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Season Six Finale In-Depth Review (spoilers...obviously) · 12:47pm Oct 7th, 2016

So, having watched the leaked season finale because Changelings, I'm doing a very intense and analytical review in this blog. I'm sure you're all keen to really get to grips with just what happened in the long anticipated end to the season, and I'm so glad to present to you this essay.

Are you ready?



Well then.

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Their holes, their fangs, some of them lost their horns
And what is with his antlers?


To give him an edge in headbutting contests over who is the biggest special snowflake?

What the hell was this? I have not seen the season finale yet, but...

...Dear god, what did they do to the changelings?

A Canterlot Wedding was one of the few MLP episodes I bothered to watch.

well seems like someone needs to rewrite a whole lot of things.

Srs tho, wut?

I hope they add a tag for this fresh hell, so I can avoid it.

4244364 Am I right in assuming you will never take into account this episode when writing?

I don't regret I stopped watching the show. After season 4 I could not bring myself to watch it any further

I take it you didn't like it then?

Still, flutterponies are canon now so... that's a thing.

seems like producers and storywriters at Hasbro spend time reading fanfiction about 'redeeming changelings' and shit... Oh well, we still have plenty of material to use that hasn't been ruined yet.

....... Well, thankfully we all have headcanons that can willfully ignore things like this, right?
(Like, comeon, Changelings have such an awesome design. And now you just make them all technicolor like everything else)

What the fuck happened to the Changelings?

Why, Why did they have to make more of them fucking color barf?

I'm sick of color barf, let me have my monotone color race, dammit!

Does every race have to be a representation of Celestia's goddamn mane?!

Flowing gaily in the wind like a goddamn rainbow?


In the words of the great Immatoonlink...


what are these new changelings called? because I refuse to call them by the same name
Radiantlings? Glamourlings?
Glamourlings rolls off the tongue
waiting for the Glamourling OC waves

hopefully it doesn't get as bad as sonic ocs

I might have to deal with it someday, but...

Well, come on. It's not as if the show has had much influance over what I write anyway.

At least Chrysalis told them to go fuck themselves and booked it.

I know.

Backflipped off the cliff and everything.


So...with this being a leak, what are the odds that the office release with have a different ending? I mean there are so many good episode possibilities we will miss out on like with a change in status quo with the changelings no longer being "evil" despite looking "evil" to the adjusting pony population, but now it's about being good on the inside will also make you look good tacky on the outside. I know thats kinda shallow but so was this ending.


With the presidential election results coming closer and closer and now this shit happening I swear to god the autism is going to hit critical mass sometime soon.

Fuck hasbro and all they are and will be because changlings were the only black fuckers in the show besides Sombrero.


True, but changeling autism is justified. Justified I say!


You can't justify turning a entire race of sapient creatures into junebugs. No way no how. I will not accept it. Fuck that noise, changelings were black and they turned them into Michael Jacksons.


"Hey everyone, remember the episode where we introduce the race traitor Thorax? The one where it revolved around the concept of judging people based on their appearance and it being wrong? Well guess what faggots, consider that message retracted and take your shiny new changeling toys! Now with 100% less black!"


Also, you misspelled influence.
What the hell is happening to this place....


Please god don't tell me they are selling the toys of the junebugs already.

I refuse to call them changelings as the changelings I know are small, black, and holey with a temper problem.


Stop saying that! The last time someone else said that, lo and behold, the dragons suddenly got a princess and they tried developing spike as a character!


4245785 Well, let's make a list, shall we? Griffons and Minotaurs aren't screwed yet, neither are diamond dogs. Chrysalis is still around as evil, so she's still acceptable. Then there's plenty of older generation villains that haven't yet appeared, with several possible cool villains still around. Remember that living shadow in the castle of two sisters in Everfree Forest, which according to main six, is rumored to be a part of Nightmare Moon? yeah, she's still a possibility.


You have set into motion the death of a fandom.


We should be friends. I like your style.


I'll tell you Mister Tallest.
takes a slow drag on my last cigarette and then slowly press it down to extinguish it in the ashtray

They raped those bugs Mr. Tallest, they raped them until they were nothing but a pathetic shell of what they once were. I think they are proud of what they've done to them, I think they enjoyed watching a entire race of creatures have their entire identity stripped away to be reformed in the image of "good guys" by changing their color from black, to rainbow vomit.

4246142 at least they didn't get Chrysalis. She denied the "bad guy turned good" Trope. I won't expect to see her in that trope anytime soon.....

Feel free man, I don't mind a few friends.

4245766 Hah! Ain't that the Truth! Would have been better to do so the Changelings stayed the same without a change in appearance. What they did broke every single aesop involving to never judge by appearance or species. Stupid merchandise driven franchises...:pinkiecrazy:

Also, They basically turned them into Bug Ponies rather than Changelings with a colour palette change! It's like they're saying that the Ponies are pulling off a Hostile takeover by changing every other race into oddly shaped versions of themselves! I mean, really?! Earth Changelings? PEGASI Changelings?! UNICORN CHANGELINGS?! Da FUCK!? What Next? Alicorn Zebras?!

Geez, I've seen better stories on this site, than what I've seen in MLP canon right now!


Ponies are pulling off a Hostile takeover by changing every other race into oddly shaped versions of themselves!

Mien Gott...

The Conversion Bureau.

Glory to the true changeling race?
Death to the race traitor Thorax!
We are black and we are proud!!!!

Hasbro says:
"jesus fucking christ i asked if you are talented i didn't ask you to start a fight about black people and bugs."

I'm going to list the things I never want to see 1. These abominations 2. A sixth alicorn

was looking forwards to more changelings......now i think i might skip this one to preserve the head cannon.:unsuresweetie:

I suggest grabbing brain bleach and destroying this and pretend your head cannon still cannon.:derpytongue2:

4244882 The reasons they where all wrong was because no one in this fandom is that cruel or insane to make this universe and i am talking about every part of the fandom.:pinkiesick:

Wait what if this is an incredibly large trick of the changelings to try and convince the ponies they wish to be 'friendly' and gain there trust when chysaylis revealed there existence to the world and then when equestria and the world trust them they will back stab them all and rule the world!

After seeing this, I am now just pretending that wasn't the main Hive. It was just an Advanced Recon Force that went turncoat and that the rest of the Changelings are still Changelings. If I stop believing this then I may kill myself from the amount of bulls**t I saw in this episode. Glad to know Chrysalis is still Evil :)


Evil is such a strong word, let's just go with her not willing to be someone she's not and change the color of herself just to appease the ponies


Oi, the plebiscite or parliament?
Government or Labour party?

WTF is this shit? They done it, they have Friendship-nized the changeling race, one of the most interesting races in equestria, and turn them into hippy faeries.

These ponies are like the Holocaust now, turning other races into bastardized versions of themselves.

Also why does thorax suddenly look like an elk, what is it with the power of love and friendship tuning peoples into elks? Seriously he look ridiculous now, which is quiet fitting for him.

Well at least chrysalis is still on board, so there is still hope.

*Huddling in the corner and hoping.*


1. Plebiscite - let the people of the country decide. Trying to avoid a plebiscite because you think it won't pass when put to a vote is not how a 'democratic' government should act.

2. Neither. Bring back John Howard and Kim Beazly, at least those two could man up and agree on important things when needed.


I find it funny they they both agree it should be done but not how.

be thankful that you have a say in it either way as I was put on the electoral advisory board for my state to inform the electoral voters about the candidates but I have almost no voice other then if I wanted to spread lies about the candidates and get the electoral voters on my side.

In short, I need to become Hillary herself.

4252395 Actually now i am wondering, what kind of stuff where the executives in hasbro snorting when they came up with THIS idea? Must be some seriously good shit. I want some too just to forget that this ever happened.


The drugs they were on will only make you see more of these filthy abominations so I'd recommend not taking drugs to forget about the rape of a entire species by and for capitalism.

4252418 Well i need to have something, because i refuse to let go of my little black colored, blue eyed and cheese legged changelings, if they are still defied as changelings that is unless hasbro conjures a new stupid name for them right out of a 1960's hippy Manuel

Seriously these things remind me of hippies, and its EVEN harder now to distinguish who is male and who is female. If that was even possible.


Then think of them at their finest hour, the moment they are were at their greatest.
Hold on to that memory and keep it alive, for as long as we remember the great changelings of the past, present, then we will know them as they truly were, bugs with pride and loyalty to their homes and families.
Remember the traitorous ones that chose to give up their families and even their culture to make others feel comfortable, hold that rage and let it fester and burn inside you.

Remember the roots of the Changeling and they can never take them away from us.

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