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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

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Wait so is it peoples oc or its not peoples oc

Oh they all belong to someone. We're simply keeping that anonymous until after the competition is over, to ensure fairness.

This feels like twisted metal with the death game and the granting one wish. Is there going to be some kind of twist to the wishes when it's over.

Well, Discord did say he was feeling generous in that he'd grant it straight on, eh?

LONG LIVE ARCANUM! May he usher in the long awaited reign of Queen Luna and bring about the end of that tyrannical Sun Tyrant! I wish him great victory and honor in this glorious tournament! Let the games begin!

i like the premises so far and will be eagerly awaiting chapter 2 and onwards. i'm interested to see who the spell chose. if my suspicions are right, you chose characters from universes like littlepip? regardless, this will be good. i have a feeling that discord is supposed to be representative of the audience in some way? i'm almost scared to see what the arena is like. above all though, i feel it will be incredibly difficult to have kills without describing gore in any way. i'm not saying to have torture porn in any way, but i am interested in how you will describe a pony/griffin/changeling killing another creature without having any gore.

The complete list of characters are available in various places, the synopsis and my latest blog probably the easiest. As well, the first two fights are also available through the voting doc, which I realize I need to be a bit clearer about vis a vis this story.

As for the gore--there will technically be some gore, yes, you're right. But I say that there won't be any meaning, as you say, no stuff like torture porn. Nothing super detailed, or constant. Nothing that would earn a Gore tag. Wounds and death, while by some definitions are gore, do not necessitate the extremity of the Gore tag. Which is what people avoid.

Hey when the winner has been decided for the story, do you think you could do alternate endings for the other players? It would be interesting to see what would come of their wishes if they had won.

that last part about blowing the head off doesn't seem quite right. if the twins share a body, surefooted just lost 1/2 of her body's motor functions with that, right? and then wouldn't the body still bleed out?

the motormind victory one is better in my opinion. in this one, motormind doesn't give off the mad scientist vibe. he comes across as a psychotic killer which i really doubt is his owner's intention for him.


He would have to be careful flying around and fight to not get too close

you missing something there.

as the bat pony flew passed him


The latter fixed; the former...is fine?

Yeah, Arcanum looks pretty serious. That's a nasty skill set; I'm betting he'll do well. I'm kinda hoping one of the non-ponies gets it just to see how their view of the world differs.

Um, where's the link to vote?

Wow, I forgot the link on both sides. If that ever happens again, there will always be a link to the voting doc in the description, as well as my own blogs.

Fixing now.

And in no time, Pratfall was wheeling toward Kakumei with his kart done up as an ice cream truck with a flaming strawberry scoop on top. “Anypony got a sweet tooth?”

Please, please tell me that's a Twisted Metal reference, :rainbowlaugh:

Oh forgot to mention. The author says yes, heh.

Gotta say, Arika is badass as f***, but if I had gotten here on time, I totally would've voted for Hoax. I would've loved to see what her insanity would have done in a later fight.

I know it's been over two years, but what ever happened to this? Authors lost interest? :fluttercry:

Well, this was a fun little rabbit hole for me to inexplicably stumble down. It's a shame that this project was never finished (and that, consequently, the various authors behind it and its combatants never properly revealed themselves), but what's there was a lot of fun to read through. I'm always gonna get a kick out of some well-written fight scenes, you know what I mean?

My compliments to everyone who worked on this!


Gotta say, Arika is badass as f***, but if I had gotten here on time, I totally would've voted for Hoax. I would've loved to see what her insanity would have done in a later fight.

Strangely enough, I kinda feel the same way about, of all characters, Rocky. Arcanum was definitely the more fleshed-out and compelling of the two (a notion several other commenters seemed to have echoed), but I found the griffon's faux bravado and holy-crap-I'm-so-out-of-my-league-right-now-isms pretty entertaining in and of themselves. I certainly wouldn't have minded seeing the guy bumble his way through another round or two.

Oh well. Not much I can do about it, especially half a decade after the fact.

…That being said, if I had been around when the voting was open, I regret to inform you that I probably would've voted specifically to brute-force a matchup between Arika and Kakumei. Sorry about Hoax.

Well I think enough time has passed for me to reveal myself because I’m sure this is never coming back, or at least not with these characters ;)

I was Motor Mind, granted I was terrible, but I was also in high school at the time. I’m glad to have worked on this project, even though I was technically the first loser, lol.

Sorry it took me a hot minute to reply, but gee, thanks for coming out of the woodwork! For what it's worth, I probably would've voted for Motor if I'd been around at the time, but apologies if that's the kind of belated praise that only makes you cringe at your past self. :P

Out of curiosity, is there any chance you remember whom any of the other combatants' creators were? I did some brief digging after I first read this story, and all I could figure out was that unicorn investigator Gray Tiercel belonged to Peregrine Caged himself, lone batpony representative Alcauto belonged to Sasha Nein, and that the users Hope and Blazer both contributed characters they neglected to name.


I remembered we had a google drive page with the authors, but it's just real-life names. 3 possible scrren names, DarkPhoenix, Orbiting Kettle, and The Tricondon, were there but I'm not sure if those are also Fimfiction names.

I just searched them up, and all three names seem to line up with on-site users who created their accounts prior to the story's initial March '15 publishing (assuming they aren't just coincidences). Of the bunch, only OrbitingKettle looks to still be active; DarkPhoenix last logged on in March '22, and [The] Tricondon hasn't been on since June '17.

Either way, thanks for the info! I'm assuming that Doc doesn't say which combatants the names/users created?

EDIT: In other news, just double-checked some things; Kaf_Kraked_Poni once worked on a (sadly incomplete) series of artworks of the combatants, and a DeviantArt user going by anonion2 left a comment on Motor Mind's implying that they created Trailblazer/Surefooted. Progress!

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