• Published 24th Jan 2021
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Through the Eyes of Nightmare - Mister E-Nonymous

A boy from an orphanage in New York has had a tough life. He lost his parents when he was four, he got picked on by bullies in school, he got kidnapped and forced to steal a diamond, and now, he ends up in Equestria as a filly Nightmare Moon. Oh boy.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Golden Oaks Library... Ponyville... Equestria... June 2nd... 12:45 PM...

"Where is she?!" Princess Celestia said, giving a glare towards the five mares and dragon in the room. The five mares were surprised by the princess's sudden appearance.

"Princess Celestia?!" Twilight asked surprised. "How did you read the entire letter in a small amount of time?!"

"I didn't read much after the two words that my sister had become," Princess Celestia said. "I must deal with the threat before it becomes too dangerous."

Rainbow Dash rushed in front of Princess Celestia, saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! You should've read the whole letter instead of jumping to conclusions!"

"Ah agree, Princess," Applejack added. "Ya shoulda read the whole thing. It explains why the filly ain't a threat. Trust me when Ah say that the filly ain't Nightmare Moon, but just looks like 'er."

Princess Celestia pulled out the letter she received and continued reading. She raised an eyebrow and asked, "A human boy? That is a little..." She continued reading it. Then she widened her eyes and looked back at the group. "Show me this diamond."

Fluttershy flew up to Princess Celestia and held out the broken diamond to show Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia took the broken diamond and inspected it.

"I thought I've seen the last of this centuries ago," Princess Celestia said.

That made the five mares and Spike gasp. Twilight then asked, "You've seen one of these diamonds before?!"

"Twilight, these diamonds were banished from Equestria long before my sister was banished," Princess Celestia explained. "They were designed to transport ponies to the castle my sister and I used to live in using the power of the light of the full moon, but there was a major side effect. It leaves the one who transports them in a monstrous form, and it can only be used once."

"That's why Nick arrived as a filly version of Nightmare Moon!" Twilight said. "Since she was a monstrous form of Princess Luna and tried to leave Equestria in an eternal night."

"Yes," Princess Celestia said. "So, the one who was transported was a creature who goes by the name of Nick, huh?"

"Nick said that his species was called a human," Twilight said. "And she has no idea how to get back."

"There is no way to get her back," said Princess Celestia. "It can only be used once. We had no control of the diamond's magic. The Eye of the Night was way too dangerous. So, we got rid of them all. We thought that they would be destroyed when we sent them off. But it looks like one of them survived."

"Guess that is some troubling news," came the voice of Rarity. The group of ponies looked up the stairs to see Rarity coming down with Nick on her back. As soon as she came down, she levitated Nick off of her back.

Nick looked up at Princess Celestia with wide eyes, seeing how big she was compared to the other mares in the room. Nick then said, "You are really... big..."

The princess just chuckled and replied, "You certainly are a young one, aren't you?" That made Nick nod. "You certainly must have been having an awful life, haven't you?"

Nick sighed and said, "I was hoping to get out of a bad... sit... sitch... well I was hoping to wake up to a better life, but it seems that I woke up in an even worse situations."

"Only to those who see you," said Princess Celestia. "But, there are a lot of ponies who might see you as Nightmare Moon, and not as who you really are. But, I'm going to have to make an announcement that will let no harm come to you because on who you look like."

"That sounds like a good idea," Twilight said.

"Might... I make a suggestion?" Rarity asked, raising a hoof. "I know that she is used to her name, but it's not exactly a name you find here in Equestria."

Nick looked at Rarity, biting her lip. She then asked, "A new name? What's wrong with the name I have?"

"It is an unusual name for the ponies here," said Pinkie Pie.

"Well, you do seem to have a night-themed appearance," Twilight said. "We need a name for you that is night-themed."

"Good thinking," Princess Celestia said. "Although, I suggest not for her new name to be Luna. Since it is my sister's name."

"How about Sweet Dreams?" Rainbow suggested.

"Oh, no, darling," Rarity said. "I have a little sister named Sweetie Belle. It would be a little confusing for them because they wouldn't know who I'm calling if they're in the same place."

"Good point," Rainbow Dash said, crossing her forelegs.

"How 'bout Night Light?" Applejack suggested.

"That's my father's name," Twilight said. That made Princess Celestia nod towards Applejack.

"Um... How... how about... Moonlight?" Fluttershy suggested, very quietly.

"What was that, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

"Um... I was thinking... the name... Moonlight..." Fluttershy suggested.

"Moonlight," Twilight said, putting a hoof to her chin. She then smiled and said, "I like it."

"Sounds good," said Rainbow Dash. "But, does it have to be just Moonlight alone?"

"I'm sure that we'll get her a last name for her in no time," Princess Celestia said. "But, for now, she should stay with one of you until the ponies of Equestria are informed about her."

"But who will get to watch her?" Pinkie asked. "I live at Sugarcube Corner, and I'm not the only pony that lives there."

"I'm sure that my animals would freak out if they see her," Fluttershy said.

"The only way for her to get up to my place is to fly," Rainbow Dash said. "My house is literally in the sky."

"I live in a boutique, and I get a lot of customers," Rarity said.

"Mah family wasn't too fond o' Nightmare Moon," Applejack said. "It'll take time for them ta get ta know 'er."

"So, I guess that just leaves you, my faithful student," Princess Celestia said, looking over at Twilight. "Will you be wanting to take care of her?"

Twilight looked over at Nick/Moonlight. She was a little concerned, but then she sighed and said, "I might as well watch her. She has been though a tough life before. But, maybe with her, I can learn a lot from her, and I can teach her how to use her magic."

"You... you would... take care of me?" Nick asked.

"As long as you do what we say, and go by Moonlight from now on," Twilight said. "I'll make sure that you'll be in good hooves here."

Nick, now going by Moonlight, thought about it. She then gave a hopeful smile, and walked towards Twilight, still trying to get used to walking like a pony. Twilight used her magic to pull her closer and Moonlight got wrapped up in a hug.

"I know you can do this, my faithful student," Princess Celestia said. "I have full faith of you." Twilight looked up at Princess Celestia and nodded. "I will be heading back to Canterlot to make the announcement. Make sure that Moonlight adjusts well here."

"I will, Princess," Twilight said.

Princess Celestia walked out of the library, and took off towards Canterlot. Twilight looked towards Princess Celestia. Then she looked back at Moonlight and said, "Let's get you adjusted to life here. Starting with basic magic training, and walking."

"Magic?" Moonlight asked.

Twilight pointed at her horn and said, "Unicorns and alicorns can generate magic from their horns. Such as a simple levitation spell. We can start with that tomorrow."

"We have a lot to get done, Twi," Rainbow Dash said. "We'll see you soon."

"Sure thing," Twilight said. "I better make sure that Moonlight will adjust. See you all later."

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy left. Twilight watched as they left the library. She then looked down at Moonlight. Moonlight then said, "I'm not sure I'll be able to get along with the ponies here. Especially by my appearance."

"Don't worry," Twilight said, putting a hoof on Moonlight's shoulder. "You'll be able to fit in with the ponies here in no time."

"Yeah, Moonlight," Spike said. "If I can eventually make it to be accepted by ponies, I'm sure you can. Things like this just take time." He then sighed and said, "And I'm sorry for screaming in your face earlier this morning."

"It's okay," Moonlight said. "You startled me as well. I wasn't expecting a little purple dinosaur to appear in front of me."

"Dinosaur?!" Spike asked. "I'm a baby dragon!" That made Twilight laugh. Spike looked over at Twilight with an angry look. "Twilight! That's not funny!"

"So-Sorry Spike," Twilight said, trying to hold in her laughter, which was failing. "It's just... ha ha ha... It's just that that's not... ha ha... that's not the first time Spike's been called something... ha ha ha... something like that. Ha ha ha!"

"So, where's Moonlight going to sleep?" Spike asked. "We only have two beds in the library."

"We can always do more shopping," Twilight said. "Now, let's get you started on walking like a pony."

Later that night, Twilight and Moonlight were sharing the same bed. Twilight was still adjusting to her new home. She was having trouble sleeping. But that wasn't the only issue.

Twilight felt some shaking in the bed. She looked down and saw Moonlight struggling in her sleep. Moonlight was having a nightmare. Twilight felt bad for Moonlight, so she pulled her in for a hug. She then whispered into Moonlight's ear.

"Shh... shh... It's okay, Moonlight," Twilight whispered into Moonlight's ear. "I'll be here to protect you. You deserve the best, and I'll get you as much as I can to give you the best as I can." Moonlight calmed down in her sleep. She snuggled closer to Twilight, having her head be in the crook of Twilight's neck. Twilight smiled at that, and went back to sleep. This is just the start of a new adventure.

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