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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


It's supposed to be the happiest day of Fluttershy's life. So why can't she seem to smile?


My entry for FamousLastWords' Right Back At It Again - 2020 Shipping Competition.

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I've had a similar story on my backburner for a while - though taken as a comedy. You've played it out seriously here, and the results are wonderfully poignant. Excellently done.

Well-written as usual, but I can't really buy this premise at all. You're telling me that both Big Mac and Applejack would be so selfish and envious that they couldn't share Fluttershy? They're both already all about family togetherness; to me this would be the setup for a successful polygamous relationship.

...I mean, yeah? I guess?

I'm an old fogey who knows little about such things. I doubt my ability to convey the complex emotions that would result from that sort of relationship.

Wht I doubt is that AJ would think to suggest it, or Fluttershy for that matter. It's a shame, but I can see that being a hang up.

Appleshy and Fluttermac are a favorite and the favorite Fluttershy ship respectively, so I was very interested in seeing this unfold. However, despite being elegantly written it felt rushed and didn't avoid the inevitable squick factor that came from these two being siblings after the same mare. It's not a down-thumb by any means, but I can't really upvote it in good faith either.

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