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It was just one slurp that started it. That heavenly taste, that powerful punch to the gut! Raven was lost before she even knew what happened, carried away on waves of caffeine and power.

Luna should guard her coffee more carefully.

Done for a patron.

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I have the feeling that any coffee of Luna's is probably so strong it can stand by itself without a cup. Poor Raven.

I believe such potent brew should prove most difficult to clean. As in melting through mops. And the floor. :trollestia:

Raven liking Celly was helluva cute, though :yay:

I feel like that particular coffee mug has been steeped in Luma's divine blend so often it should qualify as a minor artifact, but what do I know?

In any case, caffeinated ponies are always good for a laugh, as this handily demonstrates. Thank you for it.

Wow I always thought Luna was more of a night pony, turns out she just needs a massive dose of caffeine. It does make me wonder what she would be like if she had a normal schedule and no caffeine?

:pinkiehappy: we need more luna coffee fic's... celestia and her tea have a lot

8168194 I think she is a night pony, but since we see her during the day so often it's not too surprising she drinks such a powerful brew.

this is super I love it.
exultant righting DS.

Luna has Coffee, Celestia has tea, Cadence has soda, and Twilight has hot coco with marshmallows.

Yes. This is good. I need more stories like this in my life.

Sweet and short. Don't know why anyone would dislike this, to be honest ;)


Nice little vignette. Please continue it.

Oh, that crash is going to be so hard! :pinkiesad2:
Hey! We wonder if there's some repressed feelings there somewhere?
Keep going! ;)

Story Approver

This review is brought to you by the group, "A for Effort". :twilightsmile:
Name of Story: To Start the Evening

Total Score out of 10: 8

Pros: It was a cute little story that I personally found quite amusing. While my personal taste in comedy is a bit more on the crass side, this story is simply a good laugh.

Cons: Nothing about this story is particularly bad, an there are no glaring issues that need to be addressed right out of the gate. The only thing I'd suggest is potentially expanding upon Raven's psychedelic trip.

Additional Notes: I've been seeing this Raven Inwell character pop up more and more, and while I haven't seen the episode she makes a cameo in, I can safely assume that you portrayed her correctly based off of what I've seen of her thus far. Good job. :twilightsheepish:

She's a background pony that has appeared in several instances, helping Celestia or Mayor Mare. Thanks for the review!

* I'm not sure how much more crass than a sudden rush to the bathroom to end the story I can go though. Darn that coffee laxative effect.

Story Approver


Luna IS a Night Pony, she not only raises the moon and night, but she also watches over the dreams of other ponies. Not only that, but the more she has to do in the day, the more coffee she is going to need.


You have created yet another wonderful story to read! If anything my only complaint is that there's not more of it!! <3

Though if you wanted to do a sequel where Raven marries Celestia, I'd be all for it >=)

This story puts me in the mind of this song:

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