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Back from outer space

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“My species is known as human's. Homosapien if you want to get technical.”

Firstly, "human's"? You don't need the apostrophe or the 's' there.

Secondly, if you want to get actually technical, our species is called homo sapiens sapiens.

Is this really complete? Or is that a mistake?

Forget this story existed and I forgot what happened last time.


The only question is, if it is a mistake, will he fix it?

The real problem is not knowing how to read the A/N at the top of the chapter.

The story is finished but I'll be posting one chapter each day. That should give people time to absorb and not get burnt out.


True, but if the chapters are complete but not published, then the story should be marked as Incomplete until all the chapters are posted. Otherwise, first time readers like myself would confuse it as one-shot before they even read the first chapter and leave.

Well if nothing else, this story is a testament to your improved writing :twilightsheepish:
Can't say i read the original, so I'm glad you've decided to repost these


confuse it as one-shot before they even read the first chapter and leave.

lol, k. Well, if it's a problem for everyone then they can gladly leave. It's not going to hurt my feelings.

Well, I didn't leave thanks to Silver Octave mentioning the mistake, but I almost did. :duck:

I just never knew people disliked one-shots enough to avoid them. HiE, sure. Anthro, I get it. But a one-shot? Never heard of it before. But, whatever, I'll change it just for you. How about that?

Not that I don't appreciate the change, but I just thought I should bring it up. :twilightsmile:

Luna looked over to the guard. “yes, well we think he has learned that lesson. we- I will make sure to report his actions to the captain.”

But she addressed him AS captain just before this.

So you're reposting the original? It's been so long that I don't remember this story at all.

I mean there was pizza on the roof! How does that even happen?


Yup, original. I gotta say, while I was reading it myself I was surprised by how much I forgot as well.

7675454 I just found this story because it is featured, havent read it yet but it looks good

Aww poor Rainbow :fluttercry: Anyway looking forward to more chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Poor Dashie, should find herself some peanut butter because she's so jelly. :trollestia:

The description reminds me of a story where the human protagonist is a ghost, incapable of interacting with the world but trying to anyway. I’m all but certain that story is dead, so the fact that something vaguely similar exists which is purportedly complete has definitely piqued my interest.

edit: Scratch that. Not even remotely similar. Still, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

So far i like this story and can't wait for more, though i do have to add a strike against this story since he says that Monty python and the holy grail sucks.

i remember this story back in the day when i first came here, this is one of my top 5 stories that hooked me here


Huh. Guess I can chunk this one back into one of my shelves. Good to see you returning to your roots, even though I admit I recall pretty much nothing of the story in its original form at this point. Gonna have to look through your other stuff again, too.

7675245 I can see people disliking one shots on the preconception that it's just an idea haphazardly thrown together without much care or effort.

But in regards to this story, what really throws me is when I read the authors note it makes it seem like this is from a dark period of novice writting you are hesitant to admit the existence of. And yet, during my reading I struggle to find any heinous writiing-crimes to justify such a notion. True the storie's not without some technical mistakes (typos mostly), but nothing worth more than a passing thought. -an exception I believe i recall is a brief switch between first and second person naritive

Overall this story is rather simple and has a pretty uplifting feel to it. It gives an appealing amount of character and world depth and has a sense of continuity wich is always a staple in good material (assuming pinkie is not involved) .

My only grievance is that I came across it too soon/too late, and now must wait day by day to read more of the story I enjoy.

All this being said, I eagerly await the remaining chapters and think there will come a time where i simply must read your "better" works. Perhaps one of them may even be awarded a golden star. Until then, I thank you and hope you have a pleasant day.

Looking at the front of this, I seem to think it's a well-written powertrip in which Anon gets all the ladies - every anon story ever - and nothing bad happens.

Hopefully, the author isn't a fucktard. Here we go. Don't disappoint me.

7680882 This was already written years ago when the site was starting out, the author is just re-posting edited chapters.

Ah yes, I somewhat remember this story. You've definitely improved by leaps and bounds since then.

I think the reason I wasn't so happy with this story originally is the feeling of wish fulfillment that it reeked of. Though, to be fair, everyone starts off with that in fanfiction. And you HAVE improved significantly over the years. I'll see how much of this I can go through before it becomes unbearable once again.

Regardless, I'll still look forward to anything new you make. I know you've improved quite a bit and very much enjoy your stories now. :twilightsmile:

7674050 that doesn't mean the character knows that.

I loved this story when it came out. The feels,

So right now, Overlooked, Unnoticed, and Forgotten are all featured stories.

I know this is an old fic but please no more Cupcakes references. The story honestly isn't even that good it's just gory for the sake of being gory and it just reeks of laziness when it's mentioned or referenced in somebody's story. With that said though I still like the story and can't wait for more.

7681036 I figured that out once I started reading, but thanks anyway.

Shipping has intensified :pinkiehappy:

Obviously, this was made BEFORE Crusaders of the Lost Mark...I think

7682461 Where can I find the first two stories?

They're both still in the featured box...

They're also both unrelated to this story and to each other, and all three are by different authors.


this is an old fic from 3ish years agos, the author is re-releasing it as a "look at how much i have grown"

Make a herd.
It's the best solution for all.

Twilight is in hot water with a dash of sun.

I mean kissing Pinkie was alright but it oddly didn't feel right.


Ponk is absolutely waifu material, you monster.

:fluttercry: Oh dear Celestia!!! I caught up!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! More overly emotional mares please! :pinkiehappy:

Well I have to say that when I readed to the six chapter I could conclude that this history is pretty awesome but I can´t shake the feeling that this is a mix of the fanfics ¨Xenophilia¨ and ¨a not brony in equestria¨ with a little bit more spicy.

7687921 Agreed Ponissar, sir!

I bet my smile mirrored one of a predictor
Should be predator

You know I've always been a big fan of your work ever since "Pretty in Pink" showed up in the Featured box.

That being said, it's not hard to see that this was your first piece of MLP fanfiction.

You've come a long way, and I can't wait for your other stories to update and for new stories from you.

Man, dating Rainbow seems just exhausting. Demanding, possessive, jealous and needy from day one. :unsuresweetie:

Yes Anon, go ahead and sign a contract that you can't read, absolutely nothing bad can come out of that.
Still, I liked this story for what it was at the time, though the grammar and sue-ish-ness certainly makes me cringe in hindsight. I'm glad that Sarcastic Bronys other stories get better after this one.

7693169 i agree with you there, and adding Luna to the mix should make for some interesting situations.

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