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Steve is the only Crafter left. A terrible war against Herobrine had taken everyone from him. He lives, but without purpose. His happy-go-lucky attitude hides decades of war and scars. He wishes for a second chance, a way to make it up to those he lost. Now, due to unknown powers, he arrives in Equestria. Can these peaceful ponies make a mark on a battle-scarred Crafter, or will the darkness inside consume him from the inside out.

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Smolder has been through a lot in her first year at the School of Friendship. Whether it was the crazy field trips with her professors, the strange encounters that the dragon had faced with her friends or having to stop Cozy Glow from taking over the entire school, there was no creature that she could bravely stand up and not back down against.

However, even if she and her friends had saved Equestria before, unexpected things can happen. When one such thing could possibly set her back in her class and affect her plans for the summer break, Smolder is given a task by one of her teachers. One where she was to take what she learned in the classroom and apply it outside the school of friendship to help other creatures.

Of course, in trying to do this, the dragon ends up coming across a rather unfamiliar creature in need of dire assistance. When Smolder asks if it needs any help, what they and the rest of their tribe tell her that they need help with may be one that's a rather big undertaking... and test her patience.

For these creatures are the Namazu, and they need Smolder's help in preventing their extinction... through preparing a giant festival... No pressure.


A silly mini-project that I wanted to do for comedy purposes based on an idea I had as well as a crossover with one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy XIV. I plan to do this as a series of short mini chapters where the predicaments that happen only escalate the further along you go. Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9

Credits to everything shown
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Final Fantasy XIV belongs to Square Enix

Based on the Namazu Beast Tribe crafting questline, but with even more shenanigans and Smolder's patience being tested every step of the way.

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I got dragged to Equestria by pure accident due to an experiment gone 'wrong', roughly forty years before Nightmare Moons' arrival.
No matter what I do, as a pony-changeling hybrid, something will change with Equestria. I just hope I don't doom the country before Nightmare Moon even arrives... Or worse.

This is the first story I ever tried to write professionally, so there WILL be errors, for that, I apologize in advance.
I'm editing and proofreading it on my own because I literally suck when it comes to using this site competently.
Lastly, I am a slow writer due to IRL getting in the way but I will try my hardest to settle the story down whether it's popular or not.

Fair warning, there may be spoilers in the comments.

Thank you to Little Tigress for the fantastic cover art.

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It's been many a year since Twilight took the throne of Equestria, and even though she's retired and is living happily in Silver Shoals, Celestia can't shake the feeling that something is off. That something is missing from her life. Facing conflicted feelings, she travels back to Canterlot to see how her former student is doing ruling Equestria in her and Luna's stead.

Little does she realize that this visit will be one that leads to much change in both her life, and that of Twilight Sparkle.

My entry in the The Twelfth Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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A long figure, garbed in a flowing red cloak, walks the streets of Canterlot in the pre-dawn hours. Their path will take them directly to Canterlot Castle. Their march is slow and steady, only stopped by a chance encounter.

Cover Image Source

Edited by: Kiernan

Not a parody of "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe.

Edit: Featured 2/27-3/2/2022 Thank you all!!

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A man dies and wakes up in the middle of a dark cave. His body is different, everything around him is different, from the air he breathes to the animals around him, just what in the world happened to him?

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Spartan-B312 A.K.A Noble six. The unsung hero and the only other Soldier designated as 'Hyper-lethal' of the Human-Covenant War. Were it not for her actions on Reach, the events that lead to victory over the Covenant and Flood would never have happened.

But that victory had a cost heavy price with Noble team dead and Six left on Reach as the Pillar of Autumn made for orbit.

Alone against the Covenant she was doomed. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

For three whole days, she fought. For three whole nights, she struggled against the full might of the Covenant on Reach. And on the third and final day, she fell.

Exhausted, battered, and beaten she was finally overwhelmed and presumably killed from what the helmet cam footage shows, the only thing remaining of the Spartan after the glassing of Reach was a broken helmet. But even after that, there is one constant that is never broken.

Spartans never die...They just go missing in action.

Now armed with a new equine body and armor to boot in a barren wasteland resembling the one she had just left behind, Six's Journey hasn't ended yet.

Cover art by the wonderful: Panini you can find them here
Holy wow Featured within the first 6 hours
I-I have no words to express how happy this makes me

Halo: Reach Crossover (And yes my Noble Six is female)

Character tags shall be added as the story progresses

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Sunny Starscout was ventured far and wide and accomplished her dream of uniting the three tribes, bestowing a new era for Equestria.

But her hunger for adventure was far from complete. Just a few days after the ending of their journey, she huddled her friends and supplies to travel to the far west to uncover ancient ruins that were once a critical location to Equestria's lost history.

If her father's research was correct, the town's name was Ponyville.


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Everyone always tells Twilight that the ones who love us never truly leave us.

But that's a lie. It's always been a lie.

Things that live must also die. It's simply the cycle of life, and that cycle doesn't care about love or the pain it causes.

Until one day, that cycle is broken by a forgotten figure from her past: a little tortoise who's not so little anymore.

This story is, first and foremost, a gift for the incomparable Mushroom, who clearly must be some sort of undiscovered species of fungus dog since we definitely don't deserve her. I have it on good authority that this story gave her Many Feelings, and I hope it gives them to you, too. :)

This also won first place in the of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting '2021 Gift Fic Exchange' contest portion, which is neat.

Cover art commissioned from the lovely Shaslan!

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The Elements of Harmony have freed Princess Luna from the clutches of Nightmare Moon, and she could not be more grateful to their bearers. For her first Hearth’s Warming since her return, Luna wishes to give each bearer a gift in thanks. However, having not spent any more time in Ponyville, she knows very little about them, and thus has no ideas on what to give them. 

Having regained her power to dreamwalk, Luna decides to search for inspiration in the Element bearers’ dreams, but upon her first foray into the Dream Realm, she finds someone she never would have expected.

This story was written for Reactception as a part of Jinglemas 2021! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

Cover art by (and story title totally stolen from) the incredible Little Tigress!

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