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Mostly harmless.

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Oddly wholesome ending for a horror story.

I think I get what is going on...

I... I don't like this, but I can respect it. There is nothing to titillate here, nothing but horror.

Extremely creepy. Without spoiling anyone the first twist was great and the second twist was even better. Good work.

y i k e s

Man, you're really getting good at the horror shorts :twilightoops:
Great release for October, usual Grimm quality :twilightsmile:

What do you think is going on exactly?

Because you always write such good stories.

I liked it a lot, and i'll give my thoughts, spoilers obviously. :eeyup:
The creature seems to be almost a magical representation of "rehearsal therapy" as in the creature seems to be obviously representative of her nightly rape and she imagined a new "mastery scenario" in which the creature actually prevents the rape. It's somewhat paradoxical because the creature also represents her brother, yet it kills him as well. But Applebloom seems to hold two differing views of him in her mind anyway, the dependable and nice normal brother, and the drunken rapist in the night.

I like that the creature is never shown to be real, but I'm not sure if it's sadder for it to be real or imagined. The insectoid nature of the creature could almost make it into some sort of changeling that feeds on fear instead or something like that, hence why it would mimic the rape so similarly. Or it's all a dream who knows.
Anyway loved it! Grimm you are one of my new favorite writers, keep it coming! :twilightsmile:

Good. Kinda reminiscent of a DID condition, maybe(?) where she hides the truth behind a lie and rebels by using the monster as an excuse.
Confusing but well done.

It seems more like a way to cope with rape and abuse. There was a passage where Mac did some questionable things, leaving that taste of apples. Just like it did etc

Applebloom awakens the power of her stand!

But seriously, amazing work.

Holy shit...
I was apprehensive coming in, just looking at the tags (and hoping I'd be wrong about why Big Mac was tagged... I wasn't).
God though, this was horrific, but very effective at getting the sense across, for better or worse. It never became fetishistic, thank god, it was just awful.
The twist near the end was wonderful, and I like that for a moment, Applebloom could see through its eyes- she could put herself in control in a situation where she had none.
(I hope this wasn't a real life experience... sadly I know it is for far, far too many children)

Fortunately, I can assure you that none of this was based on personal experience.

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Thanks, but I think this'll be the last horror one for a while. I want to write something a bit more cheerful next!

It does what it says on the tin.

Man that story was truly a roller coaster of emotions like jeez.
Horrific yet good work.

It’s the interesting thing, showing how much her perception of him had divided that the monster seemed just as divided. Her view of him was cut in half between protector and tormentor, and the monster came to be just as divided in the opposite way, starting as her tormentor and becoming her protector

Honestly I was kinda of hoping it was a Changeling or something who was pretending to be him during the day and only revealing itself and feeding at night and was blackmailing her or something

Holy crap that was disgusting. What an effective way to make people's skin crawl.
I'm not sure if I can thank you for this.

This was awful.

Good job.

Start reading: "Oh boy where's this creepy monster story going to go?"

Halfway point: "Oh. Well damn."

Really powerful scenes in this. I love the way the "dream" parallels this traumatic experience that Apple Bloom is going through, the way everything clicks into place when the truth becomes apparent.

I have only two words to say after reading what is possibly the most intimately dark fic I have read on this site:

Holy. Fuck.

Not bad I guess, but when Mac don't return surely they will notice something is wrong

What a strange one, this, though that's the reason I loved it so much. Extra points for the good immersion and the chilling psychological horror, congratz! - A job well done.

This was incredibly well done. Damn. Quite a Rollercoaster of feelings there.

Thanks for a great spookmonth read

Great story. Momentarily, I may post a fanfic reading video of this story onto YouTube, with credit of course.

Oh wow!!! Owo just cane from the fan fic reading , messed up (but in a good for being a story about this kind of way ^^’:)

I was expecting Bloom to open her eyes and see that Applejack had killed Big Mac, and for it to turn out that he'd raped her as well when she was younger, and she'd been in denial at first that it was happening to Bloom, but then she'd accepted it and resolved to do something about it.
Still, a very interesting story nonetheless.

This story made me twist and turn in my bed.

This story is revolting and I love it.

Keep up the great writing!

...this...made me want to throw up...ugh....poor Bloom...
Very well written. Forgive me, but I don't think I can read this ever again.

What great writing, but yuck, man.

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