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Tracy Maxwell is in a desperate situation: find somewhere to live, or lose the internship he needs to survive. After exhausting every property in the city, one last option appears the day before his deadline. Sure the agent selling the place is a little weird, and more than a little overeager to get the property signed off. At the worst, maybe there's a little mold in the bathroom somewhere, and he has to make do until the lease is up.

But then he steps inside and discovers things can be much worse. The property is in another universe, and while he's there he'll have to play by its rules. He's free to continue working his dream job, so long as he keeps to the contract. Even worse, he's got a roommate who has no intention of leaving him alone.

If he ever wants to escape, he'll have to read the Fine Print.

Updates every Saturday.

This story is a commission by _Kenzu_! If you'd like one of your own, PM me!

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Family is a complicated thing, it comes with all sorts of expectations, hopes, and unsolicited advice.

It also implies an abundance of drama, this time involving a Changeling Queen, an unlucky messenger and, at least tangentially, a rubber duck.

Cover art used with the permission of the awesome Kp-ShadowSquirrel.

For editing, pre-reading, and enduring me, in no particular order, thanks to: Carabas, Themaskedferret,
MrNumbers, Fenton, FamousLastWords and Aeluna.

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For three proud generations, the Apple clan have been some of the finest monster hunters Equestria has ever known. But that's all about to change. You see, Applejack met a special somepony, and she's not quite like other ponies...

Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

Part of a spoopy Hallooween Terrifying Tamantha fic exchange, this one for Breakfateschain! If you wanna get in on the next one (Secret Samantha!), come on down to the Donut Hut!
Proofread by Caravel.

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After a night of accidental debauchery that she cannot seem to remember, sophomore student at Canterlot Community College Fluttershy wakes up to find a strange woman named 'Eris' standing at her door! The strange woman claims that she's going to be Fluttershy's new live-in maid of all things! But Eris is far more than just a strange, seven-foot-tall woman in a French maid outfit... she's the human world's nascent spirit of chaos! And whoever heard of a spirit of chaos washing clothes and dusting shelves?!

Not to mention Eris's sudden reappearance has stirred up other ancient magical beings from their slumber, including the savage Queen Umbra, the enigmatic Chrysalis, and the Paladin-Goddesses Selene and Amaterasu.

But as crazy as the situation may be, perhaps things will work out for the best? Fluttershy's been incredibly lonely ever since the rest of her friends from Canterlot High went off to other colleges. And underneath all her bluster, maybe... just maybe... all Eris needs is a friend to convince her she isn't alone anymore.

...or maybe Fluttershy's cottage will be washed away in a tsunami of caramel-flavored cottage cheese.

...Yeah, that sounds about right.

Contains: Older!EqG!FluttershyxRule63!Discord


(Author's Notes: Crossover between Equestria Girls and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid because I'm apparently a hot pile of otaku garbage. The first few chapters may closely resemble some episodes of the anime, but it will diverge from there. This takes place in the near future of an alternate EqG universe because I've only seen the first Equestria Girls and don't really care enough to watch the others. Also because I'm not gonna write them with "Doug" skin colors. They've still got the multicolored hair, but they have human skin. Because I said so, that's why.)

(Teen/Sex rating is for comical nudity, lewd discussions, possibly-too-in-depth descriptions, and maybe some light touching, but there will be no explicit sex)

(Cover Art credit goes to ZantyARZ)

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Ever since Rainbow Dash introduced Sunset to the human world’s version of the Daring Do series she has been an active member of the fan community. After spending countless hours in the Daring Do fansite’s Eris server, she’s made many friends, but there is only one that she feels a real connection with. The user who goes by the name “Gr0ss1y Incandescent”. Turns out this same User she’s been crushing happens to be her counterpart.

Punk Rock Prom Queen Presents a tale of self-love taken to its hilariously logical conclusion.

Featured on 2/1/18

My entry into Aragon's Comedy (is serious business) Contest under the prompt we learned something narcissistic.

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There are several reasons Rarity stays inside on Nightmare Night. Because she's Generosity, and it makes more sense to be giving away treats than to go out collecting them. Because really, costumes are their very own fashion trends, darling, and there's only so much a reasonable pony can be expected to deal with per season. But mostly because when it comes to the truest holiday nightmare of Ponyville, the thing which sends colts, fillies, and adults galloping their screaming way into the night?

She's it.

(A stand-alone, no prior-reading-necessary part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group: new members and trope edits are welcome. )

Now with author Patreon page.

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What you didn't get to see when Sunset was singing "My Past is not Today" on top of Canterlot High. There are some people out there that still think she is a bit crazy.

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After the birth of Princess Cadance's fourth child, an adorable little pegasus filly, Princess Flurry Heart wants to know why none of her brothers and sisters are alicorns.

Her parents claim not to know why she's different.

They're lying.

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In the darkness of a malfunctioning elevator, there's little else to do but lay your heart bare.

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An artifact causes an incident where Luna's gender switches, and she becomes prince instead.

Evidently, Luna turned out to be a handsome prince. Now having to deal with confused and judging nobility, lots of mares vying for the Prince's affection, the paparazzi eager to get more scoops on the new lunar prince, and a sister who seems to want the prince to stay judging by how she sees the entire situation hilarious, along with her pranks and quips, Luna will have to work hard with Twilight to solve the mystery of Starswirl's Sphere and hope that she can return back to a normal life.

Art by jaquelindreamz.

Originally written by Kuairu.

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