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Hello, Twilight Sparkle. This is the six million, four hundred and twenty-three thousand and third time you’ve failed to save the world.

Finalist of the October Write-off 'The Illusion of Choice'

With thanks to Lord of Dorkness for their help pre-reading.

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Interesting fic... but I can't help but think of Steins;Gate...

This is creepily interesting.

Kind of reminds me of a Star Trek:The Next Generation episode with two Picards and a time loop.

Was it the six millionth plus time through or was Queen Twilight a liar? The Twilight supposed to travel back didn't seem to have learned anything about how it was supposed to work, which brings up the question of how the Twilight of a first loop would have come up with the idea. Since getting out of the loop seems to have prevented it from ever happening, it also suggests the Twilight of a first loop would never have had a reason to travel back in the first place.

Good in the Writeoff, good here. :twilightsmile: Expanded out pretty smoothly!

I read a similar fanfic like this a few years ago, about alternate universes and how they're colliding together because of a great evil. I loved the premise. This looks good too. I would like to see it continued in some shape or form, preferably as an audio fic.

Looks like someone decided to go for a Hard Reset.

Or, to put it simply, going back to save the world is what lead to it's destruction.

We lose so much that we might win it all back.

The lesson, as always is that once you set foot in the time stream, you should pick a direction and not turn from it.

Well- written, but I disagree with the result.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

She fancied that the feverish writhing of grew frantic as she approached.


A collapsed time loop, huh? Interesting idea, not too badly told either.

Expected Sparkle to be smarter than that.
Oh well. There's always next time...

This reminds me of the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Hrm. #25, first of all.
I read a few comments and thought this was gonna be meh, but it actually holds its own, save for that one sentence.

She fancied that the feverish writhing of grew frantic as she approached.

I was able to read and imagine this whole story beginning to end, great job.

A self fulfilling prophecy. Where the only way to escape it is to never start it. All within a time loop. Awesome.

By the notion that Twilight had looped a finite number of times establishes that there is not a stable time loop in play.
Therefore the Twilight that gave in did indeed doom her Equestria. The other six million odd may have done the same, depending on the machine's function.

I don't even fucking know. Have the upvote anyway.


Bootstrap Paradox. Who wrote Beethoven's 5th?

this reminds of Magusar and Librom in the soul sacrifice series on the psvita.

More information is needed. I really need more information!

More information is needed. I really need more information!

6543008 Alternatively, she's now doomed to repeat everything, all 6 milion loops, forever. Because she's no longer affecting herself, changing herself to change the world. She's right back where she started, as Twilight Prime, and she's going to start these 6 million loops back up, to play out ad infinitum

Good job, Twi.

I like it, and it's interesting. But it feels like I'm reading the epilogue of a much longer story with none of the context.

I love stories with this sort of setup, but this one, while interesting, doesn't have more story to it to give weight to Young!Twilight's actions. It's a piece of a story, not a story in and of itself.

I would definitely read the whole story, if you ever get around to writing it.

7161947 I second this sentiment

This is why you always take an unbreakable vow before attempting this sort of meddling.

Wow, that... that was... just... wow.

I'm floored by this masterful game of 5d chess you've played. Although I agree with one of the other comments saying this rolls be much better as a story, I kinda think this is a good standalone as well. It gives just enough info from beginning to end to stimulate the imagination, to make you wonder 'what if'.

Updoot incoming!

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