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A changeling has managed to achieve a prized position. They are the nanny of an alicorn, Flurry Heart to be specific. This close to such a loving little foal and her loving mother, surely nothing could go wrong!

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I got a laugh out of Chrysalis in this, particularly that last bit where she can't remember Mirage's name and casually doesn't care.

But this does bring up an interesting point; so changelings that get near Flurry Heart are force-fed love, like a duck being stuffed full of foie gras? I get it happening to Thorax, but he'd been starving, and was pretty clearly some sort of mutant anyway (what with being born and immediately recognizing that he didn't like how his fellow grubs were acting) to have such a maladaptive trait as being unable to maintain his disguise when around too much love.

8009177 Mirage handled it far better than Thorax did, I think. He even managed to get off for the day and be invited back to work(suffer) the next day, an idea that Chryssie seems entirely alright with. Mirage handled hours of hanging around Flurry and reading stories and such, and with a little break, even snapped back and got her changed and cleaned and fed.

Mirage is best foalsitter!

I sure hope Flurry Heart can keep a secret when she starts talking.

I admit, I was expecting an accidental love-bugging when Mirage's body tried to get rid of some of the excess love. Does throwing up count as 'giving' I wonder? :derpytongue2:

I hope Mirage will also betray Chrysalis. She is one evil entity.

short sweat and vary good I like it.

cute little oneshot

8009177 It's like modern obesity: the maladaptive side hasn't come out in previous times. Flurry Heart is receiving the total adoration of the Crystal Empire, she's probably got hundreds of times the love of a normal pony.


I was certain Mirage was going to run to the nearest bathroom and barf a technocolor rainbow after nearly overdosing on the hard rads coming off Flurry like the raw nuclear pit of Chernobyl.

Huh, now I have this silly image of changeling drones in pony-shaped anti-radiation suits handling a very happy, gurgly, giggling Flurry Heart with long tongs, warily holding the filly at arm's length from themselves.

8014251 Headcanon accepted.


If that ever gets drawn, I wanna link! :rainbowlaugh:


Mirage did a good

kindly matronly mare - kindly, matronly mare

reached up his hooves - reached up with his hooves

So be flipped - So he flipped

opened that draw - opened the drawer

8023218 Typos made into Flurry's toys. May she have mercy on them.

Perhaps she will be Princess of Typos when she's grown up.:twilightsmile:

The next day he should arrive with a lunch pail to metabolize love into...
Keep going! ;)

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