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This story is a sequel to Seven Saviors

Now that Anon-a-Miss has been defeated, Sunset is ready to move forward with her new friends. Too bad the past doesn't want to leave her be. New misadventures follows her and her crew as the past meets the present. Can Sunset help fill the gaps that have formed around her friends hearts? Or will the shackles of past sins drag everyone down? And what of the CMC? Will guilt lead them to do something that can never be taken back?

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You just had to make me feel sad with the first chapter.

Yay! A sequel! :raritystarry:

*After reading the first chapter*

...oh snap! :rainbowderp:

I'm glad this story happened so soon

Some might question your choice of tags...

When accidentally falling to your death I figure it’s best to own it in case anyone is watching.

It’s a nightmare that some of the girls will have I think pinkie Rainbow and applejack are going to be hit the hardest.


Well, that's one way of kicking off a story.

Jesus Christ.... I wanted a sequel..... But at the expense of Pinkie wasn't what I had in mind....

Damm.. that's one way to start a sequel. Can't Whait for more!

What a hell of a way to open the story. Yeah, even without the author's note, I probably would have assumed you wouldn't kill Pinkie off. You would have had a death, suicide, or tragedy tag for starters or if you were playing coy. I'm glad there is more to this, but even if Pinkie had killed herself... as horrible as this is going to make me sound, I probably wouldn't have gotten out my torch and pitchfork. Don't get me wrong, it's sad if Pinkie dies, but Pinkie isn't a character I am going to get all bent out of shape for. I don't hate anypony/one, there are just other characters I prefer more. This is a prologue for shit's sake.

Good start, very ballsy. Doubly so if you are going to lie and kill her off. You would probably have a lot of angry people if you did that! Personally, I don't think you will. You wouldn't have cared enough to write an author's note if you weren't being a dick.

I'm on to you!:trixieshiftright:

:twilightoops:.. well... THAT happened

Well that's one dark way to start a sequel.

Although, I do have to wonder later on of what happened in the revealing aftermath from the last story when Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie, and Rarity found out it was the CMC who created the account and framing Sunset and almost committed suicide. They're lives may possibly getting worse and worse in my opinion.

Well, Pinkie promised to "fix this or die trying", so really there were only two outcomes. Shame.


:pinkiesmile: "Don't worry I'm not going to die, after all it doesn't say 'Death' up there in the description of who and what is in the story so no need to worry about me Duskie."

Pinkie what have I told you about breaking the fourth wall in the comment section.

:pinkiecrazy: "Not to do it, but I needed to tell you I wasn't going to Die, after all you got Angry and the author and I don't like seeing friends unhappy."

grabs pinkie and pulls her into a bear hug then.


The tag is for comedy! There's nothing comedic about Pinkie nearly drowning! Pinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Welp, that's one way to start a new story...

Than again, Pinky did say "fix or die" so I'mma gonna go with coma, and that help them fix. After all their is no way in hell Sunset takes this "attempt" well.

Well that or dream/vision but I'm thinking coma.

Well that's one way to open a story. The death of someone that's going to be thought of as a suicide.

After reading the description I hope you have someone keep a close eye on the human CMC. They sound like they are close to breaking and they all sound like they need counciling as do the rest of the Rainbooms.

I guess Pinkie does have a chance of fixing things rarity, Apple Jack not s0 much small chance....Dash...hehehe..hahah..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
..................Screw her.

Don't want her to die or anything, but getting a second chance forget her, she blew it.

I know Pinkie's gonna be okay in the end since there's no death or tragedy tag, but I still gotta get it off my chest.

PINKIE PIE!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :raritycry:

I feel much better now. :twilightsmile:


She kinda looks pissed, I would start running if I was you.

I'm already eagerly waiting for the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

I agree a coma does sound fitting.

:rainbowderp: ...well that's a way to start a fic...


"You hear me?!" she cried. "I, Pinkamena Dian Pie, swear that I'm gonna fix this or die trying! Cross my heart! Hope to fly! Stick a cupcake in my eye!"

Diane. The "e" is silent.

In a matter of seconds, her thoughts disappeared as she made contact with the water below her. The pain was beyond imagination, as though she had been hit by a truck with frozen knives welded to its front. Then she began to sink and the knives turned into fangs as she felt the cold water tare into her. Shock kept her from resisting as she continued to sink, her head soon falling beneath the the surface. The cold was agonizing, almost as much as the lack of air as she continued to sink. As death came for her and the world turned dark, a single thought flickered in her head like a dying ember.

Though I cane see why you went with what you did. Tear and Tear look the same, but are indeed completely different words.


the dramatic irony of all this being the fact that there isn't a lot pinkie could do to get this instantaneous forgiveness/ fixing everything she expected.

well that was awkward

Ok for the last bit i think a wrath or something is trying to feed off of the rainboom’s despair

Well, Lily seems sweet.

And Pinky ends up in across the dimensional divide somehow, while looking like mirror pool clone!Pinky last seen in Manehattan? Oh yeah, this is going to end well

Sooooo.....Fluttershy's fallen for her pony counterpart. *shrugs* Can't blame her.

If Fluttershy can be Alucard then please, oh please, let Pinkie Pie become Vash the Stampede from Tri-gun:pinkiehappy:

So are the girls permanent citizens now or are they just visiting.

After reading about Pinkie's experience, I have a feeling something 'chaotic' might be in the works.

Huh. So some sort of dark specter is trying to get at the Rainbooms and Sunset, and its domain just happens to be located off the most convenient bridge in Canterlot for jumping. Neat.

Sunset, " Twilight said, tone shaky. "Did you tell your friends about there being other world counterparts yet?"

"No," Sunset responded, equally stiff. "Did you tell yours about Anon-a-Miss?"


Both mares stared at each other for a moment, turned their heads back down the hall, then ran to the throne room doors. All the while, a single thought ran through their minds.



"W-What?" was all Pinkie could manage before the world turned black and she knew no more.


So we've got a dark spirit intent on consuming the Human 4's despair and I'm guessing that Sci-Twi saved Human Pinkie who is now a pony. This is getting interesting.:ajsmug:

What a way to officially kickoff the 1st chapter! From Sunset's friends almost attacking Twilight's friends to Rarity & Pinkie being beyond right now!

Also Merry Christmas!

Wow, so many things happened... so many questions! I have no words! What a great Christmas present!

So some strange being is feeding off of the Rainbooms' (Sunset's former friends) despair, while the human Pinkie Pie is not only alive, but turned into a pony as well.

Things are getting interesting!

"Are you serious?" Cautiously, everypony present turned towards the voice's source as she slowly walked towards Rarity, her eyes closed but ears pointed strait at the unnerved mare. "Even after everything you heard yesterday, you still want to pretend you don't know what you did?" Rarity backed up, scared of the eerily calm and familiar bat pony walking towards her. This slowly changed as she closed in, a cold frown gracing her muzzle. "Then here. Let me make it simple. YOU ALMOST KILLED SUNSET!!!"

Honestly even if it had been human Rarity, human Fluttershy had no right to act the way she did, especially not when she's just as guilty as the other Rainbooms.

It was mostly because, to her, it looked like her former friends were acting like nothing happened. She knows she messed up and feels guilty about it, but they weren't and that infuriated her.

Merry Christmas/Happy Heart's Warming to you too :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::heart:

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