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Twilight finds herself bothered by a very strange and persistent itch. The more she scratches, the worse it gets. But no matter what she does, it simply won't go away. It's driving her out of her mind, yet relief seems impossible. However, the itch is only the beginning.

Trigger Warning: Arachnophobia

Happy (almost) Nightmare Night, ghouls and boys.

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Comments ( 15 )

Ah, the fear of spiders. I myself have never been very scared of spiders, but this story is pretty freely.

Huh. This was actually pretty good and made me feel slightly uneasy. Which is weird, considering I absolutely adore spiders.

Welp, theres my nightmare fuel. -_-

You know, when I first saw this story I thought it'd be an adaptation of the story about a girl who had an itchy cheek because she had spiders in her flesh. I'm honestly surprised that it wasn't.

Just gonna leave this right here...


Fun fact, I'm pretty sure I know the person that WROTE that story.

*scratches behind ear..... oop, itch is now FREAKING EVERYWHERE and FREAKING ME OUT*

Oh god, that was horrifying, and now I'm itching alot lol. Great work!

That was terrifying.
I'm going to just go and kill every spider I see.

Bro!!! Are you kidding me!!!

Just in her mind then?

nopenopenopenope not reading nopenopenope hate spiders nopenopenope

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