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On the way home from a joyless Nightmare Night party, Twilight finds an old, abandoned covered wagon on the side of the road. A mysterious entity hiding inside begs her for a favor. Giving into her generous nature, she reluctantly agrees. However, she may find that this one good deed may be her last...

(3rd place winner of Equestria Daily's 2012 Nightmare Night horror fanfic contest; links to other finalist's stories included in "Author's Notes and Other Scary Tales")

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It's a damn shame Fimfiction doesn't have a horror tag, or else it'd be a lot easier to find horror fics.


Agreed 100%. I love short horror stories, so that would be awesome. As things are, though, I guess we'll just have to settle for the "Dark" tag. :/

But for real, if horror is what you're after, check out the links in the "Author's Notes and Other Scary Tales" chapter. Being the top ten finalists in a horror story contest, you can bet that they're all quality fics. And by quality, I mean they'll scare the piss out of you. :pinkiecrazy:

This is one of the best scary fics I have ever read. Kudos to you! :yay::yay::yay::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Thank you! If you get the chance, I recommend checking out some of the other stories I linked to in the second chapter (NIGEB is my personal favorite).

Well, I like this. Didn't scare me but not much does. I only have one critique for you, which is that you do not need italics and quotations around thoughts. One or the other is fine, although most people prefer italics.
Once again, excellent work. I like the skinning bit the most, I think.

Huzzah! It was a great pleasure to see this on FiMfiction (after checking multiple times since last year). It's kind of a shame, though, since I really expected the winner of that year's Nightmare Night contest to have much more attention than it does. Still, it's one of the best (like the underrated Don't Go to Sleep) and it's about darn time this gem went into my favorites.


Thank you! Although this story didn't actually take the top prize last year (it placed 3rd; the 1st place winner was "A Nightmare Night to Remember" and 2nd place went to "Why Everybody Loves Pinkie"), still, I greatly appreciate the compliment. If Equestria Daily holds another Nightmare Night contest this year, I'll be there for sure!

Author Interviewer

I swear I read this story a long time ago. Still pretty chilling!

Author Interviewer

Herp, I did read this for that event. I didn't review it, though, I wonder why. o.O

Aaaaand now I need some brain bleach :|

This was truly horrifying, down to the clich├ęd radio broadcast. Very well done, thanks for sharing and thanks for the nightmare fuel...:pinkiesick::facehoof::moustache::moustache:

Shouldn't have read this right after getting the vaccine. The area of the injection decided to emulate the experience you described for Twilight.

Geez, that was some Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark stuff.

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