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It's fanfiction all the way down.

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This story complicates my firm belief that Starlight exists in a confused state of attraction between Trixie and Twilight, but I love it anyway.

I mean, they both really like kites. That counts for something.

"Poor Starlight."
-What I felt while reading this.


This story complicates my firm belief that Starlight exists in a confused state of attraction between Trixie and Twilight, but I love it anyway.

She is a complex flower of romance.

Who has a fetish for pushy unicorns.

This was bizarre.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved.” Maud rolled Boulder around, left and right. “I care about Pinkie Pie. Maybe I care about her a lot. I don’t like it when she’s hurt, or upset. But when other ponies talk about love, I feel like there’s something there. Something special. I once asked my mother how I knew if I was in love, and she said if I had to ask, it wasn’t love. I’d know when I felt it.”

can love be real if you don't know what you're feeling?


"But what about the Windigos?"
"Oh, Starlight just murdered the fuck out of them."


With lasers. So dead.

...Why is this story titled "Earth Ponies." :rainbowhuh:


Backwards compatibility.

More evidence that frostbite and love are not so different after all.

I feel like, if what Maud had tried had worked rather than simply prompting the Windigo Queen to murder the fuck out of them, it would have been both completely effective and completely devastating to Maud. Because it would be looking at someone with all their flaws and understanding them well enough to love them anyway, and knowing your love was going to destroy them, and going through with it anyway because you had no choice. Killing someone you truly love would be utterly shattering, and even moreso when it was the love itself that did it.

Of course, Starlight blowing them to bits worked instead of feeding them because it was protective wrath for Maud rather than anger and strife :p

Of course, we didn't see anything after Maud was flash frozen. So maybe the love did destroy the Windigo Queen after all, and freezing Maud was either their last act or how they expressed their love. Or the Windigo Queen is so fundamentally corrupt that you really can't find something to genuinely love about her. Questions questions questions...

Darn it, I know I've read this before, but where?

Regardless, lovely stuff. Thank you for it.

Their bonding in Rock Solid Friendship was so pure. I kinda felt something between them in it


To be fair, this story does depict love of a more deep-friendship variety than anything.

That's okay. Their relationship in that episode felt borderline.

Author Interviewer


Just what.

And that poem was atrocious, I'm just gonna say it, not sure if it matters.

And why the hell did you call it Earth Ponies?

But wow.


I have no idea if you liked it or not.

(And yes, the poem is awful)

Author Interviewer

Was kind of speechless. If it helps, I fav'd it. XD


Meebe review?

Meeeebe review?

It's been so long.

Author Interviewer

This is one of my favorite love stories ever. Full stop. Brilliant work for the conciseness.

This is one of those stories so rarely seen on FimFiction, it's hard to explain but incredibly beautiful, Thank you for writing this


It's a love story!

Thank you for reading it. ^_^

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