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Baking is not something Queen Chrysalis knows about but her girlfriend Tempest does. She agreed to do this stupid contest to show Equestria Tempest’s baking skills. Sadly the competition throws them a curveball and the Queen of the changelings has to bake the cake herself. Can she defeat the combined might of Princess Twilight and Trixie? Can her feat of cake engineering defeat theirs? Let the battle begin!

Special thanks to Bean, Mockingbirb, Ninjadeadbeard and Sunlight Rays for helping!

Chapters (1)

Sweetie Belle has an idea for the upcoming Ponyville Friendship Festival, but she can't do it alone. Even if being alone is all she has.

A Christmas and birthday gift for one of my best friends, wishcometrue. Thank you for everything you've done!

Cover art done by Snow Quill!

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Wallflower is bored, alone, sad, and hungry, just like any other day, but when she goes to order food, a sushi restaurant gives her an offer that would fix these three things. With the cutest deliverer.

Inspired by the artwork from the talented BranewashPV (who's also responsible for Balloon To The Moon), and written for Sunflower Day, also known as Scampy's Birthday.

Edited and pre-read by the very cool people Gay For Gadot and daOtterGuy

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Applejack is not quite ready for her latest friendship mission.

She has to get sucked through an interdimensional vacuum cleaner, have her entire body re-shaped, and get dumped in an alien world she's only heard about secondhoof from Twilight.

It certainly doesn't help that she has no idea what her mission will be. And since the map only summoned AJ, she has to go alone.

Not that she's scared or anything!

Written in one half hour for a Quills and Sofas PANIC! Authors were given a very specific prompt that fit a very specific genre, then required to NOT write in that genre. This came out of that mess.

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Pharynx is still coming to terms with all the changes, both to the Hive and to himself. While Thorax leads his people into the bright new future, Pharynx is desperately trying to keep the Hive safe.

Is it so wrong to worry about each and every member of his Hive family even while the rest of the Hive is buzzing over holiday festivities? Especially the one member of his Hive studying abroad at the School of Friendship?

Thank you to ninjadeadbeard for help with the cover art, and daOtterGuy for pre-reading.

Written for CitreneSkys for Jinglemas 2021

Chapters (3)

In her short time on the Wonderbolts roster, Rainbow Dash has become the star atraction of the locker room with her wild stories. It was amusing at first, but Spitfire's gotten sick of it. Clearly, the best way to stop these tall tales is to see just how mundane Dash's home life really is. Hearth's Warming will provide the perfect excuse.

And that's where the problem really started, Chief Rights...

Written for The Iguana Man for Jinglemas 2021. Miranda Rights borrowed with permission from Estee, who wants it on record that they had nothing to do with the title. Rated Teen for significant alcohol use.

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It's no secret that Apple Bloom has a complicated history with Diamond Tiara. Frankly, Applejack can't make heads or tails of it.

It's Hearth's Warming Eve, there are pies to be made, and Apple Bloom needs advice.

Written for Ninjadeadbeard for Jinglemas 2021, with the request of Applejack and/or the Apple family. Happy Hearth's Warming!

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When Spike catches a terrible cold, Pinkie offers him a treatment plan in the form of a special kind of soup.

A special Reviewer's Mansion Secret Santa Gift Exchange story for the one-and-only Ninjadeadbeard, who asked for "Spike and Pinkie, Comedy or Slice of Life." Comedy isn't really my forte, but I tried to incorporate some semblance of humor into this piece. I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!

No actual relation to the real Crystal Noodle Soup product.

Chapters (1)

While picking up the pieces of her shattered home, Sunny has an unexpected visitor: an old, old friend that she never knew she had...

Has an excellent audio reading, courtesy of the kind folks at StraightToThePointStudio. Enjoy!

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She'd lost her home. She'd lost her family. She'd lost her hope. As Chrysalis nears the end, she makes one final gambit that could cost a princess her life. But as days pass and the future of Equestria grows dim, the former changeling queen finds herself wondering if this is what she really wants.

*Warning: This story is in the process of major rewrites. These rewrites will be released on a separate story when they are finished and marked as Version 2. The rewrites do shift a great deal of the story, leaving only the rough frame of the chapters intact. Because of this, this story is to be considered non-canon to the sequels, but will be kept around for those who wish to compare the two or want to see an alternate take on the story. I apologize for any inconvenience, and hope all you perspective readers out there will continue to enjoy this work for what it is.*

Thank you to Applezombi for their review, which can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/213901/my-little-reviews-feedback/thread/448400/review-of-death-of-a-queen-by-arkane12

For those seeking a bit more persuasion, there is another review by flutterJackdash here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/924077/fjd-review-death-of-a-queen-by-arkane12

And another from Azure Drache:

And last but certainly not least, one from the Queen herself, QueenChrysalisForever:

Also, credit for the cover art goes to: The Sleepless Beholder. Thank you so much for your help. (https://www.fimfiction.net/user/249246/The+Sleepless+Beholder)

Thank you to all the reviewers, artists, and readers that made this story what it is today.

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