• Published 24th Jan 2021
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Through the Eyes of Nightmare - Mister E-Nonymous

A boy from an orphanage in New York has had a tough life. He lost his parents when he was four, he got picked on by bullies in school, he got kidnapped and forced to steal a diamond, and now, he ends up in Equestria as a filly Nightmare Moon. Oh boy.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ponyville... Equestria... June 2nd... 9:00 AM...

Spike was running all the way from the Castle of the Two Sisters to the Golden Oaks Library. He was very shocked to see that the mare that tried to make Equestria bathe in a night eternal had returned. He rushed into the library to see the Mane 6 helping Twilight move in. The six of them looked towards the door to see Spike.

"Well, howdy, Spike," Applejack said. "Enjoy yer walk?"

Twilight noticed that Spike was sweating a lot and asked, "Spike? Is something wrong?"

"Twilight, remember when you said not to go into the Everfree Forest by myself?" Spike asked.

"You went into the forest all by yourself?!" Twilight asked in a mix of fear and anger. "I told you to not go into the Everfree Forest!"

"I was going to check out that castle in the forest," Spike explained, "but when I got there, I heard a filly's voice."

"Wait, what?" Rainbow Dash asked. "A filly is in the Castle of the Two Sisters?"

"Was she okay?" Fluttershy asked.

"That's what I went to find out," Spike said, "but when I got to the room that the filly's voice was coming from, I got the biggest surprise. Nightmare Moon is back!"

"WHAT?!" the Mane 6 shouted.

Twilight used her magic and brought Spike to her face and said, "Tell me, Spike. Swear to Celestia, did you really see Nightmare Moon in the Castle of the Two Sisters?"

"I did! I'd never forget those light blue dragon like eyes!" Spike said.

Twilight placed Spike on her back and said, "C'mon, everypony! We got to get to the Castle of the Two Sisters!"

Then the Mane 6 and Spike headed out of the Golden Oaks Library, and headed towards the forest. As they entered, Fluttershy wondered about the filly. She asked, "You don't think Nightmare Moon is going to hurt that filly, do you?"

"Ah just hope that that filly don't end up eaten up by Nightmare Moon," Applejack said. "She don't deserve ta be eaten by a wicked mare."

"It's not Nightmare Night, AJ," Pinkie said rushing ahead.

"Pinkie's right," Twilight said. "We gotta find that filly before Nightmare Moon hurts her." They continued running through the Everfree Forest, trying to save the filly before Nightmare Moon could do something bad to her.

Castle of the Two Sisters... Equestria... June 2nd... 9:30 AM...

Nick was still covered up, hiding from that creature that caught his eyes after she took off the helmet. She didn't know how long she hid under those covers, but she didn't want to come out for anything. But one thing came to Nick. She had to use the bathroom, but she didn't know if this castle had any plumbing.

Nick go out of the bed, and headed towards the exit of the castle. She was embarrassed that she had to pee, not just outside, not just as a quadruped, but as a girl as well. She had no idea how to pee in the current form she had now, but she had no choice but to go. Nick had to go behind a bush in case someone came in and saw her.

Nick finished up and headed back inside. But as she went into the doors, she heard some voices.

"There's the castle!"

Nick gasped, and then she rushed back inside, and headed back towards the room where she hid before. She went under the covers. She shivered in fear, hoping that she wouldn't be hurt. She waited for when the owners of the voices to go away. But then, she heard the sound of hoofsteps coming in.

"That must be the filly," a voice that Nick didn't recognize said. "Let's get her out of here before Nightmare Moon finds her."

Nick felt something wrap around the blanket, pulling her up as well.

"Should we at least see if she's okay, first?" came a quiet and calming voice. "Look at her. Even though we can't see her, she must be scared to death."

"You have a point, Fluttershy," the first voice said. "Let's see if she's okay." Nick was placed back down on the bed. She felt something go across her back, it was a hoof rubbing her back. Then the end of the blanket was pulled out.

Nick saw that the ones who was in the room with her. She saw six colorful horses that were bigger than her. Two unicorns, two pegasi, and two normal. And... all of them were shocked to see Nick's appearance.

"Nightmare Moon?!" the six mares shouted.

Nick was surprised and pulled the covers back over her, hiding from the mares. She was shaking even more than usual.

"The filly is Nightmare Moon?!" came the first voice. "Spike, how did you not notice this before?!"

"I didn't get a good look at the size!" said the voice of the dragon, known as Spike. "I only saw the filly's face and just ran out of here! But it's still Nightmare Moon!"

"Ah don't know too much 'bout magic, but how do we even know that this filly is dangerous?"

Nick was trembling, but then she felt the covers being pulled off of her. Nick looked at the six mares with fear in her eyes, backing up towards the wall behind her.

The six mares looked at each other in confusion. The pony known as Twilight walked up towards Nick, and with a concerned tone, she asked, "Are you... alright?"

Nick just shook her head with tears in the corners of her eyes. She answered with, "I... have been having... the worst days of my life..."

"Do you remember what happened before waking up here?" Twilight asked.

Nick nodded, and then replied, "I was a completely different species before waking up like this."

"A completely different species?" asked the rainbow maned pegasus. "Like what? A griffon or dragon?"

"Not exactly," said Nick. "My name's Nick. I was once a human boy."

"A boy?!" asked the six mares.

"A human boy?" Twilight asked in confusion.

"Ain't that the species that Lyra Heartstrings was talkin' 'bout?" asked the mare with the southern accent.

"But, how did you end up... like this?" Twilight asked.

"When I was four, my parents died," Nick said. "I was sent to an orphanage. When I was six, I was bullied in school, just because they thought it was funny and cool. And just last month, I was kidnapped from the orphanage to help a crooked lady recover a stolen diamond." Nick then went wide eyed. "The Diamond!"

"What diamond?" Twilight asked.

"There's this diamond that sent me here. It was some kind of light blue gem, about... this big," Nick said, motioning her hooves to figure out the shape. "But the last time I saw it, it was broken in half."

"I'm on it!" said the rainbow maned pegasus. She then zoomed out of the room. 30 seconds later, she came back with the broken diamond. She held out the diamond, and Twilight took it in her unicorn magic.

"Interesting," said Twilight. "I sense some lunar magic coming from it. But... I'm afraid that it can only be used once. The magic has been depleted."

"I'm... stuck like this?" Nick asked, biting her lip.

"I'm... I'm afraid so," said Twilight. She then sighed. "Let's get you out of this place. But first, introductions. My name is Twilight Sparkle." She then motioned a hoof towards the others. "The baby dragon over there is my assistant, Spike, which you met earlier." Nick looked over at Spike, who replied with a nervous chuckle and a wave.

The orange Earth Pony said, "Ah'm Applejack."

"I'm Rainbow Dash," said the rainbow maned pegasus.

"I'm Pinkie Pie!" replied the pink pony with the cotton candy mane.

"I'm Rarity," replied the white unicorn with the curly purple mane. She then pointed at the yellow pegasus with the light pink and long mane, using her horn. "And this is Fluttershy. She is very shy." Fluttershy covered her face with her long mane.

Twilight then lifted Nick up and off the bed, then she took the blanket and put it back onto the bed, neatly. Twilight then said, "Let's get you out of here. We don't want ponies seeing you in broad daylight."

"What do you mean?" Nick asked.

"Well..." Twilight said, biting her lip and looking away from Nick. She then sighed and said, "Your appearance is kinda..." She tried thinking of the right words to say. "Let's just say, we recently came across a bad pony that looks like your current body, but much older."

"Nightmare Moon," said the others.

"When I first saw Nick, she was wearing the outfit that Nightmare Moon was wearing," Spike said. "Except the chest plate. She didn't have it. Although, she had a hard time getting the helmet off."

"It was caught on this," Nick said, pointing at her horn. "It hurt. Who knew these horns could be so sensitive."

"You'll get used to it, darling," Rarity said. She then looked at Nick's flank. "Looks like it's not just the chest plate that she didn't have. Look at her flanks."

All of the ponies looked at Nick's flanks, including Nick herself. Nick then asked, "What about my... flanks? I'm sorry, I'm just used to hips or thighs."

"That makes sense," said Spike. "Let me guess, humans are bipedal like me, right?" Nick nodded.

"Well, Nick," Twilight said. "Nightmare Moon had her cutie mark, a crescent moon as blue as the white of your eyes over a blotch of purple. It would seem that you are just going to have to find your mark on your own."

"My mark?" Nick asked.

"Your Cutie Mark, darling," Rarity said. "Basically, it's a mark that represents your special talent." She then showed her Cutie Mark of three diamonds. "For example, my Cutie Mark represents my love for fashion."

"My Cutie Mark represents my talent for planning parties and making ponies happy!" Pinkie said, showing off her three balloons. Two blue, one yellow.

"Mah Cutie Mark represents helpin' out at mah family's Apple Farm," Applejack said, showing off her Cutie Mark of three apples.

"M-my Cutie Mark represents my love for animals," Fluttershy said, showing off her Cutie Mark of three pink and blue butterflies.

"My Cutie Mark represents my love for speed and racing!" Rainbow Dash said. Showing off her Cutie Mark of a cloud shooting out a bolt of rainbow lightning. "You saw how fast I zoomed out of here and back. I would've been here sooner, but I didn't know which room the diamond was in at first."

"And my Cutie Mark represents how good at magic I'm at," said Twilight. "Ponies are able to get their Cutie Marks, but it just takes time for them to be discovered. Now, how about we get out of here."

"We better keep Nick out of sight from the other ponies," said Rarity. "Her black coat, her eyes, even the fact that she's an alicorn."

"Although, I thought that Nightmare Moon had a flowing mane just like Princess Celestia," Rainbow said, flicking Nick's mane. "It's not moving in a non-existent breeze."

"She's still young, Rainbow Dash," Twilight said. "It may take time for that to happen. But now, we need to focus on getting Nick through Ponyville, and out of sight from any other pony in Ponyville."

All of them, except for Nick, thought of something. They couldn't come up with anything at the moment. Nick then said, "If I look just like a villain, it might be hard. If only there was a way to make me invisible."

Twilight went wide eyed and said, "That's it!" That made the other ponies and Spike jump. "I've been working on an invisibility spell that will cloak Nick, and we'll just walk straight towards the library, and we won't have to worry about the ponies seeing her. Of course, I'll have to put it on her just as we're about to leave the Everfree Forest."

"That's a good idea," said Spike. "Well, we should get going."

"Good idea," said Applejack. "There are a lot of dangerous critters here, and we don't wanna disturb any of them. Let's go." Then the eight of them headed out of there. Nick had a hard time trying to catch up with the others. Twilight then used her magic to pick her up, and place her on her back. Then they all left.

Golden Oaks Library... Ponyville... Equestria... June 2nd... 11:00

It took them a while to get to the Golden Oaks Library without drawing attention. But, at least they made it there. As soon as they got in and closed the door, Spike locked it as he was the last one in. Then he closed the curtains on the windows to make sure nopony looked in. And just as he finished, the invisibility spell surrounding Nick wore off, making her visible.

"Just in time," Twilight said.

Nick looked around to see some boxes. She was confused on that and asked, "Is someone moving in or moving out?"

"Spike and I are moving in," Twilight said. "There's a bedroom upstairs. It's just gonna take us some time to get settled in. Now, we should continue unboxing some stuff. Spike, why don't you get started on preparing lunch?"

No sooner did Twilight say lunch, Nick's stomach growled loudly, then she sat on her haunches and put both her hooves on her stomach. She then said, "Sorry. I haven't eaten anything since lunchtime yesterday."

"Well, I might as well get started on making it," said Spike. "I'll make you a nice big platter for you." Spike then went into the kitchen.

Nick looked around to see the others helping Twilight move in. When they finished, Twilight walked over towards Nick, and the two of them just sat and talked. Nick talked about what she went through, as much as she could remember. Spike came out with a huge bowl of spaghetti. Spike scooped up the spaghetti and put them into bowls for the others to enjoy. Spike made Nick's bowl a double since she didn't have anything to eat.

"Twi," Applejack said after she got her bowl. "Since we don't have to worry about Nick being the next Nightmare Moon, ya think we should tell the princess about this situation?"

"Maybe you're right, Applejack," Twilight said. "But, we'll wait until after lunch. We'll give it time to be written." The others nodded and continued eating. Not used to her new body, Nick had no choice but to eat the spaghetti without any utensils. The others looked at Nick. Rarity was a little disgusted by Nick's behavior, but she then shrugged it off, knowing that Nick hadn't had any food since the day before.

"I guess that if she hasn't eaten for a whole day, she would be hungry," said Rarity. She then dabbed her mouth with a napkin. All of them finished their meal.

"Alright," said Twilight. "It's time to write to the princess. Ready, Spike?"

Spike pulled out a quill and a piece of parchment, and prepared to write. He was about to write what Twilight was about to say.

"Dear Princess Celestia,

Earlier today, as my friends were helping me move into the library, Spike had snuck out to check out the Castle of the Two Sisters. But when he got there, he got a really big surprise. Spike claimed to find a filly in the castle with a near perfect resemblance to the mare your sister became, Nightmare Moon. I know, you're probably thinking that Nightmare Moon is back for revenge, but from what we heard, and her story is too detailed to be a lie, she used to be a completely different species called a human, in the opposite gender. And according to her, she arrived here in the form she has become now was because of some mysterious diamond. Don't engage in any violence. We don't need to cause another panic.

Signed, your faithful student...

Twilight Sparkle."

Spike finished writing, rolled it up, and blew his emerald flames on it.

"Um, Twilight?" Nick asked. "Where's the bathroom? I have to go, and I don't know how to... you know..."

"Oh, right," Twilight said, blushing.

"I'll take her, darling," Rarity said. She then used her magic to pick up Nick, and then the two of them went upstairs to the bathroom. The sound of the door closing came downstairs.

"So, how long will it take for the princess ta respond?" Applejack asked. But then a flash of light appeared in the room, surprising the five mares and Spike. Standing in front of the entrance was Princess Celestia.

"Where is she?!"

Author's Note:

Princess Celestia has arrived to see Nick for herself. Hopefully, she won't do anything too rash to the former boy turned filly. This will not be as easy as it sounds.

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