• Published 15th Jul 2020
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A Hogwarts Overtale - Jackxter

After having a falling out with Princess Celestia, Sunset Shimmer volunteers to become the first Equestrian Elf to attend a human magic school. However, she quickly finds that she isn't the only unusual individual Hogwarts bound.

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Sunset couldn't help but be surprised.

From what Hermione had told her, she was almost certain she'd wind up in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. After all, ambition and wit were her strongest qualities… weren't they? Did the sorting hat know something about her even she didn't? The prime trait of Hufflepuffs seemed to be kindness, and though she didn't exactly consider herself to be a mean person, she never considered it to be her strongest quality.

'Well, not that it matters much, anyway, remember?'

As a hail of applause came her way, she walked over to her new house's table. Out of the corner of her eye, she could have sworn she saw a disappointed look in Luna’s usually serene face, but Frisk’s look of joy quickly threw that out of her mind.

“Wow, this is awesome!” she said with glee. “Can’t say I wasn't hoping we'd be housemates."

“Pffft, that’s a nasty thing to wish,” Flowey said, his pot now sitting in front of Frisk on the table. “Hufflepuff… that hat really screwed you two over, you know that? It’s probably still laughing to itself.”

“Why would you say that?” Sunset said, raising an eyebrow.

“Cus I’ve heard others talking, Knife Ears,” Flowey said with a smirk. “Hufflepuff’s pretty much a joke, and its students the butt of it.”

The flower’s comments earned glares from the few Hufflepuff nearby who could hear him, but fortunately, before they could respond the door to the main hall swung open again.

Led by Flitwick, a large group of younger students who Sunset assumed were first years marched in. And to Sunset's surprise, and the surprise of others around her, not all of them were human. She noticed a few elves (though none were Equestrian), humanoid bird-like creatures she didn’t know the name of, a blue-skinned nymph of some kind, a centaur, and even what she assumed to be a dwarf. There weren’t many twelve year olds of most species who could grow a beard that draped down to the floor, after all.

‘The Federation has been on a roll bringing in new member states lately,’ Sunset remembered. ‘And the ones already living here they’re trying to give equal rights to. I guess it’s not that strange.’

"Welcome, welcome," Flitwick said, stopping them at the same spot he had left Frisk and Sunset. "Now, if you could stay put there a moment. When I call your name, please have a seat on this stool here…"

The ceremony lasted nearly a half hour, first year after first year filling up vacant seats at the various tables.

"Bones, Olivia…"


"Pridemoure, Jaina…"


Despite it all, over forty seats still remained vacant. There was no time to mull over it, however, as McGonagall soon rose to her feet.

"Greetings, new and old," she announced. "Once again, a new year of magical education has arrived. And for the first time in many cycles, we may breathe easier during it. While there are many Death Eaters still at large, their leadership, including Lord Voldemort--"

A few students shuffled nervously.

"--can never say the same again. However, though we have triumphed over these dark forces, it did not come without a terrible price. For all the brave souls lost during the war, be them muggle or magical, I believe a moment of silence is in order."

Not a single person objected to this idea, and soon, everyone in the hall had joined together in bowing their heads. The only sounds that could be heard were a few, tearful sniffles, a particularly loud one coming from the half-giant teacher. Even Flowey, despite not bowing, still kept his mouth shut.

"Thank you," McGonagall announced after a moment. "Many changes have happened over the summer, both here and abroad. As most of you already know, our country has joined the Federation, and its Ministry of Magic has followed course, merging with the Federation's larger authority. It is with their help that we've rebuilt both our school and our nation in record time. And it is also with their help that we've begun making amends with almost all intelligent species who have lived alongside us."

There were a few murmurs of discontent at that, particularly coming from the Slytherin table. Sunset couldn't help but frown. It seemed in both Equestria and the Federation, despite poverty being nearly eradicated and the standard of living soaring, racism still reared its ugly head.

‘Starlight was wrong about everything coming down to class, I suppose,’ she pondered.

"All now share equal rights, including the right to attend Hogwarts. Needless to say, I expect all of you to treat your fellow students the same, no matter their species." She then turned towards the staffing table. "Next, you’ve undoubtedly noticed new faces at the staffing table. With the expulsion of a certain pair of last cycle’s teachers far below our standards, and the tragic loss of both Professor Snape and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore--" She paused slightly at the latter's name, a wave of sorrow washing over her face. "--we once again have seats to fill. Please welcome both Professor Toriel Dreemur, who will be taking over Defense Against the Dark Arts..."

"Go mom!" Fritz suddenly cheered, earning an equal amount of chuckles and glares.

McGonagall gave one of the latter.

"Yeah, I guess Hufflepuff really was the house for you," Flowey cackled.

McGonnagal continued. "...And Professor Missy Who, our Federation representative and new Transfiguration teacher."

Polite applause filled the hall.

"Thank you," McGonagall said, a hint of trepidation growing on her face. "Lastly, a small note from Professor Who: certain areas of the dungeon have been quartered off for Federation magical research. For your own safety, please avoid all marked areas."

She took a deep breath.

"And now, without further ado, as one of my predecessors would always say, 'Let the feast begin.'"

In an instant, the innumerable, tightly covered food trays covering the tables had those covers magically lifted, revealing a grand feast. It was one almost as impressive as the ones held at Celestia's palace, though with a bit more meat involved. Not that it bothered Sunset, as unlike most Equestrians, she wasn't a vegetarian. Quickly filling her plate, she began listening to the conversations around her.

"Not sure about all this 'Federation research' business," one of the nearby Hufflepuffs said. "My dad says they can't be trusted. 'Bunch of loons overly obsessed with 'progress''".

"Me mum says the same things," another chimed in. "She says all the favors they've been doing Lyonesse are just to keep us complaining about them stealing our magic secrets. Says once they have what they want, they'll kick us to the curb."

"I mean, they're not really stealing since Lyonesse is part of them now, though," another commented. "We're all technically Federation citizens, in fact."

"Come on, Niles, you know what I meant," the former grumbled, before turning to Frisk. "Sorry, I hope all of this isn't awkward for you. I'm Cadwallader, by the way. You're Frisk, right?"

"Yupper," she smiled. "Why would it be awkward, though?"

"Because you're from the Monster Kingdom, and they've been part of the Federation for years, you idiot," Flowey groaned.

"Monster Kingdom?" another asked, who happened to be one of the centaur first years. "Are you an Astral?"

"Nope," Frisk chuckled. "What's your name?"

"Me? I am called Saggitarius," he said.

"Can I call you Saggy?" Flowey said, grinning mischievously. For once, he earned a few suppressed chuckles.

The half-horse narrowed his eyes. "You may not."

"Don't mind Flowey," Frisk sighed. "He's like this with everyone."

"I can second that," Sunset said.

“My only fault is I have no filter,” the plant shrugged. “It’s not my fault you all suck.”

“By the stars,” Sagittarius said, slightly exasperated.. “What manner of foul creature is he? Is he an Astral?"

“Uh huh,” Frisk said. "And no, most Monsters-- er, Astrals aren't like him at all."

“Frisk is sort of…” Sunset paused, looking for the right words. “Rehabilitating him.”

Flowey stuck a leaf for a tongue out. “Hah, fat chance at that, Knife Ears!”

Sagittarius gave Frisk a look of pure pity. “If you succeed in this task, it will be worthy of many songs.”

Another round of chuckles came despite Flowey’s prominent scowl.

The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful. Frisk and Flowey enjoyed most of the attention, though Sunset had gained a bit herself. Despite this, she tried to remain a silent observer, absorbing as much information as she could about Hogwarts, the Federation, and even the Second Wizarding War as she could.

Their new centaur companion had proven to be of a particular curiosity. Centaurs were rare creatures in Equestria. The only prominent one Sunset knew of was an ancient enemy of Celestia’s, Lord Tirek. Despite the latter’s somewhat different appearance, she wondered if the centaurs here and the ones in Equestria were related. But if so, how? The oceans between their two lands were vast, and only modern maritime ships could cross them in one piece. It was yet another thing Sunset would need to research in the future.

As the night went on, she began to feel she wasn’t the only one doing silent studying, as she could have sworn she saw Professor Who staring at her with curious eyes once or twice. However, if the new ‘Federation representative’ wanted to speak with her, she never got the chance. At around midnight, all four houses were led by their various prefects (Luna being one of them, unsurprisingly) to their dormitories.

At this point, Sunset had grown so tired that she barely took a second to look around the particularly cozy Hufflepuff common room before entering the girl’s dorm, finding her marked bed, and collapsing on it.

Sleep came instantaneously.


A few stories beneath the sleeping students, on the deepest level of the Hogwarts dungeon, a number of Federation personnel, all wearing either lab coats or military uniforms instead of traditional, wizarding robes, circled an ominous sight. It was a pitch black orb, one hovering silently a few feet off the ground, and one which seemed to bend light around it. This created a curious image where you could almost make out something directly behind the orb even if its body was blocking it.

The sound of two pairs of high heels echoed across the cobble floor, grabbing the attention of the head researcher, a short, yellow lizard-like creature. They belonged to Professor MacGonagall and Professor Who, their black, gothic outfits contrasting starkly with the others.

“See? Nothing to worry about, my lovely,” the latter said cheerfully, as if picking up from where a previous conversation had left off. “The artefact had a mild reaction to Hogwarts magical energies, but as we anticipated, they were harmless. Well, harmless in the fact that the radiation burst was only thermal. But a few ‘sun’ burns never hurt anyone in the long term, right?”

“Your frivelty is not appreciated, nor is this… thing’s presence in my school,” McGonagall growled. “Lucky for you, Minister Shacklebolt was quite persuasive. If it were anyone but him--”

“Come now. You’re not the least bit curious about this experiment?” Missy interrupted, smiling whimsically her way. “What we could unlock by bringing it here?”

“The only thing I’m curious about is how long before this blows up in our faces,” McGonagall said. “We aren’t mixing a pot of soup here, we’re mixing multiple types of magical energies, one which we know little about. Do you even have any idea what this artefact is even supposed to do? What it’s made for? Aside from what a few millennia old texts mention, of course, because that’s certainly reassuring.”

“I trust those texts more than I trust the sky is blue,” Missy said plainly. “And so will you, my worrisome dear, once the Synrium Orb will gives us a window into the past we could never dream of…”

She paused for a second, before smiling wildly.

“And perhaps even a present hidden in plain sight."

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