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Queer trans woman, writes stories about queer trans horses


The bags are packed, the passports acquired, the tickets bought. Today's the day. But not every trip is a vacation, and anticipation feels a lot like anxiety. This surgery is a very big deal for Rarity, and it could be the biggest test of their relationship yet. Can they weather this storm?

Proofread by GaraTheAuthor
Cover by Rawrienstein

3rd Place Winner of the Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys!

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Okay, that was really good. Also a concept for Rarity I’m sure I’ve never seen before. It makes a surprising amount of sense.

It does make me sad in retrospect since I know how awful old Sunset must have been to Rarity before she caught a laser to the face. Fortunately even just from this you can tell she’s earned her forgiveness. Or possibly she wasn’t, either through still having SOME standards or her values were Equestrain enough not to realize that was a way to hurt someone. Or possibly the Equestria Girls world is just progressive enough it’s a non-issue. One can dream right?

I assume that Equestrian transformation magic isn’t permanent and/or they’re not sure how it would interact with the portal. Or the portal prioritizes genetics over identity and would undo it. Which kind of sucks but you can’t expect magic to fix everything.

Anyway I’m overthinking because I enjoyed it. Good story.

as a transgender person myself, I couldn't help but chuckle at "Crotch Origami." Bravo, and have a thumbs up

I'm afraid a few details went over my head—why Thailand?—but this was still some excellently crafted prose. The building tension works fantastically, as does the ending relief. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

This was a fantastic story, Beta. It was a pleasure to proofread it for you and I can't wait to read more stuff from you in the future.

Because Thailand does the most GRS surgeries in the world.

One night in Buckok makes a hard pony humble?

Not much between despair and ecstasy.


To give a more detailed answer, a combination of several events (examples include Buddhism treating homosexual acts equally sinful as heterosexual acts, the US soldiers spending the equivalent of 40% of Thailand's total export income on the sex trade during the Vietnam war, and the Thai media's stereotyping of LGBT individuals as friendly extroverts, etc, etc) led to a nation that was more accepting to Trans and homosexual individuals, and got an international stereotype about it.

This in turn led to Trans-individuals moving to Thailand for the community, and due again to the before mentioned massive sex industry that sprang up during the Vietnam war meant that Thailand has a LOT of Trans entertainers. (For example it also hosts the Trans-women equivalent of Miss Universe)

This many openly trans-women, in a nation that regularly undergoes massive social restructuring (Its had 12 Coup's since 1932) has allowed Trans individuals to have entire streets dedicated to them just as Western cities have China-Town, AND has weakened most (not all) homophobic and transphobic laws and regulations.

Add it being on the less developed side of things, but also VERY experienced in this type of Surgery and a tourist destination to boot, and you have a nation that asks less questions about GRS, will do it FAR cheaper then the US, has a shorter wait time then basically anywhere else in the world, and you recover in paradise.

One clinic does 2-3 surgeries a week, and their is at least 100 doctors in Thailand qualified to do GRS and over 20 clinics offering them, with packages including medical and surgical expenses, hotel accommodation, massages and a city tour start at $9,770.

To Thailand, this is an export industry, so you definitely want this procedure done there.

Learn something new every day. I assumed it was something in that neighborhood, but thanks for the detailed explanation. That was fascinating.

This was a beautiful story, beta. I'm still reading through the contest entries but yours is already really one of, if not my number one, favorite ones so far. :heart:

Also, I'd absolutely love to see a continuation or sequel of this, if I'm being honest. :raritywink:

Wow. Rarely have I ever related to a story more than this one. I'm having my own GRS surgery in less than five months! :yay: (Although I'm having it done in the US). :raritywink:


Let me just start off by saying up front that my relationship with and position on the whole trans thing is... a little iffy. Mainly because or how the issue was politicized and weaponized during the last administration. That probably did more damage to the cause than anything.

I have questions, I have doubts, I have contempt for ultra-militant individuals who want to push a political narrative and sees every individual as nothing more than pawns to be exploited, no matter what side of the aisle they may be on. We're people, damn you! You know who you are, don't try and deny it!

At the same time I have respect for individuals, and would much rather deal with individuals themselves, rather than politics and legion-like, group-think ideologies where individual thought is shunned.

I had a general idea of what the story was about based on the title and the cover art. I came into this suspecting Rarity was a male seeking reassignment surgery to female. Although there were parts of the story that threw me a little, like the horse pun names had me thinking maybe they were going to Equestria so the process could be done with magic rather than surgery. Or the comment about Rarity in a suit, and left me wondering if it was backwards and we had a rare case of a female seeking male reassignment surgery, and if there would be a tuxedo involved during the eventual wedding. Or the little bit about Rarity and Sunset being involved in the discussion about the cab driver's children over the years, suggesting many, many followup trips to Buckkok and subsequent surgeries were going to be needed. There's a great many details in this story, and I'm sure I overlooked a lot of them simply because I didn't know what to be looking for.

Obligatory song title reference, for those of us who saw this and immediately had mtv flashbacks.

Girls can wear suits and it's actually good and hot

What does the entire first half of your comment have to do with the bottom half?

*Raises hand*

Oh I can't argue with that one. Case in point:


Letting it be known up front that this is a touchy subject for me, but I'm still supportive of the individuals themselves who're in this position.

Excellent story. I am touched by how you approached this sensitive topic with dignity.


No lyric nods in the prose? Not even a “World’s your oyster” ?

I kid. Well done and good luck in the contest!

from all of my opinions about this story, i could say.. this story is good, but i didnt really like the idea rarity became a trans. it was just, confusing. but, i still appreciate your hard work, sir/madam. :twilightsmile:

I wish you the best of luck.

All the horses are already trans, that's just canon

Rarity has always been a bit of a unique character, but I think you capture her mannerisms quite well here. You sell her dignified queen demeanor and I love her oscillations of stiff upper lip, artful deflections and moments of true vulnerability. The way she and Sunset acted were very nice and sold me on the idea of them being a couple comfortable with each other.

I know this topic is a field of landmines and even mentioning gender issues sets some people off. You are very brave to write it as I imagine its something very close to home.

very good story and handled very well thoe i think using the pony puns for location names dont fit and in a serious story like this they where kind a distracting but thats a MINOR issue i really enjoyed this

Puns are an important part of trans culture


Puns are an important part of trans culture

No denying that, though "Buckkok" and "Pegathailand" feel...forced.

In fairness, the word that gets Anglicized to "Thai" is so old that it literally defines itself ("Thai" means "Thai," though there's some theories that it's roots can be found in the words for "dark" or "gold"), it's damn near impossible to create a good pony-pun for it. Similarly, Bankok's etymology is clouded in the mists of history.

Honestly, keeping the Anglicized names, or even defaulting to the Asiatic or old-form names (Krung Thep, Siam) would have worked better for readability. (Though admittedly most people causally perusing the story listings would probably skip right over this or miss the reference completely if it was called "One Night in Krung Thep")

"A Model of Decorum and Tran(s)quility"

I'll see myself out.

Anyway, good read! Didn't expect this story to go that route, but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. I still have yet to learn that. The internal struggle Rara was going through shot a pang into my heart 'cause I hate seeing white horse sad in any way.

Bah, I'm not gonna go too deep into this comment, so yeah.

Good read, again!

Nice story

this was an absolutely fantastic story to read!
i really like how well you handled rarity being trans. its very nice to see as im a transman myself
great job with this! sunset/rarity isnt usually my cup of tea but darn they were so cute here

This is the first one of your stories I've read, is that a reference to other ones?
:scrolls to top of page:
Ah. Right. XD

Well, I'll have to admit, this wasn't my cup of tea. Not because of any message (couldn't care less about that one way or the other), but a lot of the story felt forced and rushed. Plus, as 9141730 noted, the puns in reference to Thailand/Bangkok especially felt forced.

I know this was written for the contest, but once that's done I would strongly give the story a once-over. The gems of the story are there; they just need to be unearthed a bit more.

Wow, Rarity was certainly brave going through with that. I once heard a quote from a trans-woman who described the recovery as 'six months of excrutiating pain'. Also, from my understanding the end result doesn't even function much like a vagina and chances are that you'll never reach orgasm again. Have to wonder if it's really worth it in the end. I guess for some people it is, but I wouldn't blame any trans-woman for not having that surgery.

Actually I was wondering something. Are you connecting this story to any others? And in this story is it just Rarity who is trans or are the others? Sunset obviously is living as a human when she was born as a pony, which as they say in the story isn't the same thing but is in the same neighborhood.

Also, I may be the only one so far that didn't find the puns that forced. I just would have probably made Thailand something related to griffons, because the country they're in is mirroring Equestria, but that's for worldbuilding reasons rather than disliking the name.

It's more like one month of pain and two or three months of annoying discomfort. And results do vary in terms of sensation afterwards, but not being able to get off at all would be pretty unusual. Saying the results are usually that bad is just spreading misinformation.

Choosing to get bottom surgery is a deeply personal choice, though. You have to way the risks against your own dysphoria. Plus it's inhumanely expensive of you don't have health insurance to cover it. That's why a lot of people go to Thailand: it's cheaper over there. But quite a few trans people who have gotten the surgery ave extremely happy with it.


but not being able to get off at all would be pretty unusual.

Really> Well that's good to hear. Honestly as long as they can still get some kind of pleasure from sex then it's all good I suppose. I do just want to say that even if a trans-woman decides not to have the surgery, that doesn't make her any les of a woman. I've heard there can be some discrimination in that regard, which is rubbish in my opinion.

Really lovely story. I love the relationship dynamic (and, I mean, best horse x best bacon is an amazing pairing to begin with). It talks about an aspect that is even rarer in the (way too few) stories dealing with trans issues.

Can't say I ever wanted to relive those feelings leading up to surgery, but that's what this story did, in a scarily accurate way. I'm probably going to be tense for awhile now, so good job? Seriously, you captured the emotions very well.

Not going to lie... This story was stressful to read, but not in a bad way. More of a “it feels too real” way, which is a good thing. Like the suspense was intense, I kind of had a knot in my own stomach the entire time reading it.

Excellent work.

Author Interviewer

That was quite well done. :D But please fix that typo in the first sentence! D:

"Buckkok" is eye-rolling, but "Pegathailand" is inspired. XD

yikes, that's embarrassing. Fixed now.

I absolutely loved this story! So much emotion throughout it.

“Bottom surgery? Vaginoplasty? Crotch origami?”

Reading this was a one-hit KO

I wish I could thumbs-up multiple times.

The ever present doubt and anxiety over "What if I'm wrong" is so well conveyed throughout the story. It's such a big decision to make for so many reasons that even if you have been over it in your head a thousand times and always come to the same conclusion you just can't help be ask again, "Am I really sure that I want this?"

Despite it kicking up my own anxieties I really enjoyed reading this. Seeing a depiction of someone else working through paralyzing doubt and taking that big step forward helps me to work through it as well, to answer back for what feels like the millionth time "Yes, I'm sure" with a little more conviction. Thank you for that.

“Right, let's ignore her. I don’t think this is quite a friendship laser situation.”

Friendship Laser. That’s what I’m calling the Rainbow blast from now on. You sir have just given it the PERFECT name. Also, this story is great so far.

I'm not a sir, nor the first person to coin that term, but thank you!

This is a wonderful piece! I truly loved it front to back.
The relationship between Rarity and Sunset is excellently done, their interactions remain sweet, endearing and compelling throughout.
I always say we can never have enough trans-themed stories on this site, and this is a superlative example of why. I love how you worked these themes deftly into wider considerations of love, care and how overwhelming it can be when we finally get the things that are important to us.
You should be really proud of this! :twilightsmile:

I just had my first consultation for bottom surgery. My second consultation is in a month and my surgery should be scheduled for ~1 year from that date.

It really is insane how everything seems so far away and then you're in a waiting room getting ready to talk to someone about the most important procedure of your life.

HRT seemed like a thing I'd never have, but I just hit a year on hormones last month...

Time really is an illusion :rainbowderp:

It was a little hard to read this, but it might be exactly what I needed to see.

Thank you so much for writing it!

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