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Before Pinkie Pie could become a master party planner, she first had to sell a single cupcake.

With thanks to Lord of Dorkness and Thornwing for pre-reading.

This story was written to celebrate my first year on FiMFiction.

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Happy 1-year anniversary!
*Throws you awesome party*
*Hands you cupcake*
You: Where'd you get this cupcake?
Me: I bought it from Pinkie. :P

Cute story.

“You mean it?”

I think you need an "em" after that "0.75", or the tag won't be recognized.

I also note this story currently has 5 upvotes but only 1 view.

Okay, that was adorable. As far as I'm concerned, this is canon unless shown otherwise.

It makes sense in many ways. I like Pinkie thanking the sky for delivering to her Rainbow Dash.

Cute, and very much in character. I like it.

Awww it's so cute :pinkiesad2:
I like it :pinkiehappy:

That was absolutely adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Although what's with the random comma here?

Whenever, she thought she was on top of the recipe it would wiggle away from her.

Very cute. Have a like and a fave.

Cute! I like it

6104299 Thanks :pinkiehappy: ...though I may wait for someone to taste test that cupcake first :pinkiesick:

6104363 Good catched, fixed. Also, I think this story proves that Pinkie Pie has been causing diabeties in the unprepared for years.

6104398 :pinkiesmile:

6104859 Heh heh, another convert to my head-canon :twilightsmile:

6105457 Well everypony knows the sky's where baby pegasi come from.

6105988 6106209 Thanks guys, glad you liked it. :pinkiesmile:

6106846 So adorable :yay:. No idea where that comma came from, it probably migrated from another phrase. They wander around a lot more than you think, commas.

6106990 Yay, thanks

6107002 :pinkiesmile:

Well, dangit, if this wasn't the sugar-filled piece I needed right now.

Me gusta.

C. Lonimbus was a stroke of genius. Except ya got two different spellings there.

“Hello, I am C. Lonimbus, I would like to purchase a cupcake, young lady.”
Pinkie giggled. “Okay, Mister Lonimubs.”

Not sure if intentional.

Here, have a review. :twilightsmile:

bounding on three hooves

Sure that shouldn't be "bouncing"?

wherever it was I was flying too.


in case of an another birthday candle emergency.

Delete the marked word.

(And don't even get me started on a 'Cupcakes' reference.)

:pinkiesmile: Came here expecting laffs, I got feels and the start of a great friendship.
Keep the change.

Wow! They were really in character! Their back-and-forth was perfect! Really good. I can totally picture this happening.

6110222 Thanks :twilightsmile:

6112006 Good catch and thanks for the review. It's always surprising to see which lines people really connect to.

6114529 Awesome, thanks for spotting those. As for Cupcakes... well I couldn't get through this story without a nod :raritywink:

6117703 6118399 Glad you guys had fun. If you liked this, why not check out some of my other comedy pieces?

Bravo! A pleasure to read.

Aww, this was a pretty nice and fuzzy story :twilightsmile:

This is truly adorable. You really manage to capture the feel of the show and Dash's cloud beard was perfect. I love the cupcake descriptions and Filthy's cameo was top notch.

Are you going to be making a story on, like, your tenth anniversary or something?

Very funny and heartwarming! Approved for Pinkie Pie Stories,

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