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Okay, I'm now a brony. Not obsessed or anything like that and I definitely like the fictions more than the show, for now.

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#21 · 9w, 1d ago · · ·

Anyone know if this guy's still alive?  He hasn't logged in for nearly eleven weeks.

#20 · 33w, 2d ago · · ·

>>2263014 I see, I see. Well, good luck then, I hope to see that magical moment.

#19 · 33w, 2d ago · · ·


My tush is kinda sore, this chair is NOT comfortable to sit in long periods of time. Kinda hungry too. Think I'll go out and get sandwich supplies soon. Other than that, kinda frustrated on this current writing project I have for myself. I'm trying to write up at least a 5k chapter for each and every single story I have, then release them all at once.

I'm curious to see what'll happen. I've gotten a high enough number of subscribers that every time I update a story they push the story to the featured box. My hope is that for a scant few minutes, I'll have the featured box full with all my stories. Should make for a satisfying picture. Maybe keep it to show how broken the featured box is if it works out. No one author should be able to dominate the front page like that. Never seen anyone do it, but there has to be a first.

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>>2263003 *chuckles* Heh, alright. So how y' feeling?

#17 · 33w, 2d ago · · ·


No no no, I'm a smart Flutters. Aleck is a pretty smart bird too, messy eater though...

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