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Is it wrong of me to be slightly angry with you for not having this being a complete story :rainbowlaugh: I LOVE changelings and I was all set to download this completed to my nook when you announced it, and then I realize it's a novel and you barely started. Thanks a lot :trollestia::heart::rainbowlaugh:


Oh don't worry, I'll be releasing the rest bit by bit.
Don't want you all to be gluttons with this story. :trixieshiftright:

Changelings are just so neglected for clops these days! It's always nasty Diaper or related such porn which really ticks me off as the downvotes outnumber likes and these days good clop is so rare. Changelings border on fetish with me clop, GOOD clop is every 3 months it seems. Then you have the balls to tease changelings and put only a prologue :flutterrage:

If it wasn't for your other quality writings, I would be really cross with you right now and instead of only mildly furious! :rainbowlaugh:

If it calms your ire, I'll be releasing the rest on a daily basis. :moustache:


Offering accepted

i was completely against this when thorax was mentioned until...

Set in an alternate universe where Chrysalis accepts Starlight's offer and where Thorax and the other changelings didn't gain their new colorful forms.

those things should all burn in hell, glad you didn't go that way

Well this certainly has potential and i will look forward to reading the rest :twilightsmile:

Then again, it's neither third roomate nor countryside hideaway now, is it?:trixieshiftleft:

Also, damn, what's with the deleted comments...

You just gonna copy paste his fic or add something?

I think it's possible the 'new' Changeling form is the ultimate end form for a Changeling race that is sharing love. Thorax's wings were just the first sign. In this scenario, the change will probably be slower though.

Comment posted by Grey Bard deleted Aug 11th, 2017

....that form is an abomination for everything that is a changeling, i will point you to this blog to show you


if this is what evolution has in store for them then fuck evolution, and you should know that i love evolution, to say that hurts me

oh i cant wait to see where this is going

This story has my attention. Looking forward to seeing more.

Give me more daddy. Jonks. Hahahahaha

... Thorax has taken the place of Fluffle Puff... Carry on.

I know that this is almost a thought experiment type story, but still, the "convincing" here was remarkably constrained and without real substance.

"I'll never stop hunting you!"

"But, like, what if you didn't have to?"

"Oh, okay. When can I start?"

That's basically what it came down to.

Poor Chrissy. She does not have a lot of luck in this chapter XD

i do say i do like where this is going


Not convince. But here conflict.

This was entirely new information to the queen, as never in the history of her species had she heard of a changeling sharing its love freely, let alone make a friend. Was Starlight right, would simply sharing love be what finally rids the changelings of their insatiable hunger?

Admittedly, though, there wasn't much proof that would support that theory, other than the traitor's words and his wings. They shined and sparkled like crystals, and they were definitely real. If they were merely a facade created by his changeling magic, then they would have had the appearance of ordinary wings when she dispelled him of his Starlight disguise with a spell earlier.

It was at that moment where Queen Chrysalis was presented with a choice: continue on her with evil plan and no doubt go to war with Equestria should her infiltrators posing as royalty and Twilight Sparkle's friends ever be discovered, or go with the newly presented option that Starlight Glimmer proposed, which would allow the changelings to experience something they hadn't in a very long time. Peace.

Both held great risk for her children should they fail, but only one had a desired result that was more worth it at the end.

The queen have to choose between go on with her villain way or tried another way that might be risky but sound promising. A promising of happy ending. No more war, no more starve, no more hate.

did not see that coming for at least another chapter and im glad it happened sooner then latter

:yay: love for Chryssy also Thorax gonna get some :duck:

This is turning really cute:heart:

This is really cute! I ship them now, cause: this fic!

i like this story i give it 10 out of 5 mustaches
:moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Wonderful story!

As long you're not put off to the likely fact that Thorax got busy with his mom, neat story. Anyho, best sex chapter of a story I've read in months if not this year.

Pity this is the Epilogue, was hoping it to cut down to a few months later, and Chryssy sporting an egg filled womb. :pinkiehappy: This works pretty well tho, and hey, there could always be a sequel with a preggy luvbug :raritystarry:


Well, if you put it like that. It's mean Chrysalis can't love any Changelings since all of them are their children. And all Changelings can't romance love each other. Since all of them are sibling...

There have no concept of incest in bug kingdom....

do you mean 11 out of 5?

no that last mustache must of snuck its way there

I wouldn't mind a sequel or a side-story on thorax's reaction to his change, and really loved the story too.

Well, insert opinions and assholes analogy here. I personally don't care either way.

.....Isn't she technically his mother? I'd assume she wouldn't just call other changelings "her children" just for endearment.

Eh, I've kind of grown used to the shipping personally, but different tastes and all that garbage.

Seeing him in such a placid state, it was only natural for Chrysalis to feel prideful of her skills when it came to oral. Even if said skills were a bit rusty. The last time she preformed fellatio, it was on Shining Armor, where she was disguised as Princess Cadance sometime before the royal wedding. He said that was the best blowjob she'd ever given him, and Chrysalis still snickers whenever recalling the memory.

Just wait till Cadance learns about this.
She will either kill him, kill her or invite her to join them next time to prove it.

"Ch-Chryssy, I'm..." he uttered, only to fall silent when Chrysalis gave his flesh the tiniest of pricks with her fangs. It was enough to break his concentration though, and with that, he came.

She is so evil... in a good way!

"Yes, I think I shall do just that," she said to herself. "But first thing's first..." Laying back at his side, Chrysalis nuzzled into his chest and closed her eyes.
"Five more minutes..."

We all know that feeling...

Heh, let's see how this develops.

'continue on her with evil plan' - continue on with her evil plan

i can say that even tho this story is a bit short it is a super good read.
exultant writing Enigmatic Otaku.

To her dismay, she heard she heard Thorax laughing.

Hehe, brain freeze sucks xD

The day had already started, and already Chrysalis wanted to go home...

i imagine its "barely" rather then already.

Hmm, all's going pretty well... I guess that's one version of Thorax I don't want repeatedly bucked in the balls.

... Marginally.

8394003 Don't you know that incest is wincest? Plus, in insects it doesn't lead to such genetic problems as with mammals.

Umm, ok, sure.

And I kind of remember something like that. To be fair though, calling Chrysalis a mother is like doing the same for that festering bloated sack of human garbage who made her own daughter into a TLC show. Fuck it, even she hasn’t reached that low.

Ouch, looks like luck was not with Chryssie there.

Is there ever gonna be a sequel to this story at all?


Kinky. Nice to see them having fun, and Chryssie being quite playful.

'With one hoof still on the bed for stability, he returned the other to Thorax's head' - she

'You're queen' - Your

'thought she'd ever be a the more docile one' - remove a

This is a really good story. Loved the NC17 chapter and the Epilogue.

Wait. A romance between Thorax and Chrysalis...
wouldn't that count as incest?

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