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Celestia in a last minute panic, needs to get the perfect gift for her beloved sister, but she struggles to figure out what would be worthy enough, and show her sister just how much she is loved, and a local shop vendor helps her understand the true meaning of giving a gift and that nothing like love can be placed in a box.
This was written for: Carabas
This was for Jinglemas: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/213263/jinglemas

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Cute story!

Much obliged for this! This is a bonny piece of work. The affection Celestia and Luna feel for one another comes across clearly, and Minty getting a seat at their Hearth's Warming table for her trouble's a good denouement.

Nae worries about the rushedness - laptop shenanigans happen to the best of us. :twilightsmile:

Very good story, I really liked the portrayal of Celestia and Luna's affection for one another and Luna repaying Minty by having her joining them for Hearth's Warming.

Short, but very sweet. Quite nicely done. :)

This was cute! Sucks to hear about your laptop. I noticed some grammar and spelling errors, but you having to rush the story explains that.

Aww, cute! I thought it was sweet how Celestia gave up her necklace and Luna gave up her game all to get a gift for the other. :heart:

thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it!

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