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Sometimes I write stories.

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how delightfully morbid.

Rainbow defined herself by her wings, sometimes her competitiveness bordered obsession. I have to wonder if the spell effected more then just her wings though. As when Rarity was granted them she seemed to instinctively understand how to use them. Maybe that has something to do with Rainbows growing instability as the wires got crossed somewhere, as she already knows how to fly. I’m also wondering if Celestia placed Rainbow in a home out of silent gratitude for all she did in the past... were it any other pony... well... Celestia I don’t think would be as accommodating... From the sounds of the last few paragraphs she was heavily medicated. A lot of psychotic medication for... difficult patients... can cause memory disruption.

The most painful part about this is that Twilights impulsiveness with magic and learning has lead to some disasters. But in the past she was able to fix the issue.. or give up before it got out of hand. In this case, her curiosity crippled one of her friends, I’m willing to bet the guilt destroyed her from the inside out. We can’t rely on rainbow to be a narrator as she is the definition of unreliable in this story... so going off what we know of her in general, she likely worked herself to the bone trying to fix it. Only to repeatedly hit a wall, as while she’s a smart pony, she’s not all knowing.

Heheh... I love the sound of home.

Hard to read......yeah its hard to process your emotions after this ! im just sitting here, destroyed...
it was a good Story

Thanks for the comments. Not 100% happy with this, but glad some liked it!

Crosses the line from tragedy into comedy by the time she eats the diaper, but interesting nonetheless.

That's okay if you feel that way, the point is things went off the rails at the end.

I thought it might be comedic when I wrote that part. Also thought it might be too gross...

Anyway, thanks for reading chum.

WTF is this psychological masterpiece?

Thanks friend! Wouldn't call it that exactly, but I appreciate the sentiment. Cheers!

That was a crazy story :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks fren. I am glad it had the desired effect on you!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm not sure whether to be absolutely fucking terrified or up in heavily armed applause barrages. Either way. Fantastic writing! That was um... I was just thinking of skimming this through real fast but hot damn son! Now if you excuse me I'm gonna go turn the lights on in a few rooms for the next... 3... 4 weeks? Yeah. Yeah that sounds about right.

Thanks for the comment! Glad you really liked it!

That's going to be quite the electric bill in a month :rainbowderp:

What an interesting story.I loved it!It reminded me a bit of"Rocket to insanity"and "Downfall", but more well written.
However, two things seemed too far fetched(or maybe I didn't understand very well):
-how could RD attack Twilight, considering her state?I'm assuming a person that is only skin and bones can barely walk, let alone attack someone
-if she was attacked, why didn't Twilight fight back?She's an alicorn so I doubt she couldn't use magic to at least seize RD or protect herself from her

Thank you for the comment and the kind words :)

I'd say for question 1, I'd chalk it up as her being full of crazy pony adrenaline. You don't know how crazy a crazy pony can be until they come right at you, hungry or not.

Question 2 - The entire "attack" was probably RD stabbing Twilight and that was that. It's not like Twilight would be on guard around her friend, assuming she even saw her before it was too late.

Here's a better way to think of it: RD is just Gollum from Lord of the Rings by the end of this, lol

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