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I see people with these crazy long stories, and here I am, proud to make it over the 1000 word minimum.


Luna has been feeling lonely lately and wants a windigo as a pet, just as her sister has Philomena.

Not all tasks are trivial, however.

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Okay, I expected a serious story. I was not expecting this level of humor! I think a windigo would work as a pet for Luna, or maybe a trapped wraith?
I can see someone making a serious story of a Luna version of May the Best Pet Win, but with immortal night creatures.

The carriage rolled past the magical field held back any evils that might have wanted to harm the residents.
The two alicorns shuddered as parts of their beings were torn away.

Molestia and ... I've got nothing for an evil non-NMM Luna.

Luna actually has a pet possum named Tiberius.

She also had a pet manticore named Melvin before her banishment. Though I suppose he was more of a friend than a pet.

5747211 Ah, from the comics. (I don't follow these, so I wouldn't know)


I…what? What?!

What the fuck Celestia?
Just... What the fuck?

Yeah, I know, the important piece is the location of the cultist's hidey-hole.
But still, why would they do that? Of all the ponies involved in getting Luna this godforsaken pet, they were the least involved!

5833683 Who said they didn't try and assassinate the other princesses?

Uummm no just no lost intrest in what was a good story have a good day

5874736 Ah well, I can't please everyone. Thanks for reading, regardless.

"Philimina is my lover..." :rainbowderp: Whaaaaaaaaat!? :applejackconfused: I was not expecting that! :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia's more interested in getting a windigo than Luna. At this point, Luna should just go to Tartarus and tame a lesser demon as a pet. It'll be easier.

Trixie is a monster

good luck luna?
more please

Poor twi...

Wait... "dear shiny"... shining armor wasn't dead?

6006010 :derpyderp1: oops

Well... he's not actually dead but.... oops. My bad

I wanna see that Windigo go after the colts mother. Justice from an unexpected source, and then when Celestia and Luna go to find out what happened, BOOM, Luna gets her windigo :twilightsmile:

Here's hoping this one doesn't die like the rest.


Trolluna?.... i got nothin

I like it. Celestia needs to learn she can't please everybody, though.

One word: Two Three Four words:
Celestia?! :rainbowhuh:
The buck?! :raritydespair:
I... just, no. :facehoof:

The level of randomness is over 9000!

“Nets!” Cadance replied.

*keeps on reading even though it is 3:30 AM*

Some misshaped words / sentences:

and the wood bludged on the edges. from the strain.

Several ponies Stood by the warped cases and studied the titles intently, looking for the book they needed.

The sisters followed Open Book two a door leading into a back room.

And the levels of randomness are waaay over 9000!

Some random notes:

I love you because you are my sister,

The best way Celestia’s mages could describe it as was…

Celestia took the lower flask with fluid and dumped a specific amount into a nearby beaker.

I wanted to take the knife and lick the poison off like a spoon with little bits of ice cream left on it.

Wow. That was certainly a change of mood. I am going to keep on reading.

The silent door to the library opened up, and two unicorn unicorns trotted into the public building. Clover the Clever as was nearly blown away by their sleek beauty; their purple and blue manes was were pristine, and their coats were a lush blue and magenta, respectively.

“Of course, Mam Ma'm.”

(still doesn't look right to me)

“I don’t know her, know her, sheesh.”

Or was that on purpose? If yes, I didn't understand it.

Luna herself poked her breakfast salad with a fork held in her magic.

why would a being that does not have the mind of a pony stoop the the level of ponies?

Luna, what are you... oh... okay, I guess?

I'm not sure if this is wrong, but still I write it:

My sister has still been feeling quite lonely after returning from her time spent away, and it has given me a great heartache

Spike handed the parchment to to the mare.

BTW, I would prefer "Twilight" instead of "mare".

They’re Their bodies are held together by pure magic.

6187562 You're welcome!
And I was tempted to correct that author's notice, too, but I halted myself.

This story caught my interest, early on, but now it feels like it's going nowhere, as the tone and narrative wander in a different direction, each chapter.

6273812 It is going somewhere. Third time's the charm. :raritywink:

However, I'm not really good at staying with something, and my interest usually comes in bursts. It's hard for me to write in the same manner for more than a few sessions at a time because otherwise I lose interest relatively fast. So sorry about that.

But, most agree the the itching sensation causes scratching which can be dangerous the epidermis.

But, most agree the the itching sensation causes scratching which can be dangerous to the epidermis.

“Keep looking, it must be around here somewhere.

Missing a closing " there.

Night Sky waited for Luna to finnish.

Night Sky waited for Luna to become finnish. :derpytongue2:

NIght Sky took the list from her friend's grasp.

*Night Sky

“Look, here it is. I should be able to dispel this illusion, if indeed my sister does not have two copies… which I would not put bellow her.” Luna rolled her eyes.


I hope I catched all of them evil errors, confining them in my comment. There shall be no errors anymore in this literature. :rainbowlaugh:
Jk, I really liked this chapter, especially the dimension-breaking caught me off guard. Let's see where this leads to :twilightsmile:

Will there be a reason why Celestia is acting this way?

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