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Now in her late forties, Sunset Shimmer has built herself a career as a doctor. She has devoted her life to helping others, be it by prescribing pain killers or simply bandaging a scraped knee. A part of her longs to return to Equestria, but she is mostly happy with her new life. However, one day three very familiar girls drop by her office, one of them injured. Old memories flood back as Sunset is shown an unexpected harsh reality related to her high school life.

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That was really sweet. I've always preferred the stories where the Sirens stick together after the Battle, but this one handled their breakup in an unusually gentle way that I wholeheartedly approve of.

I quite liked this.

Ooh, dis good, :rainbowkiss:


Betcha Eyeswirl's gonna be along before too long, and he'll be all over this one (In a good way, :derpytongue2:).

Shouldn't Sunset be referred to as Dr. Shimmer?

7592710 Must have missed that while I was editing. Fixed! :twilightsheepish:

Missed one:
Sunset pretended to be shuffling papers on her desk as the door opened. She did not want to be asked that ever-present question--”Is everything alright, Ms. Shimmer?”--again.

I think technically this week is sunset shimmer week, so you still hit the deadline :twilightsmile:

At least Adagio realizes the mistakes she's making and, with any luck, her fellow Dazzlings might be able to lead by example and show her the way to move on. Nice to see Sunset sticking by her life choices even if I'm not fond of her never going back to Equestria, I think you handled it really well.

Overall damn fine story.

Congrats on the feature!:pinkiehappy:

Gotta say I found this one interesting. An older Sunset is not something we see every day. I've that actually went beyond her past, somewhat. Kudos for that!

For some reason, I feel like this universe is connected to JaketheGinger's where Pinkie's a cop, and Dash is a PE teacher…

I love this! :heart:

Hrm, interesting story. Seemed a little short but still decent.

The last few sentences feel a bit out of place, as if they are there to give a sort of moral directly to the reader rather than being in the story. Seems a bit hamfisted.

Otherwise, a very nice read. I don't see too many stories set in the moderate future, where the main characters we know are just a decade or two older than we see them in the show.

This universe of yours would be interesting to read about should you ever continue it.

Your cover art reminds me of Kim Possible.

Also it sparks my fear of gloved hands going up my back passage.

Also good story Mark. Have a cookie and a box full of dynamite and cake.

I'm drunk and i'm gonna puke all over Swan Song's avatar.

7593113 Excuse me, sorry to interrupt you madam/sir, but are you by any chance the same Harmony Pie who commented on my user page a month or so back? If so, there might be a problem with your settings because I have tried to reply to you but you haven't responded to my messages. If you aren't, I vastly apologize and shall leave you be. Either way. have yourself a wonderful day or evening and be safe and healthy, sir/madam. (bows politely to you)

Creatures like them need to go back to Equestria. They can't survive in human land.

Normally I avoid [Human] and [EQG] tagged stories, but this one intrigued me, as much of my family is in the medical profession.

This story certainly was interesting and not a little bit melancholy at the end. Adagio and her fellow Dazzling's plight reminded me a bit of The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring, especially that chorus.

Based on the cover image and nothing else, this story better be about a prostate exam. Or a colonoscopy. Or both. On a horse. Horses. Ponies.

Wow... That was quite the emotional ride filled with twists that I wasn't even expecting. I like how you gave Adagio a real sense of humanity despite all she had done during Rainbow Rocks. I also like how you portrayed Sunset as wanting to do the right thing, and never being questioned on her decisions aside from those from her past who knew her.

This story was lovely, but it seems kind of sad for Sunset to turn her back on Equestria entirely.

There's good potential for a SunDagio sequel here

Very nice. I'd love to see this continued

This was a beautiful story!


We've written so many stories where Sunset Shimmer went back to Equestria.

Has anyone ever bothered to write them for the Dazzlings?

I've seen stories where one of them goes back. (Usually Sonata.)

7598377 Oh, cool. Were they any good?

I... don't remember. I can recall that I've seen it, but I can't remember the stories I saw it in. Sorry.

7598487 Oh, no need to apologize.

Try this, it's funny as hell.
Love call of the sirens

In this one they end in Equestria, but the end is very sad.

in this one sirens are depicted as sea ponies armed forces. I like it.
A touch of evil

In this one Sunset and Adagio visit Equestria. It's a pitty it wasn't updated since january. It's also a sequel.


Hello, idea!

Like, at a later point, Adagio gets brought back in, with even worse injuries. Something Sunset said inspiring her to fight back against Boss, managing to kick him out of her life, but putting herself at risk. The two other Siren's however think it's also because she wants to see Sunset again. The injury guarantees more time with her.

Wow... this is a special kind of sad. It's subtle and slow and makes you feel bad for the characters no matter who they are. This is really well done, great job.

Hell half the sadness of this is Sunset apparently not having seen Twilight, and likely the others, for what seems to be a long time. "What happened to the Dazzlings" is one thing but that is also something bitter.

I’m curious to know about the others.

Surprised Adagio didn’t mock Sunset for the fact she’s aging and going to die someday.

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