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A queen can only stomach so many failures, so many chances at a better life crushed underhoof by some self-important pony before she snaps. This would be her last shot at the love at the heart of the Crystal Empire. One of them would come out alive and the other would fail for the last time. She didn't care which.

Violence tag for character death in flashback.

Cover art credit jademoona. Proofreading, editing, casket-bearing, moral support, and other assorted menial labor provided by the endlessly talented and truly wonderful wishcometrue.

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Holy Shit...this was intense; and I love it!


:D thanks a ton! it was intense working on it and the song that inspired it was even more so: here it is

Aww men. This was hard to read this story it keep pulling my heartstring, this is very intense and loving every single bit of it. Great work

aww, thank you! that was definitely my goal so im glad i pulled it off :3

First off, I'd describe the buildup of tension throughout this story as genuinely excruciating (in a good way!). I love the "open secret" concept, where you know what's going to happen, but you don't know, so you get dragged into the intrigue cuz you just need to know how it turns out.

Not sure what to say about the ending since I'm still emotionally processing it... it's so sudden, and bittersweet, but it's beautiful and it absolutely works. It's not how i expected the story to end but honestly i think it's better.

The one criticism I have is that there's a recurring problem with pronouns, like a lot of "she did this, she said that" and it's not always clear who "she" is, since there's often more than one woman in a given scene.

Oh, and I love the several casual nods to the supporting cast being gay, that rules. I am here for Casual Lesbians tbh. The supporting cast in general was really great, given just enough detail to feel like real ponies without distracting from the main story. I like 'em. And the meta stuff with Cadance's book and how it reflects the story is so inspired, love that too.

Basically what I'm saying is that this is a GOOD ASS FIC and I hope you're super proud of it cuz you absolutely deserve to be. It RULES.

yknow thats a damn good question!

Ohh gosh this was wonderful <3 I was worried it wasn’t going to have a happy ending for a second lol


So...what's Shining going to say when he gets home?

youll just have to wait until the companion fic! ;) there are some hints in this one tho

Comment posted by Curtis Wildcat deleted Oct 2nd, 2019

Forgot this part—story heavily inspired by a cover of the song Wicked Game by Lydia Ainsworth!

I'm more familiar with the Chris Issac version, personally. ()^_^

One hell of an endgame.

And then Celestia shows up and tells Chrysalis she created and sent Sombra to kill Crescendo because she stole her cake.

Wait I had a heart?

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