Chrysalis and Cadance have been engaged in a battle of wills against each other for longer than either can remember, but little do they know they're both fighting for the same reasons.

Thank you to Red Parade and Seer for pre-reading and editing.
Written for Seer. Thank you for inspiring me to try crazy new ideas. You inspire me and bring me joy!

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A truly fascinating portrayal of these two. Two sides of the same coin, for love in all its beauty and horror cannot be adequately embodied in a single being. And coins flip...

I was skeptical at first, but the longer this went, the better it got. Rather appropriate given the subject matter. Thank you for it.

I'm very glad you gave it that chance, and enjoyed it in the end! It's something pretty different but I had fun writing it, and I'm grateful that you liked it.

this is an incredibly unique story. I am torn it is very good but also kind of confusing.

Now this is a very interesting concept, I really wish to see a continuation of this story.

I appreciate it! I'm not quite sure where a continuation would go, but if people were interested i might be willing to figure something out.

I'm glad you felt it was unique! What about it did you find confusing?

Thanks so much again Silent!
I really admire how well you executed the winding, twisting narrative here. From the prose to the imagery, from the dialogue to the wonderfully imparted themes, everything was so well conveyed and came together flawlessly
Every time I read a story of yours, I'm always struck by your imagination and creativity, and this is no exception. No matter what genre or characters your turn your hand to, I always come away having loved what you've written, so keep on with the amazing work because you inspire me and bring me joy too! <3

just the chrysalis is cadence and vice versa part

you should totally make a sequel.

I must say this feels like a setup for something more, but I have no idea how it may go.

I’m confused, are they two entities who swap places or the same person with split personality?

this is so brilliant that I do not have words for it... if I understand this correctly they are both in some kind of time loop with them switching places at the end of each loop... they could have been going at this for centuries as far as they know! or if im mistaken then they simply switch places after each battle? doesnt matter as either way this is a brilliant idea that I would dearly love see taken farther with a sequel...

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted Jan 17th, 2021

Cadance shrugged. “Funny thing, I don’t think they ever really have. It’s my life, as much as yours. As far as I can guess, we could’ve been doing this since the wedding. Maybe earlier. Does it matter?”

So this is not some sort of time loop? Still, an amusing idea indeed. Does this also mean Cadance can command the hive if she really want to?

The motherly love had been double!

I've no idea where you got the split personality thing from, but your first understanding of the fic is correct.

I'm sorry.

It's not a time loop, but they are switching places after each battle of this sort.

See previous statement, and yes, I bet she could. She's got at least the same amount of right to command the Changelings as whichever pony is currently Chrysalis does.

thank u for ur contribution

It's not your problem, the fic is cool

I was thinking it was a Fight Club type hallucination/split personality.

My own personal theory is that the real Cadance is trapped in an alternate bubble universe where she ultimately controls everything in Equestria, but she actually doesn't do it consciously, and this is the good and bad sides of her fighting for control in a way that makes sense to her warped mind (because it exists in 6th dimensional space where everything is more complex, even her thoughts) so like this is the manifestation of that similar to the dog ending of Silent Hill 2 except instead of a dog it's Cadance (the real Cadance) and if you saw her actions it doesn't make a whole lot of sense but again 6th dimensional thinking (which I can do btw, I studied ancient techniques for years but never mind that lol just know that I'm kinda an expert on this kind of thing) so it's simultaneously simple and complex where she's two beings but also one being, fighting yet agreeing, a contradiction to simple 2D brains but 6D brains can just do that and these two are just astral projections of that struggle lol I hope the guards don't find her because their brains might melt XD

It'd be interesting, at the very least, but that's not what I'd intended.

I have... no idea what this is saying but while it's not what I'd written or intended, if my story has made you think a bit, I guess that's all I could ask for.

ah ok still a brilliant story that truly needs a sequel!


Huh... even after reading comments, I have no idea what's going on in the story :applejackconfused:

Could someone explain it in 'Layman's Terms,' please :unsuresweetie:?

Did you read the fic itself, or just the comments?

Chrysalis and Cadance have been swapping bodies for a very long time. They forget their old memories a few hours afterwards. Both claim Flurry Heart as their daughter, and neither is sure which is the original Chrysalis and which is the original Cadance, but the cycle of fighting and switching can't go on forever.



I've read the story, yes, but I didn't get it. Then I read the comments, but it was still confusing. I thought there was some deeper meaning behind all this that I missed...

Anyway, thanks for explaining :twilightsmile:,

You aren't the only one, not by far. I'm at a loss at what to do. If I spell things out in a fic, people think there's a deeper meaning, but if I do something with a deeper meaning, people complain that I didn't spell things out.



My suggestion is to always do whatever YOU think is right - if someone won't get it... that's what the comment section is for :unsuresweetie:.

Judging by the number of upvotes, most people here understood it right, so the problem was probably on my side of the fence anyway :twilightsheepish:. Don't beat yourself over it :twilightsmile:

Horror if you give into back and forth they go though. Who is who now? Then again, might be good for them. I like this story a lot.

I am so confused.

I am biased, but it is fine as it is and isn't ambiguous. I think making it more obvious would undermine the storytelling and the transitional state that underpins the relationship between Chrysalis and Cadence here. If you added a note in the author's notes would that be able to clarify for the confused?

If it helps, I got it!

Y'know, I think this is the only way I could see that popular triad happening.

Interesting if a bit confusing but still very good. I suppose that after so long they have basically become one identity at this point. Both are one in the same

A bit confusing, but good nonetheless.

I'm sorry you're all confused. What can I do to explain things better in the future?

When making a story like this I think it just comes with the territory. Unless you make a a completely separate story explaining how they first changed positions and the explanation each one after. Which would ruin a lot of what made this one so interesting.

Maybe the transformation descriptions of the two could have been a bit clearer but then you’d run the risk of this fic getting too wording. I think it’s fine how it is

Maybe have a flashback?

This was a very interesting story and reading it was one heck of a rollercoaster. It initially seemed like the expected scene: Cadence and Chrysalis facing off against each other, each with their own motives. However, once 'Cadence' started feeling pain and the names subtly switched, I started to suspect that they were switching identities (clear enough here). Yet, upon reading even further, I could no longer identify which was originally Chrysalis and which was originally Cadence; any attempt to dwell on this and ascertain which is which inevitably leaves me confused.

On that note, I've seen quite a few comments where people expressed being confused and apologies from the author regarding this. Yet, I feel that such was not necessary because you should be confused, at least in some respect. The characters themselves are unaware of who was who before they started switching repeatedly in a cycle, so there's no way that the reader is going to know this. The overall situation, though, should be quite clear, as it has been heavily inferred through their conversation (if not explicitly stated) what they have been doing.

I like how at the end, they have essentially come to the decision to break the never-ending cycle for the ones they love. I'm not sure how a follow-up to this story would be implemented (I have the creativity of a rock when it comes to writing) but if we do get a sequel to this, I will be intrigued to see what happens.

I don't know why, but this seems like it could easily work as a poem.

Wow, that was certainly something.
I'm sure without the cover art I wouldn't have been able to understand it.
And luckily you made a comment earlier to explain everything (10617299).
But in the end they both decided to break the cycle? Together?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Well played an amazing story with a very interesting idea behind it. Was a bit confusing at the start but once I understood what was happening it was a Rollercoaster ride of heart strings being plucked and me just feeling pity for the two stuck in this endless cycle and hoping they can find a way to come to terms and end it

Wow. That really crept up on the reader, starting as a bile-soaked feud between the two that, though within their character, already stunned from how vicious and barbed it was. And then, the moment where a name was first swapped hit, and it getting getting weirder, to its benefit. It's interesting to note the majority of the comments are confusion/debates over what "happened", but to me, the confused parts were supposed to be as such, as the broad notion of them having swapped so many times neither knows which they began as, that was clear enough. Anything else is just details that don't "matter" to the core emotional experience. So, don't fret for leaving things unexplained – it benefitted the piece tenfold. That people wanted to know only shows how great it was, to get them that intrigued.

The final decisions and emotions, of the pair choosing to break the loop for those they love, really put a barbed yet beautiful capstone on this rollercoaster of emotions. The piece's start does remain a bit ordinary and lacklustre compared to what follows, but it is essential to the fic and passes pretty quick, so that's more a bug then a feature.

Rating: Really Good

I very much enjoyed that. If you're interested, I wrote a little review for my blog. Have a fave. :)

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