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190 miles off the coast of Equestria, a brand new, state of the art, trillion bit park is set to be opened to the public. But before any Equestrian is allowed to visit, Twilight and her group of friends is sent by Celestia to inspect the park. Things go about as well as one would expect for a facility that holds previously extinct carnivorous dinosaurs.

Crossover with the best Jurassic Park movie.
Cover art by JodTheCod

Chapters (10)

Jacksepticeye is now in Equestria, good thing all his recording stuff came with him and with the help of twilight can he send all the footage to robin, just as he entered Equestria he notices that all his characters are real and one of them isn't very friendly;).

Chapters (3)

The night has always been comforting to a little filly. She is very lonely, but the night keeps her going. Luna is still banished. She wishes she could tell Luna how she loves her night. But that is not possible. Still, dreams exist. And Aurora Skywriter, or Little Luney as some ponies call her, will learn that sometimes that is all you need.

The name Aurora Skywriter came from the winning nickname in a old blog of mine. The winner of that was https://www.fimfiction.net/user/300866/Applefai

Although the nickname Luney came from https://www.fimfiction.net/user/326319/Frazzle2Dazzle

Thanks to all those who participated though. They can all be found here

Thanks to these people for editing.



Chapters (2)

Speed, power, passion. The roar of the engine. Sunset knew that was what she wanted out of life. The lure of the street is a powerful one. The thrill of it all, and the adrenaline rush of racing between the lights and outrunning the cops. The lure of the street is an easy one. But getting out of it... well, that's the hard part, isn't it?

"I live my life a quarter-mile at a time. Nothing else ... For those ten seconds or less, I'm free." -Dominic Toretto.

"Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning." -Also Dominic Toretto. NOT a Fast and the Furious crossover, though it does take a few cues from the films. Help provided by Seriff Pilcrow. Give him a shout, eh?

Alt/rejected cover art.

Featured on 5/5/20 and on 5/6/20

Chapters (1)

Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington gets pranked by Tiny Tina and the resulting explosion sends his ship to an uncharted planet in an uncharted galaxy. What does Mister Torgue think of this? He thinks it's '*BLEEP*ING AWESOME!'
All characters belong to their respective owners. I'm just one of those weird people on the internet that makes stories about them. Rated teen for intense language, awesome explosions and air guitar solos.

Proofreaders: TiredOldMan, TheAtomicRainbomb

Chapters (8)

A cold, calculating assassin is teleported to the magical land of Equestria due to the unstable powers of the siren, Lilith. Will our awkward, haiku-obsessed hero be able to adapt to the Magic of Friendship, or will he simply end up murdering everything in sight like he's used to? Let's hope its the former.
Only one thing is truly known, this was a challenge he was NOT prepared for!

Borderlands/MLP crossover. Challenge Accepted.

Cover art by steptrool on DeviantArt

Chapters (16)

A former state alchemist looking to undo the past may have inadvertently lost his future when he come in possession of what he thinks is a chimera. Warning: OC-centric

Chapters (15)

a strange creature appears in Sweet Apple Acres one day and starts a panic after casting what appears to be a spell that cause ponies to see hear things that aren't there with more to come unless they can catch it before it causes any harm but Fluttershy seems to have doubts about this creature intent to harm anypony

Chapters (10)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up one day feeling strange. Everything is gigantic, her tail is wrong, and she can't help but notice all the unusual smells. Her hopes that it might be one of Discord's strange pranks are quickly dashed, as she discovers the effect is more widespread than she initially guessed. Twilight Sparkle is an Espeon now.

But will Equestria survive it?

Written on a bizarre whim because the world needs more eevees. Then Sparktail supported me on https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3226653 to keep going, the absolute mad lad. He and Two Bit did the wordfixing. Zutcha did the eevee cutes.

Updates daily until complete.

Chapters (13)

Somewhere in the multiverse is a special place. A pub in a seedy back alley in almost every city, yet it is all one pub. A pub with the image of a skull and crossbones, with two hands holding some ale.

A place where conquerors, dictators, murders, and psychopaths can go and relax. Destress from a long day of laborous evil deeds, and even heal the wounds from encounters with heroes.

A place, called the villain pub.

If you want a specific villain to appear, PM me the deets.

Chapters (2)
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