• Published 24th Jan 2021
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Through the Eyes of Nightmare - Mister E-Nonymous

A boy from an orphanage in New York has had a tough life. He lost his parents when he was four, he got picked on by bullies in school, he got kidnapped and forced to steal a diamond, and now, he ends up in Equestria as a filly Nightmare Moon. Oh boy.

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Through the Eyes of Nightmare


New York... Earth... June 1st... 8:00 PM...

Nick, an orphan in New York, has been having a hard time his whole life. When he was four years old, his parents died in a car crash, having him been sent to a local orphanage. His life has been getting worse from then on. When he got into the first grade in school, he had been picked on by bullies, saying that he will never have a loving family.

And one day, as Nick was walking through the streets of New York, heading back to the orphanage, an unmarked black van pulled up in front of him, and a big man grabbed him, and took him into the van, then drove off, far away from their current location.

Months had passed, and Nick was upset to be far away from his home. He has been taken to Shu Swamp Nature Preserve. He was scared, and wanted to get out of there, but the woman in charge would not have it. She made sure that Nick was not going to go home until she gets the diamond that she stole from a museum, and hid it in that swamp in a cave connected to the swamp. But over time, the entrance to the cave grew smaller due to a marshy build up, making the woman unable to go in to get it herself. So, she got Nick to go in and get it after the preserve closes.

Nick had been taken to the cave entrance by the woman, Miss Sheer, who forcefully said, "Alright, Nicholas. You have one hour until the tide of the swamp comes in. Bring me the diamond before then, and I'll think about letting you go."

Nick was worried that he might not be able to go back to the city. But he was shoved in and he looked back. The woman motioned for Nick to go in. He got out the flashlight that was given to him, and lit up the cave. The the cave floor was cold and wet for him to get a clear view of where to find the diamond. He looked around for the diamond, but he couldn't find it.

He called out, "Where exactly did you put the diamond?"

"Good question, Nicholas," said Miss Sheer. "It should be below a marker I left there. You should see a pennant flag to Princeton. It should be underneath there in a straight line across from the sides of the cave."

Nick looked around to see the Princeton pennant. He saw it, and looked at the floor. He reached his left hand into the murky water to find the diamond while holding the flashlight with his right hand. He felt something, and called out, "Hey! I think I found it!"

"Can you pull it out?" Miss Sheer asked.

He attempted to pull it out, but it wasn't coming. He called out, "It's stuck!"

"Stuck?!" Miss Sheer asked. "Are you using both hands?!"

Nick then put the end of the flashlight in his mouth, and dug both hands into where he felt the diamond. He then started tugging on it, and then he felt the diamond loosening, and he eventually got it.

He pulled the flashlight out of his mouth and said, "I got it!"

"Great!" said Miss Sheer. "Bring it out here." But then water started coming into the cave. "Oh, no!"

Nick got worried and said, "I thought you said I had an hour!"

"Oh, right," said Miss Sheer. "They said that the moon would come out early, tonight. Hurry!"

Nick held the diamond tight, and rushed towards the exit, trying to get out of the cave. As he reached the way out, he pulled the diamond closer to his chest with his left hand and reached out his right hand, which Miss Sheer grabbed, and pulled him out.

"Are you okay?" Miss Sheer asked, which Nick replied with a nod. "You have the diamond?"

Nick pulled out the diamond, which started glowing brighter. Nick called out, "What's happening?!"

"The diamond is known as the Eye of the Night!" Miss Sheer shouted. "Give it to me!" She reached out to grab, but the diamond let out an explosion of light, pushing Miss Sheer back. She looked back towards Nick, and saw that he was gone. "Nick? Where are you?!"

Then some police cars with sirens came up towards the road near by and stopped. The cops came out of the cars, pointed their guns at Miss Sheers, and one of them shouted, "Freeze! Amelia Veronica Sheer, you are under arrest! Kidnapping, theft, and trespassing on public property!"

"Aw, crud," said Miss Sheer. "That kid got a lucky break." Two cops came down, and put Miss Sheer's arms behind her back, handcuffed her wrists, and was escorted to the back of a police van, with her accomplice in there as well. "They got you, too, huh?"

"Where's the kid?" her accomplice asked.

"I have no idea," said Miss Sheer. "He got the diamond, and under the light of the full moon, it just started glowing, and he just vanished with the diamond."

The two of them looked out the window, looking out at the moon. Both of them had one thing on their mind, what in the world happened to Nick.

Castle of the Two Sisters... Equestria... June 2nd... 6:30 AM...

Nick was coming to. He had no idea what the diamond did in a flash, but he did know one thing. He felt stone pressed up against his cheek. He opened his eyes and looked around. He saw that he was in some old castle. He was confused on why he ended up there. He decided to get up and look around, but he lost balance and fell over.

"OW!" Nick shouted. "How did I..." He was surprised on how different his voice was. It was high pitched, like a little girl's voice. "My voice! How come my..." He was about to pull his hand to his mouth until he saw that his right hand was a black hoof with fancy blue horseshoes. "My hands!" He looked around, trying to find an explanation to where he was and what he was. But first, he looked down at his body and saw that he was some kind of black horse thing.

But, to make matters even more surprising, he saw that what lies in his crotch was not of a male horse, but one of a female. He, or rather she, was not happy of what he was seeing. Not only did he find get transported to some weird castle somewhere completely different, but he ended up in the body of a horse thing in the opposite gender. Then Nick thought of something.

"The diamond! Where's that diamond?!" Nick nearly shouted, looking for the diamond. She then saw that the diamond that sent him/her there was dull and broken right down the middle. "No! No no no no no no! I can't be stuck here like this! I have to get out of here!"

Nick tried moving around like a human would, trying to walk on only her hind legs, but she was really off balanced, trying to stand up like a human. But after the third step, she tripped and fell over.

"Oof!" Nick said as she landed on her stomach. She then looked down at her body and saw the rest of her. She saw that she was wearing horseshoes similar to the ones she was wearing on her forelegs on her hind legs. She saw that her tail was similar to the night sky, even had shimmering light dots. She also had wings on the side of her body. "Wait... I'm... a winged... horse?" She then thought about it and said, "Okay. That's a little cool. Flying is really cool, I guess." She then thought of something. "Wait a minute. What about my face? I need a mirror."

Nick then tried walking away from that spot, trying to find a way to walk like a horse, but not used to her new sense of gravity, had a hard time trying to move around. She looked around to find a room with a mirror, trying to master her new sense of gravity.

She basically found a room with a full body mirror. She walked over towards it and saw her reflection.. She widened in surprise. Her head had on a blue helmet that matched the colors of the horseshoes she was wearing. There was also a hole that a unicorn horn.

"Wait..." Nick said, getting extremely nervous. "I'm a winged unicorn?!" She then looked at her eyes. Instead of the naturally green eyes Nick normally had, her eyes were now a turquoise blue, and the whites of her eyes were a lighter shade. And her pupils were now dragon like. "What... am I?" She then looked down at her hooves, got a bit angry and said, "Why am I even wearing this stuff? I gotta get this stuff off." She then started taking off the horseshoes on her hooves. She shook them off, which was surprisingly easy. But then came the challenging part. Taking off the helmet. She used her forelegs to grab the sides of the helmet, and tried taking it off. But it kept hooking on her new horn. "Ow ow ow ow ow!" She looked up at her horn and said, "Aw, c'mon!"

Outside the Castle of the Two Sisters... Equestria... June 2nd... 8:00 AM...

Spike was walking around the Everfree Forest, cautious of all of the dangerous creatures and plants that roam the forest. He then found the entrance to the Castle of the Two Sisters, and walked in.

"Sheesh," said Spike. "This place doesn't look so bad. Must be creepy during the night." He looked around to check the place out. As he looked around, he heard something he did not expect to hear. The voice of a filly.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!"

That made Spike stop, and look around. He had no idea where that voice came from, but he then decided to run around the castle, trying to find the filly. He followed the sound of the filly's voice, and stopped when he came across one room. He saw the filly, trying to remove the helmet on her head.

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!" the filly said, but finally, she removed the helmet. Unfortunately, the helmet hit Spike's forehead.

"Gah! Ow!" Spike said, rubbing his forehead. But then he looked over at the filly, and was surprised by the filly's appearance. He then screamed, making the filly scream as well. Then the two of them ran in separate directions, Spike running out of the castle, and heading towards Ponyville. The filly, on the other hand, or hoof, was running into a different part of the castle, finding an old bedroom, with a broken down bed with a mattress and a blanket with holes.

She ran towards the bed, jumped on it, grabbed the blanket with her teeth, and covered her body up, trembling under the covers. She was mumbling towards herself, "This isn't real. It's just a lucid dream. This isn't real. It's just a lucid dream. This isn't real! It's just a lucid dream!"

Author's Note:

Talk about a rough life for Nick, huh? Things are going to get a lot more interesting for Nick from now on. Hopefully, the Mane 6 won't freak out as much as Spike would. That would be bad, wouldn't you agree?

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