years!” She shot a glare back over her shoulder. “And after all that, all the shame and the pain you’ve caused me, you want to hold hands and kiss it better?!”

Sunset trembled. This wasn’t going the way she’d hoped at all. “Um… y-yes?” She replied.

“This is ridiculous,” Adagio said.

“What about today? Do you doll yourself up with makeup and perfume every time you go out with a friend?” Sunset snorted. “Adagio ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me’ Dazzle? I may be foolish, idealistic, even stupid, but don’t you dare tell me you don’t feel anything!”

“I-I do want to impress you!” Adagio stomped her foot. “I want to impress everyone, that’s how I take a hold of my subjects. You to me are just nothing but another pawn. I’m not doing any of this for you.”

“But you didn’t do it just for yourself. I can tell you like me as more than just a friend.”

“I never said I was your frien—”

“Adagio, cut the shit.” Sunset interrupted her. “Over the past few days, I’ve seen you go from someone who can barely get out a word that’s not a grumble to someone who smiles, laughs, even sings again. Don’t just stand there and lie to my face.”

Adagio sighed.

“This isn’t going to work out between us,” she said.

“Why? Why can’t we be together?” Sunset asked.

“Look,” Adagio said. “Watching Sensation8 together is fun and all, and maybe our situations right now are vaguely similar, but do you really think you know me? I don’t even know me! I’ve lived for thousands of years; I was adored and feared to the point that I was banished from an entire realm. Does that sound like ‘girlfriend material’ to you?”

She paused, walking up to Sunset with her arms crossed, staring down at her.

“What do you think your friends would say? Your already-disappointed parents? Better yet, that princess in pony land, Celestia? I’m sure she would love you dating an exile from the past that gave her trouble.”

“I don’t care about any of that.” Sunset looked up at Adagio, gazing into her eyes. “I care about you.”

“I don't!” Adagio screamed, turning her head, unable to meet Sunset's piercing gaze. “There's no way anything like that could work! I don't—”

Sunset placed her hand on Adagio’s chin, turning her back to her gaze and silenced her with a kiss, holding Adagio tight around the waist.

“Then don't kiss me back…” she half-whispered as their lips parted.

Adagio was caught off guard, again, by the same woman who surprised her at Battle of the Bands. She was shaking, not sure what just happened. She didn’t want to fall again to Sunset, but her feelings took the better of her.

“You bitch.” Adagio pulled Sunset into a kiss.

They stood there, exchanging kisses with one another. Adagio didn’t want to stop. Her heart began to beat rapidly as she continued.

“Adagio—” Sunset tried to talk in-between their kisses, but only for Adagio to cut her off.

“Shush.” Adagio said, continuing on, moving away from Sunset’s lips, beginning to nip along her neck as she moaned loudly. Adagio continued, enjoying the sound coming from Sunset.

Inching closer, they fell onto the bed. Adagio was on top of Sunset as they continued to exchange kisses. They went on throughout the night, remaining in the bed.

It wasn’t until the late evening that they finally stopped to rest, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Author's Note:

Special thanks to editors Madeline L-Equine and Gardrek for helping with this chapter.