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For three proud generations, the Apple clan have been some of the finest monster hunters Equestria has ever known. But that's all about to change. You see, Applejack met a special somepony, and she's not quite like other ponies...

Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

Part of a spoopy Hallooween Terrifying Tamantha fic exchange, this one for Breakfateschain! If you wanna get in on the next one (Secret Samantha!), come on down to the Donut Hut!
Proofread by Caravel.

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Very nice

That ending, I can definitely see Granny hounding AJ and Fluttershy to get hitched

Is this like a supernatural thing

Love this! You built tension nicely enough, and the ending was adorable. And then the punchline! :yay:

Ok, I'll say it. That was cute. A little rushed, but only as long as it needed to be. And it's very good for just a quick Halloween one shot. Happy Halloween.

If you mean the series, I doubt it very much. The idea of monster hunters, and of hunting running in families, is a lot older than that show.

I like this book. It's going down into the Favorites for sure

It's a Van Helsing thing

This was very wholesome

Magnificent little piece, especially AJ's bizarre echo of her father's legacy. Thank you for it.

It'd be good as a series as well.

“So,” Granny Smith finally asked. “When’s the wedding?”

Hmm, ceremony in the middle of the day in a massive room full of windows, holy symbols and priests - can't see anything going wrong there!

Seriously, good work - managed to set up a fair bit of worldbuilding while still actually having a decent story utilizing said world. Often, a short work like this will only feel like the start of a story that ends before it does anything with its setup, but this neatly avoided that problem. Well done.

I feel like this was a bit rushed, happily accepting that she's willing to lay down her life and all but I really like the premise! If this were spaced out a bit more, I'd love to read it :D Them trying to fight over maybe a few chapters after the first, then the final chapter them understanding and cutting to the shenanigans of trying to get married. But I also understand if that's too much work, writing can be hard as frick sometimes.

Granny: And when can I expect me some great-grandbabies?

Fluttershy: EEP

Applejack: Granny that's-- Ah don't-- We weren't even talking about marriage yet! ...Ah mean how is that even supposed to work?

Granny: Aw hay I'm sure Princess Celestia knows of some little colt or filly that could use a happy home. Some poor little orphan, taken in an' raised by a Vampony and Monster Hunter couple. This fantasy origin story writes itself!

AB+Big Mac: I'm never bringing home anyone to meet Granny.

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