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John Wick in Equestria? I definitely didn't expect this. But nevertheless it is very interesting to see what will happen next. Can't wait for more action from our dear Keanu? Show us this soon!

Cheers echoed from the crowd as the guards picked her up for the third time, and roughly moved her over to the wooden steps just below the slowly swinging noose above. The trial was declared the fastest trial in Equestrian history, having taken less than five minutes for three of the four alicorn princesses to declare her guilty. The fourth took almost an entire eight hours of convincing. High treason and attempted assassination of at least one of the royal alicorns made for an instant death sentence, and as the noose steadily approached, Tempest finally picked up on the voice of the solar princess standing just a few feet away from her.

Wait? What about Starlight!?

Isn't she technically tried to do the same damn thing to Twilight? Not to mention, ALMOST doom Equestria multiple times, due to f******* up the space-time continuum!! But, she is quickly forgiven, and just became Twilight's student?

Look, I'm not defending Tempest's case. She doesn't have a excuse either. But, messing with frickin time travel, thus causing to screw Equestria with many dark alternate timelines, even one with a apocalypse-like wasteland.

Seems like the way worst crime ever! Than with the likes of being a war criminal/conqueror, terrorist, attempted assassination, and traitor from the likes of tempest.

It was in this desperate plea, that a creature more unfeeling and lethal than anything they ever could have imagined, emerged.

A human assassin; hyper lethal and unremorseful as he takes life from those that would threaten his charge.

Speaking of highly favourite and fictional human assassins/hitmans. Who do you like more?

John Wick or Agent 47?

When I saw the little story picture on my phone, the first thing I saw was John Wick in a suit xD
Good story

Starlight was technically worse, but Twilight also dealt with her by herself. Celestia, Luna, and Cadence didn't have any sway over Twilight's decision there. At least, that's what I'm going with. As I hope is clear, Twilight is the princess who still wants to preserve life no matter what, while the other three have adopted more of John's mentality.

John Wick, because he's more personable. The guy loves dogs. Agent 47 is honestly kind of boring as a person. Smart and lethal (and pretty cool), sure, but basically just a blank slate.

I can neither confirm nor deny that there may or may not be a pencil in this story at some point

Personally, John Wick. Agent 47 has just never really struck a chord with me. I hear the games are great though. Love the briefcase of death lol

Every Friday! Sorry about the wait, but I want to be able to have a continuous stream of chapters for you all to enjoy. Don't worry though, there is still much to come.

I once heard he killed a dragon with pencil.

This...is odd..but in a good way. I will continue watching.


Okay, I take your word for it, and Twilight's "friendship is magic" judgement as well.

Considering that I personally still didn't like Starlight was forgiven way too easy in canon. Especially the mess up time travel shenanigans. At least in other shows/movies. They take time travel very seriously!

Not that I'm totally against Starlight being a reformed good pony that she is today. Just didn't like she was forgiven too easily, and was rushed. ( Like she has flipped a switch in her mindset from "evil" to "good/heroic". )

But then again, Luna/Nightmare Moon, Sunset, and even Trixie are in the same villain boat. And they all got forgiven quite "easily" as well.

( While Discord is a "special case". Since he is the first non-pony villain to have a chance to be reformed.

I bet John didn't like Discord betraying the ponies like that in Season 4 finale with Tirek. Am I right? )

Anyway, I just like to see the reaction on how John feels about that particular decision, and with his view Starlight, or to Sunset and Trixie in general.

P.S. You said that John also took down other villains with the likes of Chrysalis, and Tirek? ( You forgot to put Discord, Sombra, Dazzlings, and Pony of Shadows. ) Aren't you gonna show us all of that in flashback chapters?

And when was he "summoned" in the MLP Timeline/Season?

Because, considering that he has been here for a long time. We are missing a ton of story in here. And just skipped where John easily thwarted Tempest's invasion.


"Boring"? He is a bioengineering super human/clone built as the perfect super assassin/hitman.

So of course, 47 usually doesn't have a "normal" human personality to link with, like John was. Since he is built/created that way in the first place.

But, he is still my favorite. ( Since I personally am a diehard fan, and watched/played the Hitman games myself. )

And if you know the game series ( story wise ) like I do. He does somewhat has some "personally", and "morals" too. Considering he only assassinate very bad and corrupt people. And protects his few, but closest friends.


Same speech from up top.

I'm surprised that no one has ever added this guy into the displaced universe like seriously he's just that perfect.

Picture goes hard, on jod.

Holy shit its Keanu Reeves

I'm looking forward to more.

I always did like John Wick. He really is a force of nature, well, besides Agent 47, but still.

Whew! That was intense.

I know that he isn’t John Wick, but I still imagine Keanu Reeves’s voice in my head when John Smith talks.

Two chapters, and I’m already hooked. Looking forward to more!

I'm happy to hear that :D

Feel free to imagine Keanu's voice lol. It's kinda how I imagined him too XD

He Is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will

Aw snap! John is back! I told imagined that image of him standing nearby with the shotgun resting on his shoulder. Menacingly.

Am I high, or did the text get smaller?

Other than that, this is a great chapter! I am fully invested in this story, keep up the great work!

Edit: yea, I was high :rainbowlaugh:

Ooooo!!! Yes. Go John! I am glad Tempest survived.

Wow, John really knows his stuff. And Luna should learn, never mess with John Wick.

I personally prefer the dialogue chapters. Dunno if I'm in the minority but I zoned out on the action scenes because I didn't really have a lot of reason to care about it.

Gun store owner here, great chapter. Though I might be a bit biased


Though I might be a bit biased

About the guns he has?

They continued down the street without stopping, yet the crowd and their voices followed like a shadow, all aiming their hatred toward the mare in the center of it all. The guards shouted a few commands in an attempt to restore some semblance of order to the crowd, but their voices were lost in a sea of angry shouts and screams. For almost twenty minutes, the group continued through the streets of Canterlot, drawing more and more angry citizens to join in their shared hatred of the traitor, Tempest.

Damn, imagine John pulls out a f**king gun here and either cocks it once loudly, or fires one round into the sky. How would public opinion be towards him?

They will know not to f*** with John as he was serious. To not mess with him.

He silently looks at everypony after as they stand silent. A foal cries in the background.
"John. Put the gun down."

It was in this desperate plea, that a creature more unfeeling and lethal than

Hey now, John Wick legitimately liked his dog.


I absolutely love Luna's depiction in this series. It fits her surprisingly well for being the logic driven one, if she were as easy to convince like Twilight or neutral like Celestia or Cadence it wouldn't have delivered this chapter as good as this is. Bravo! Looking forward for the next chapters.

I'm glad you liked it :D

I was a bit worried that she might come across too harshly, but I am happy to see that my fear was pretty much unfounded lol.

I hope you like what I have in store for the rest of the story :)

It wouldn't be a John Wick inspired story without a proper "full course meal". Splendid!

John's jaw fell slightly as the snap of the rope rang out over the platform, making most of the ponies present cringe and look away. More than one pony vomited at the sight of the Storm King's captain hanging by her neck, though that sight was far from the worst of it. The worst part was that she was still alive.

Tears leaked from her bulging eyes as the rope constricted her airway, depriving her of precious oxygen as her body dangled several feet above the ground. She struggled a gag of pain while her forehooves struggled with their bonds, making little progress as they were tied off to her hindlegs as well. Any attempt to reach up to her neck was swiftly halted by her inability to contort her body far enough.

Nearly every pony in the crowd gasped and cringed at the sight. Some outright ran from the scene while others stood stock still, too taken aback to even look away. Beside John, Twilight let out a horrified gasp.

Wait a minute? Just moment ago, they are all cheering for her death, WTF do they even expect from a simple hanging execution. That was bound to happened.

A bunch of weak stomachs, hypocrites, and CAN'T even make up their own damn minds!? :facehoof:

"Nay. This is a much slower and more painful way to die... but death was her sentence anyway." Luna replied, struggling to watch the mare choke to death before her.

At least she made up her mind.

Luna moved to speak, before biting her lip and sighing heavily through her nostrils, "Fine, sister. I just hope that for all our sakes, you're not putting too much trust into him."

Celestia gave a grateful nod to her sister before turning away and walking toward the hospital.

"That makes two of us." She quietly muttered to herself.

You doubting John Wick, the hell mares!!!??? He has his reasons.

Edit: Finished.

"While I can't even begin to fathom why we're concerned over the life of a literal traitor, that does bring us to the reason we're all here in the first place-" Luna announced, before looking over to John, "-why in Tartarus did you save that mare's life?"

"Well if I lost my horn as a filly, I certainly wouldn't have launched an invasion against my own country." Luna shrugged.

Is she f******* serious right now!!!??? You may not lose your horn as a "cause" to becoming evil/bad.

( Even though I find it a little ridiculous and stupid that Tempest turn bad because of it. Isn't there horn prosthetics or something? Or why didn't she seek a audience with Celestia to fix her horn in the past instead? Celestia is compassionate after all. )

BUT, the jealousy of your sister did caused you to be a actual "traitor" yourself, by a royal civil war, and hostile takeover/usurping your sister from the throne. And technically, you are a "invader" against your own country as well. Because again, your attempted coup of the government is a literal invasion within itself.

Seriously, did give her terrible amnesia/memory loss of her own actions as Nightmare Moon? OR she does remember, but she likes being a hypocritical bitch on purpose, CrimsonWolf 360?

Because I doubt you will be forgettable of Nightmare Moon, and is just doing this to Luna on purpose?

So, why didn't you make someone like John Wick or even Twilight constantly remind Luna on who she was, when she is acting like this. Because this feels like a little plothole and inconsistent, because they can realistically say that against Luna's poor judgment.

I hope you can edited/added this tidbit.

Luna balked at her sister, "Redemption ? Sister, what is there to redeem in that mare?" She questioned, cutting Celestia off.

If that's the case? Then why do you deserve "redemption", Nightmare Moon.

If we treated you the same way as Tempest? Then you wouldn't be forgiven easily by Celestia, the elements won't cure/save you from the dark corruption. And will just be reimprison back to the moon.

I'm not saying I'm defending or excusing Tempest's own crimes and sins against Equestria/Ponykind. But I HATE that a literal ex-villain like Luna is acting like this.

"As much as I would love to take the fight to our enemies, sister, you just brought up the one problem with all of that. Can we trust this mare? All we know about her is that she's a traitor and eagerly gave us information about the Storm King at the first opportunity. For all we know, she could just be trying to lure us into a trap, or hay, she could betray us just as easily, and use the opportunity to escape back to him. However, this time, she'll have information about our defenses as well as John." Luna fired back.

Again, you are also a traitor and will have trust issues as well, Nightmare Moon!

John sighed, "Most of it's a blur. I remember being in some kind of metal structure... I was fighting some kind of creature. It looked like the Storm Soldiers, but it was a lot bigger," His eyes fell to the floor, "I was losing. Dying, even. All I can remember after that was a flash of light and it was gone. Then I heard her voice."

I still call that nightmare "premonition" BS! Him, losing to someone like the Storm King!!?? Pphhttt! Bull!

"A shipyard doesn't seem like the kind of place he would stash a weapon capable of rendering all of Equestria uninhabitable." Luna countered.

Actually, villains and evil/corrupt corporations DO hide or ship their various weapons from many fictional media. So, you are very wrong there. Because, the Storm King isn't the "smart" type. ( At least in the movie. )

"Maybe not, but it's probably where he'd load the weapons onto his airships when he plans on attacking." John rebutted.


Edit: Done.

Isn't is obvious?" Luna asked, rhetorically, "He has no magical abilities whatsoever. He has no claws, talons, wings, or fangs. The only tools he has to fight with are his weapons. If our enemies realize that the only reason every threat to face Equestria in the last few years has been put down in seconds, is because of one mortal man that can only fight if he has his weapons, they'll conjure any number of schemes to target him, and take him out of the equation altogether. Worse, they could find and steal his weapons to use against us." She explained.

"That won't happen." John said, reassuringly.

Stop doubting John's abilities. He isn't stupid for not protecting or safeguarding his own guns/weaponry. And the baddies CAN'T just use guns overnight. Training with guns takes time! There is gun safety and police/military training on guns after all.

I bet they will stupidity shoot themselves in the foot, their heads, or friendly fire. So maybe let them have some for a few minutes. Just for giggles. And then get them back after you had your fun.

Plus, IF he can weaponize a frickin pencil! Then you should reconsider what you are saying, Luna.

"And who's to stop it from happening? Unreformed changelings are still out there and cling to Chrysalis's ideology. They can infiltrate our defenses quite easily, even with our new countermeasures since the wedding. An army ten thousand strong would overwhelm even you, with all your weapons at your disposal. If they knew they only had to wait a few decades for you to die of old age, they'd simply bide their time until you were gone. Don't misunderstand me, John. I appreciate the things you've done for us, and I have an enormous amount of respect for you, but we have to be realistic. If they knew your weaknesses, our enemies would exploit them, posthaste." Luna responded.

Damn! You have a point there. I like John Wick, but ain't no Doom Slayer or a DC Comics/Marvel/DBZ/Naruto character. :fluttershysad:

"We're not mind controlling anypony. That's barbaric and wrong." Celestia declared, a heavy frown on her face.

"And execution wasn't?" Twilight whispered.

HAH! Twilight gots you there. Hypocrisy right there.

Luna hummed, "This... could work. I still have serious reservations about letting her out. Even with a full detachment of guards, that mare is dangerous." She said.

John Wick is WAY MORE dangerous than her, and he did KICK her ass! So, what's the big frickin deal, Luna?

You're just overreacting, overestimating Tempest, and underestimating John here. Plus, the guards can't do crap and suck, so only let John watch her.

P.S. Now that I mentioned it. Weren't you "dangerous" yourself, Nightmare Moon!?

Heck, you are a lot MORE dangerous than Tempest if you turn back into Nightmare Moon, and wasn't holding back your Alicorn powers. Eternal Night is a whole lot more deadlier to Equestria and the entire world than a simple invasion.

You were just caught off guard. And you already got rid of the petrifying orb grenades.

I doubt Tempest with a broken horn ( And without the stone orb grenades ) will take on a prepared and full powered alicorn like Luna/Nightmare Moon.

And speaking of the Alicorns. All of them can be more dangerous as well if they weren't holding back, or got "corrupted" as well ( Daybreaker, Nightmare Moon, Midnight Sparkle, Heart Breaker/Cadence, etc. ).

Do I need to go on?

"The royal guard can be discreet. They have training in covert protection operations and plainclothes uniforms that would blend in well in nearly every environment. We can spare one detail for this mission." Celestia rebutted.

Well, that DIDN'T help them against the various villains in the past, now would it? :ajbemused:

So, I call this overconfidence and bull crap!

"An early warning system? John, the royal guard can be much more useful than just that. Besides, what's to stop Tempest from attacking you while you sleep? You have to rest at some point." Luna shook her head.

"The royal guard hasn't been able to stop any threat Equestria's faced since I got here, and apparently before that for hundreds of years as well," John frowned, "Besides, Twilight can put some enchantments on the collar to keep her at bay while I sleep, right?" He asked looking to Twilight.

He is frickin correct. Even after seeing the guard's incompetence and being failures of their jobs. Why the hell do you two ( Celestia/Luna ) still have "faith" in your guards? Are you frickin blind and deaf?

"The royal guard has a history of not being able to complete the mission, and if the threat is as serious as I think it is, we can't afford to have guards getting in the way." John countered.

"That's not a fair comparison, John. Those threats were much larger than a unicorn with a broken horn." Celestia replied.

"Are they trained to fight a pony that took three of you out in thirty seconds?" John raised an eyebrow.

Exactly, John is right once again. Celestia, why do you still have overconfidence and "faith" with the guards, IF they really suck at their jobs? :facehoof:

Also, nice burn there. :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: Done.

"Are you serious!? A full pardon and special medical treatment? That mare deserves nothing of the sort!" Luna whisper-shouted, nearly stomping her hoof on the floor in anger.

Again, Nightmare Moon~?

"John, we have some serious concerns about this. She's dangerous. If she were to get away from you, then what?" Captain Shining Armor spoke up.

"She won't get away from me. Twilight will make sure of that." John replied, casting a quick glance over his shoulder to the burly stallion.

Again, this is the guy that literally kicked Tempest's ass and is a lot more dangerous than her. Plus, he took on the other villains. So, don't have poor faith on him.

Luna sighed in frustration, "John, a full pardon is off the table. She has to pay for her crimes!" She exclaimed.

"Well put it back on the table then." He replied, nonchalantly.

If I was in John's place. I would say something like; "IF I take your own "logic", then you wouldn't even be standing here, Nightmare Moon"!!!

I know it's harsh, but it's the damn truth! And I'm tired of Luna's little hypocritical, and high pedestal attitude that she thinks she's immune to her OWN evil crimes/sins from the past.

"I know you've saved Equestria more than once in the last few years, but... that answer doesn't exactly inspire a whole lot of confidence." Shining hesitantly said.

"You saved our wedding from Chrysalis without a vision from Harmony... I think I can trust that you'll do the same this time around." Cadence offered, mirroring her husband's smile.

"I suppose... while I have many concerns, you have beaten far worse odds in the past. Perhaps we are just being a bit too fearful after yesterday's affairs. I will trust you this time, John." Celestia added, giving a small nod.

Seriously!? Why are we missing out on John Wick's own equestria adventures from the various seasons, and badassery taking down the previous and various MLP villains?

This feels more like a sequel story more than anything?

It's like watching Star Wars' Original Trilogy, but never watch the Prequel Trilogy, the two Clone Wars Series', Bad Batch, Rouge One, Han Solo, Obi-Wan show, Rebels, etc...

Or watching Lord of the Rings, but didn't watch the Hobbit Trilogy.

Or watch Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame. But didn't watch Phrase 1, 2, and 3.

You see what I mean, author?

"I'll do everything I can to prove you wrong then." John replied, a thin smile on his face.

HAH!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Luna rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Just don't get in over your head. As I stated earlier, you are not invincible. The last thing we need is you injuring yourself or worse , over a criminal you fancy for... some reason."

Technically in real world standards. You would be a CRIMINAL as well!

You know; The hostile takeover/usurp, and royal civil war against your own sister. And the terrorism acts, and even attempted planetcide ( Basically killing EVERYONE on Equestria/Equis ) with eternal night, etc..

So please get off your "high horse" or pedestal, Luna. Just because you are equestrian royalty, and being Celestia's sister. DOESN'T exactly erase, or just easily "pardon", or wash your own sins/crimes :ajbemused:

"Once they're safe..." He whispered.

Is he talking about Equestria and it's pony citizens, or his guns?

"Just be careful. This is a dangerous mission and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. We need you." Twilight said, in a gentle voice.

Twilight, he already went and survived multiple various "dangerous" missions with the likes of his past hitman/assassin life, and the previous MLP villains. Stop worrying too much, you sounding like Fluttershy. No offense to her.

John shot the bastard, didn't he?


Well duh! That moron had it coming. Although, I prefer a shotgun shell to blow his entire face or blow his head off like a watermelon.

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