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Twilight was never one to break the rules, but she has an unexpected experience when she enters...the door.

A short fic written for Halloween in the spirit of the season. :)

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Short and eerie. Perfect for the month of horror!

7647615 Thank you. ^^

Very eerie and creepy. Great job! :pinkiehappy:

7647640 I appreciate it. Thank you for the comment. :)


Perfect. :rainbowdetermined2:

Nice story, with Nightmare Night Coming up it just makes it better.
You have my thumbs up.

Oooooo, zombies!

Nice story! I really liked it. I'm afraid I don't have much feedback for it but I can tell you that I think it was nicely written.

7647643 Many thanks. ^^

7647654 That means a lot to me, all the same. :pinkiehappy:

Why hasn't the door been bricked over? Or at the very least obscured with magic? Holy mother of shit Celestia, that's a huge fucking oversight on your part. Damning and damnable negligence!

7647955 Cause Celestia's a sadist, who enjoys sending her students into the midst of peril. She verily believes in natural selection; only strongest and the smartest survive the school for gifted unicorns.

7647961 Then why forbid it? Tell her there's candy and the greatest spellbooks imaginable down there or something. Toss her in and lock the door until she comes back with an object hidden at the back or something.

7648010 I'm going to be serious here and try to give a credible meaning, based on the symbolism and mythos I used for the story.

The thing in the cavern is a primordial evil that has existed since the universe began. In truth, it is death. The symbolism of the door is that the door is the finality of death; the cavern the is grave.

We all fear death, but we can never banish it from our lives. It's always there, despite what we may pretend to do to ignore it.

In the context of the story, there is no way to get rid of the door. It's existence is a manifestation of its finality. Just like death in real life, one can only warn others about taking that path - but one cannot hide or destroy its presence - or even stop someone from taking it.

7648040 Unless the door moves why not?

7648083 Because it'll make its presence known - one way or another. Maybe it had been at once point and it simply kept coming into being. In short: its energy demands its existence be known.

Loved the general creepiness once Twilight opened the door! I featured this on my podcast, Pony 411.

7668837 Thanks, listened to the entire podcast, great commentary. :)

I'll definitely try to work on the set up the next time though. It's always good to get constructive feedback. ;)

It took me a while to find this story but I have to say I enjoyed it immensely it was mysterious and interesting.
Although there were a few grammatical errors and missing words they didn't detract from the story that's just something to be aware of.
I also liked the part when she ran back up the stairs I know from experience that if you think you're going to die you can effortlessly climbe anything without getting tired to get away.

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